‘Humanity at its worst’: Man pushed in front of freight train murdered in ‘unprovoked attack’


SAN DIEGO, CA – Police in California are reporting that a man who was pushed in front of a freight train has died. San Diego Police Department is reporting that the incident was an “unprovoked attack.”

On January 1st, security from the Old Town Trolley station responded to a person who had been pushed onto the tracks just after 6 am.

When security arrived, they located the 60-year-old man deceased and contacted the San Diego Police Department.

The San Diego Police Department reported they have been able to identify the victim in this case, but they are not releasing his name at this time.

It is unclear if it is because his family has not been notified or because the release of his name would somehow impact the criminal case.

During the beginning stages of the investigation, detectives learned that both the victim and the suspect in the case were seen exiting the trolley together prior to the murder.

At some point, after they both exited the trolley, the man is seen on video pushing the victim into the path of an oncoming freight train. After the victim fell to his death, the man fled the scene on foot.

The San Diego Police Department has reported the incident was captured on video surveillance and described the suspect as a light-skinned male who stands roughly 5 foot 8 with a thin build. The male was last seen wearing all black clothing.

San Diego Police have not reported if they believe the victim and the suspect were actually riding the trolley together or just happened to be exiting at the same time. San Diego Police Lieutenant Andra Brown spoke to OnScene TV about the murder investigation. She said:

“We’re very hopeful that we will have a resolution to this case. Anyone with information, we ask that they call the San Diego Police Department or Crime Stoppers. They can remain anonymous if they wish.”

Sadly, this man’s death was not the only one to happen in San Diego in the first few days of 2022. Lieutenant Brown also reported that police were called to the area of 29th Street and Clay Avenue for a report of men fighting.

When they arrived on the scene, they found a man who had stab wounds and was unresponsive. San Diego Police Officers attempted CPR until he was transported by medical personnel to a local hospital.

Once at the hospital, police advised that the man succumbed to his injuries.

Lieutenant Brown said they have been unable to identify the victim or any suspects at this time.

The suspects were described as being of Hispanic origin in their 20’s. Most of the men were wearing black clothing while another portion was wearing gray.

Lieutenant Brown reported that part of the group was last seen fleeing westbound in a light-colored vehicle while the other portion of the group was last seen running on foot towards an apartment building.

Police have not reported if there is any video surveillance of the incident and are asking for anyone with any information to please contact them.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Not momma’s favorite? Violent mugging suspect turned in to police by his own mother

ST. PAUL, MN – An 18-year-old man has found himself in jail after his mother turned him in to police after he allegedly violently mugged an elderly woman.

An elderly victim’s trip to a local Walgreens in St. Paul, Minnesota, ended in her suffering severe head injuries when a suspect attempted to steal the purse she was carrying.

When the suspect moved in and tried to rip the purse off of the victim, Judith Stuthman, she fell and struck her head.


The impact from the fall caused Stuthman to have a brain bleed among other injuries she sustained during the attack. Thankfully, she has already been released from the hospital after the ordeal.

The St. Paul Police Department released video surveillance footage from the store which showed the attempted robbery as it happened.

They hoped that someone who recognized the suspect would come forward so that he could be held accountable for his actions.  Little did they suspect that the suspect’s own mother would step forward.


According to court records, a family member of the suspect, identified as Isaiah Jamal Foster, showed the video footage to his mother who immediately recognized the suspect as her son.

The mother, who does not trust the police, decided to pray on the matter hoping for direction on what to do.

It was after that prayer that the mother decided she had to do the right thing and turn her son in for the heinous act, noting that is not how he was raised.

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi spoke about the charges against Foster:

“The actions of this young person caused significant trauma and injury to an elderly resident and spread fear throughout our community. I want to thank investigators for their work on this case and the mother of the young offender for doing the right thing by turning her son into authorities.”

Foster, who was already in custody for allegedly taking part in a carjacking also in St. Paul, was charged by police for aggravated robbery in the first degree and one count of assault in the third degree. Foster will make his first court appearance via Zoom in which he will most likely enter a plea of not guilty.

Stuthman spoke to Fox9 about the ordeal and noted that she had her purse wrapped around her wrist. Stuthman, when she realized what was happening, was determined not to allow Foster to allegedly take her purse. She said:

“What went through my mind was ‘he’s not getting my purse.’ And I didn’t realize until I saw the video that I had grasped onto the sliding door at Walgreens. Apparently, I knocked it off its track which is a surprise. I just know I was unconscious.”


Stuthman recognizes the mental turmoil Foster’s mother must have gone through when she realized her son was the one who committed the crime. She wanted to make sure that his mother knew how much she appreciated her coming forward.

“Thanks to her, [Foster was arrested], but it had to be a terrible trauma to her also.”

Stuthman said that the ordeal has caused her and her friends to discuss the issue and ways that they may avoid being victimized in the future.

They believe that they will all stop carrying purses so they are not targeted as she was in this case. However, she does note that it is not fair that she and her friends have to modify how they act for fear of being victimized. She said:

“But it’s sad that we have to think about that now, and at my age, I don’t want to think about that.”

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