Man killed bringing birthday cake into Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate with his little girl


HUMBLE, TX – A man walking into a Texas Chuck E. Cheese with his daughter’s birthday cake was shot and killed before he could walk in the door.

The shooter fled the area before police arrived.

A six-year-old’s birthday is supposed to be filled with fun and adventure, especially at a place like Chuck E. Cheese. Sadly, that was not the case for this six-year-old as her birthday celebration will now mark the anniversary of her father’s death.

Humble Police reported that the victim, 24-year-old Calogero Duenes, was walking into a Chuck E. Cheese with his daughter’s birthday cake when tragedy struck.

Calogero reportedly got into some type of argument with a person who was driving in the wrong direction in the parking lot. Instead of just continuing to drive, police say the person in the car pulled a gun and fired, striking Calogero several times.

Calogero’s wife, Amber, was inside of the Chuck E. Cheese trying to get everything ready for the birthday party when the shooting happened. She said:

“I saw him. I saw him walking towards us. I told the lady my husband was on his way. I pointed at him, and the instant I turned around, he came running in through the door and he kept saying, ‘I got shot! I got shot!’”

Amber added:

“He [Calogero] ran in and he was screaming, ‘I got shot.’ I ran out behind him, my daughters ran out behind me, they saw him lying on the floor. I have not seen my husband since he was on the floor. They didn’t even allow me to go with him. I didn’t even spend the last moments with him.”

Calogero was transported to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The Humble Police Department has not released any information as to a suspect description other than he may be driving a dark-colored Ford.

Amber, who has been with Calogero since she was a teenager, is having a hard time comprehending how someone could be so cold to shoot and kill a man, especially when he was holding a birthday cake. She said:

“I don’t understand how someone could do something like that. He was walking with a cake. I just hope he [the shooter] is found quickly for the safety of the community, as well as he could do this to anybody else, a child, anybody.”

For now, Amber hopes that her daughters will be able to get past the memories of seeing their father laying on the ground bleeding and dying.

Amber noted that one of her daughters was having a very difficult time and cried the night of his death while holding a shirt of his. She said:

“My daughter has been crying. She slept last night with her father’s shirt, crying until she fell asleep, and it breaks my heart. There’s nothing I can tell her. There’s no words to tell her other than, ‘Daddy is with you in your heart. He loves you.”

Amber hopes that her daughters will remember Calogero as a good father and man. She said:

“[Calogero was] loving, caring father, husband; he was so silly and playful; he was the class clown in high school.”

Amber’s family has set up a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising enough money to provide for a proper funeral and to help the family as they go through this tragic situation. The GoFundMe post says:

“Our entire family is devastated in this tragedy. He [Calogero] left behind 2 baby girls…This is not how we expected to start the new year. Anything helps to give him the burial he deserves, we will keep y’all updated on the funeral arrangements and visiting hrs.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

‘Humanity at its worst’: Man pushed in front of freight train murdered in ‘unprovoked attack’

SAN DIEGO, CA – Police in California are reporting that a man who was pushed in front of a freight train has died. San Diego Police Department is reporting that the incident was an “unprovoked attack.”


On January 1st, security from the Old Town Trolley station responded to a person who had been pushed onto the tracks just after 6 am.

When security arrived, they located the 60-year-old man deceased and contacted the San Diego Police Department.

The San Diego Police Department reported they have been able to identify the victim in this case, but they are not releasing his name at this time.

It is unclear if it is because his family has not been notified or because the release of his name would somehow impact the criminal case.

During the beginning stages of the investigation, detectives learned that both the victim and the suspect in the case were seen exiting the trolley together prior to the murder.

At some point, after they both exited the trolley, the man is seen on video pushing the victim into the path of an oncoming freight train. After the victim fell to his death, the man fled the scene on foot.

The San Diego Police Department has reported the incident was captured on video surveillance and described the suspect as a light-skinned male who stands roughly 5 foot 8 with a thin build. The male was last seen wearing all black clothing.


San Diego Police have not reported if they believe the victim and the suspect were actually riding the trolley together or just happened to be exiting at the same time. San Diego Police Lieutenant Andra Brown spoke to OnScene TV about the murder investigation. She said:

“We’re very hopeful that we will have a resolution to this case. Anyone with information, we ask that they call the San Diego Police Department or Crime Stoppers. They can remain anonymous if they wish.”

Sadly, this man’s death was not the only one to happen in San Diego in the first few days of 2022. Lieutenant Brown also reported that police were called to the area of 29th Street and Clay Avenue for a report of men fighting.

When they arrived on the scene, they found a man who had stab wounds and was unresponsive. San Diego Police Officers attempted CPR until he was transported by medical personnel to a local hospital.

Once at the hospital, police advised that the man succumbed to his injuries.

Lieutenant Brown said they have been unable to identify the victim or any suspects at this time.

The suspects were described as being of Hispanic origin in their 20’s. Most of the men were wearing black clothing while another portion was wearing gray.

Lieutenant Brown reported that part of the group was last seen fleeing westbound in a light-colored vehicle while the other portion of the group was last seen running on foot towards an apartment building.

Police have not reported if there is any video surveillance of the incident and are asking for anyone with any information to please contact them.

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