Man released from jail murders 7-year-old girl just three hours after being let out


FOREST CITY, NC – An investigation that started in late-June seems to have escaped the headlines in national media outlets – which involved a man released from jail hours earlier fatally shooting a 7-year-old girl in the head.

On June 23rd, police say that 26-year-old Shaquille Marshon Francis was arrested for assault in North Carolina after allegedly pointing a gun at someone.

After being released that day just three hours later, he allegedly shot 7-year-old Aaliyah Grace Norris in the head.

Police have reason to believe that Francis had mistaken the vehicle that the young girl was in for someone else’s, leading to a tragic murder by way of mistaken identity.

Aaliyah was initially rushed to the hospital, where she unfortunately died two days later.

LJ Miller, the uncle of the deceased girl, stated the following about the senseless murder:

“He shot at the wrong car, it was a car that’s was full of kids. Now look a sweet beautiful little girl that done nothing wrong got shot because of stupid people with guns.”

Authorities arrested Francis on June 24th initially for the shooting, as Aaliyah was still alive at the time when he was arrested. After the young girl’s passing, Francis’ charges were upgraded to murder, according to police.

The school in which Aaliyah attended, Forrest City Dunbar Elementary, released this statement at the news of the tragic death of her:

“The Forest City – Dunbar family is incredibly saddened at the loss of one of our students Aaliyah Norris. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. If your child is in need of support coping during this difficult time, feel free to reach out to the school.”

There wasn’t a blip of this on certain mainstream news outlets.

Not CNN.


The only national outlet to have even mentioned this case was Fox News.

The suspect is currently being held on a $10 million bond.

In other cases involving young victims, the parents of a six-year-old boy in Columbia, South Carolina are now facing charges after the child accidentally shot himself in the house and neither of them rushed him to a hospital to be treated for his injuries.

According to police, the accidental shooting incident took place on Wednesday in a house located on Alida Street. The shooting was not reported by either parent. Police did not find out about the shooting until the next day when they received a tip.

After receiving the tip, law enforcement officials investigated what happened, and on Thursday night, EMTs rushed the injured child to a nearby hospital. According to reports, the little boy has since been placed in emergency protective custody.

According to preliminary police findings, officers believe that the child found a loaded 9mm handgun in the home and accidentally shot himself in the right calf muscle. The 6-year-old boy’s injuries were non-life-threatening.

Police believe that at the time of the shooting, the oldest person in the house was a 14-year-old who did not witness the shooting. Investigators said that after the shooting occurred, they believe the child’s stepfather gave the 9mm handgun to a friend.

All the while, neither parent contacted the police about the shooting nor take the injured child to the hospital. The child’s mother, Krystal Cato, and stepfather, Kartell Kershaw, face charges in the shooting.

Both are 37 years old and have been charged with unlawful conduct toward a child. Both are being held in the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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In Texas, a toddler, whose body was found in a Waco-area dumpster in May, had suffered numerous injuries prior to and at the time of his death. Those injuries including multiple broken ribs and blunt force injuries, according to an autopsy.

The mother, 35-year-old Laura Sanchez, who also went by the last name Villalon, was arrested and charged with first-degree felony injury to a child after she told police were to find the body of her two-year-old son, Frankie Gonzalez.

She had hidden him in dumpster behind Park Lake Drive Baptist Church.

According to MEA Worldwide, Sanchez had reported the boy missing on June 1. The police issued an Amber Alert and brought in Waco Fire Department rescue crews and bloodhounds from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Unit in Gatesville.

The autopsy was completed last week, and was reviewed by the Waco Tribune-Herald

“Frankie Gonzalez, Villalon’s 25-pound toddler, died of homicidal violence, including blunt force injuries, forehead and scalp contusions, a forehead laceration, numerous contusions to his arms and legs and three broken ribs and a broken right arm that pathologists say occurred about a month or weeks before his death.

‘Additional injuries such as smothering or other forms of asphyxiation cannot be ruled out,’ the report states.

The 10-page report states pathologists were told that after Villalon slammed Frankie’s head into a wall on May 28, she later found him unresponsive in bed and put his body in a closet. Two days later, according to the report, she wrapped his body, dressed in a gray shirt and gray pants with Disney characters Mickey and Pluto on them, in a dozen trash bags.”

While the woman has not yet been charged with murder, authorities expect more charges to be handed down. Investigators believe that she killed her son 4 days prior to notifying police that he was “missing”.

When police and volunteers were unable to locate Frankie, Sgt. Jason Lundquist of the Waco Police Department said Sanchez told him that her son “had spent the weekend with her adult son in Killeen.

She said she last saw the two-year-old being taken to the bathroom in Pecan Bottoms in Cameron Park by his older brother.”

The arrest affidavit stated that her family determined “that was a lie.”

It was only then that she admitted that he had died in her care, and provided Waco police with the location of his body.  

Authorities also revealed that she previously lost custody of six of her children due to “drug use and addiction issues.”

MEAWW reported:

“Two of the dead toddler’s sisters were placed in foster care after Sanchez’s arrest and allegedly tested positive for drugs when they were born in February 2017 and January 2019.

‘She not only lost custody, but her parental rights were also terminated, and that’s because the main part of that was neglect and drug abuse. She was doing drugs during that time and couldn’t stop,’ Waco lawyer Gerald Villarrial told KWTX. 

Lorenzo Gonzalez had primary legal custody of Frankie Gonzalez and his two sisters at the time of the toddler’s death. However, he is said to have admitted to leaving the three children with Sanchez while he worked because he trusted her. He has been charged with abandoning or endangering a child.

Following the ruling that Frankie’s death is a homicide, Sanchez, who is still in jail is expected to face further charges.”


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