Man livestreams himself on social media while running from the police… gives cops more evidence against him


MEMPHIS, TN- A wise man once said that if criminals were smart, police would be out of a job.

That lack of intelligence and commonsense was certainly on display in Memphis, Tennessee when a 19-year-old man thought it was funny to livestream himself on Facebook while fleeing from the police at 130MPH.

Police first noticed the alleged suspect in the case, Marquese Neely, as he was traveling east on I-240 near Perkins Road at a high rate of speed before 3 a.m. on August 8th.

As officers with the Memphis Police Department moved in to attempt to stop him, Neely thought it might be fun to run from the cops and lead them on a vehicle pursuit.

Neely allegedly put the gas pedal to the floor in the Hyundai Sonata that he was driving and took off, hoping to outrun the cops.

What Neeley did not know was that a Hyundai Sonata cannot outrun a police vehicle, much less the police helicopter that was following him overhead.

Police allege that Neely reached speeds of 130MPH as he began to livestream himself on Facebook, a move that ensured that when it comes time for court, it will be very hard to create reasonable doubt that he was the driver while committing multiple felonies.

Nonetheless, go on Facebook he did as he went about his futile attempt to evade capture.

The police helicopter continued the chase as Neely eventually made his way off of the interstate and towards a home in Cordova. When it appeared Neely was stopping, officers moved in and were able to take him into custody without incident.

Officers searched Neely’s car incident during the arrest and allegedly discovered a Glove 17 underneath the driver’s seat of the car he was driving during the pursuit. Officers also allege that they located a large number of bullets in his right front pocket.

Neely was charged with intentionally evading arrest in an automobile (vehicle pursuit), unlawful possession of a weapon, reckless driving, and speeding.

While some may think that live streaming yourself while committing a crime is rare, think again.

Another criminal decided it would be funny to livestream herself, not running from the cops this time, but rather for driving drunk…and bragging about it.

The convicted criminal in this case, Whitney Beall, was driving her vehicle in Lakeland, Florida while filming herself on the social media app called Periscope.

During her trip, Beall struck a road sign and somehow ended up with a flat tire, that she was still driving. Beall can be heard in the video commenting:

“I’m so [expletive] drunk.”

Much to her dismay, someone who was watching her driving drunk decided that she was too much of a risk to herself and everyone else and called the Lakeland Police Department.

Officers with the agency began following her livestream and were able to locate her and take her into custody.

Instead of taking the case to court, Beall decided it would be better if she just accepted a plea bargain, which she did. Beall was sentenced to a year’s worth of probation and 150 hours of community service.

Report: Second arrest for entitled former CNN anchor, this time for leaving the scene of an accident

PALM BEACH, FL – Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor was arrested on July 28 after leaving the scene of a hit and run accident that left the driver of the other vehicle with multiple injuries.

The retired anchor/ correspondent Taylor, 57, who worked for CNN’s International’s “World Business Today”, allegedly rear ended a black Ford driven by a 24 year old male while driving her white Mercedes in Palm Beach County, Florida.

According to the PageSix press release:

“His vehicle was struck from behind by the white Mercedes. The impact caused [him] to strike the steering wheel, causing multiple complaints of injuries.”

Felicia Taylor
Former CNN anchor Felicia Taylor arrested again -Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office

The press release also stated:

However, following the impact, Taylor’s Mercedes was seen “fleeing the scene of the accident without rendering aid or stopping to provide information,” the report adds.

Taylor, a socialite regularly seen in New York, the Hamptons and the Florida social scene, denied any wrongdoing. In fact, she appeared adamant that nothing was wrong and there was no need to stop after the accident.

Is this another case of a celebrity feeling invincible and above the law?

Sounds like it.

According to the police officer’s report of the incident:

“Taylor acknowledged being involved in a traffic crash and the other driver was ‘OK.’ The report continued, Taylor continued to state that she wanted to go back to her house . . . and the accident was ‘not a big deal.’”

Taylor’s Mercedes was seen twice leaving the scene of the accident and according to the police report, ‘sustained heavy front-end damage.’

She was eventually treated by EMT’s and found to be unhurt. The other driver, however, was treated also but complained of jaw, head, back, and neck pain.

When questioned by the police office as to her previous whereabouts, Taylor stated that she was returning from the Colony Hotel. The officer replied to her that there was no ‘Colony Hotel’- Taylor had no response.

According to the PageSix article:

“The police officer added, ‘Prior to the crash, Taylor stated she was at a restaurant on Worth Avenue and then stated she was at a restaurant in the Royal Poinciana Plaza. We were unable to locate a restaurant that recalls Taylor as a guest.’”

With someone as ‘famous’ as she acts, the restaurants should have easily remembered her.

The article continued:

“Taylor also ‘wanted the injuries of the other driver to be substantiated’ and stated ‘the damage to her vehicle is her problem, its ‘hard to be a good person’ and she didn’t stop at the accident scene because she didn’t know there was anything to be concerned with,’ the report also states.”

She was taken into custody and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injury. She was released after posting a $3000 bail and has entered a not guilty plea.

After her Mercedes was towed away from the scene, authorities found a partially empty bottle of white wine, and an unmarked container of ‘an unknown alcoholic beverage’ behind the passenger seat.

Jail Image
Copyright free photo courtesy of

2015 DWI

This was not her first run in with the law while driving.

She was arrested in 2015 for DWI after hitting another vehicle and later found with a blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. She was charged with aggravated DWI.

According to PageSix:

“Taylor was reportedly so drunk after the late-afternoon accident on Sept. 4 on Main Street in Sag Harbor that she was taken to Southampton Hospital ‘for medical evaluation,’ according to police.”

Her lawyer, Edward Burke Jr. told the New York Post in 2015:

“My client could not have fully cooperated with the authorities in the respectable manner that she did if she were under such influence.”

The second arrest tells us that Taylor has not learned anything. Like other television personalities such as Paris Hilton and Khloe Kardashian, they feel they can get behind the wheel under the influence without consequence.

With retired CNN anchor/ correspondent Felicia Taylor dealing with her second arrest, she should pay a much heavier toll.

A toll that will have people saying, “Bye, Felicia!”

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