Man killed after breaking into a house – and getting shot by homeowner. “Welcome to Georgia.”


Milton, GA – One man is dead after police say a homeowner shot an alleged burglar breaking into his home in North Fulton County.

Milton Police received a call around 8:40 p.m. Saturday about a reported burglary at a home on New Providence Road. Police say a man broke into a locked front door at the residence, where he was confronted by the homeowner. 

Man launches home invasion using baseball bat. Gets killed by homeowner with a gun.

The homeowner shot the suspect multiple times, according to police. They said the suspect was treated at the scene before being taken to WellStar North Fulton Hospital.

FOX5 Atlanta reported that the suspect, identified as 23-year-old Corey Patton II, from Charlotte, N.C., later died at the hospital, police said. Investigators said they do not believe there were any other suspects in the case. 

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has been notified of the incident and will decide if any charges will be filed. 

This was not the first time in recent months that a homeowner had to do exactly that in Georgia. A homeowner was defending his family from intruders, and no charged were ever charged against the suspect.

In Conyers, GA, back in September of last year, a homeowner shot and killed three masked teenagers after one of the attempted robbers first discharged his own weapon, authorities say.

The three suspects, two 16-year-old males and one 15-year-old male, approached the house with their faces covered and tried to rob three individuals in the front yard, according to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the teens allegedly brandished a handgun and fired shots at the residents before one of the intended victims produced his own gun and returned fire, striking all three attempted robbers.

One suspect died at the scene, while the other two were pronounced dead at a local hospital, police say. None of the intended targets were injured.

Officials declined to name the three suspects, but family members identified two of them as 16-year-old Isaiah Reid and his 15-year-old brother, Jaime Hernandez.

The boys’ aunt, LaShawn Thornton, told WXIA-TV her nephews were very close and described them as “loving.” 

“I hope that someone can come forward and let us know what’s going on,” she told the station. “Because this is, like, devastating to my family. There are three teens that are dead now. And we all loved them.”

No charges have yet been filed in the ongoing investigation, which could possibly become a “‘stand your ground’ type of case,” Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said. 

Georgia is one of 25 states to have enacted “stand your ground” laws, which allow people to respond to imminent threats with any means necessary, including lethal force, without fear of criminal prosecution.

Yet we still have politicians that want to confiscate all our guns, leaving us completely defenseless and vulnerable.

 If the self-defense successes we see in these two stories aren’t enough to convince people regarding the need for American citizens to keep and bear arms, maybe this story will help.

Houston police are searching for 6 suspects who committed a home invasion robbery in mid-January.  The men pretended to be police officers as they pounded on an apartment door around 12:30am on January 17th.  When no one answered, they kicked down the door.

Police have released surveillance footage of the men and are asking for the public’s help to identify and bring them into custody.  Several of the men can be seen wearing hoodies and masks and holding firearms.

Home invasion suspects posed as cops, held gun to 5-year-old girl's head in the middle of the night


The men broke into 2 separate apartments, which happened to both be occupied by family members.  The first apartment of a woman who lived there with her mother, stepfather, and siblings.  Her mother wasn’t home, but the woman called her mom and said:

“Get here quick.”   

The men demanded money and valuables, which the residents handed over.  The robbers didn’t believe the family gave them enough, so they took the stepfather and demanded he knock on the neighbor’s door.

The neighbor happened to be the woman from the first apartment’s uncle.  Once inside, the men also demanded money and valuables from that family as well. 

At some point, one of the suspects pistol-whipped the stepfather.

Another suspect pulled a sleeping 5-year old child out of her bed.  He held a gun to her head and demanded the hand over more valuables, saying he would shoot the little girl if they didn’t.

Once sirens could be heard in the area, the suspects got into their waiting vehicles and fled the scene.  Police observed them fleeing and set up containment in the area but were unable to locate any of them.

While surveillance video has been released, no suspects had been identified at the time of this writing.

It’s unknown if the crime was random or if the house was targeted.  Houston Crime Stoppers is offering reward money for tips leading to the suspects’ arrests.

Houston has experienced several home invasion robberies in the last couple of months. 

Late Monday night of this week, a pregnant woman showed up at a Houston hospital suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.  Unfortunately, the woman, as well as the man who drove her to the hospital, aren’t cooperating with police to determine exactly what occurred. 

Based on evidence at the scene and the limited witness statements they’ve obtained, police have said they believe the incident was a home invasion robbery.

A search of the victim’s home revealed shell casings, drug paraphernalia, and a trail of blood from the main home to a vacant home behind that one, which is where the shooting is said to have occurred.  The uncooperative and unnamed woman as well as the baby are listed in stable condition. 

On New Year’s Eve, a father of two young children was killed in his home during a robbery. 

In that instance, 2 masked men broke into an apartment where Tre Cain was with his girlfriend and their 2 children, aged 1 and 4. 

The men shot and killed the father and then demanded the girlfriend hand over money.

The suspects in that case were also not located.  Police believe that was a targeted incident, although they don’t know why it occurred.

Another incident occurred near Houston in December where 4 masked men entered a mobile home in an apparent attempt to burglarize the house.  At least one suspect was carrying a handgun. 

Unfortunately for those men, the homeowner chose to exercise his Second Amendment rights.  He came out of a bedroom with his shotgun and shot at the suspects, killing 3 of them.

The resident was shot once during the incident but was treated at the hospital and released.

Also in December, a husband, wife, and daughter were also held at gunpoint during a home invasion robbery.  The suspects, 4 masked gunmen, locked the mother and daughter in a bathroom while they beat the husband. 

No suspects have been taken into custody for this incident.

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San Francisco's new DA fires seven senior prosecutors in two days because they enforced laws

Why is this kind of violent crime running rampant in the City of Houston? 

I don’t mean to point fingers, but my fingers are pointing straight at Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg.  Bail reform.  Deferred adjudication.  Overuse of plea deals.  

Kim Ogg ran for DA on a platform of criminal justice reform.  That reform, apparently, was to almost completely halt the criminal justice system and attempt to keep criminals out of jail as much as possible.

Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President, and President of the Houston Police Officers Union President, Joe Gamaldi wrote an article for the Houston Courant articulating just how messed up the system is under Ogg.  In it, Gamaldi said:

“When you have violent, true habitual offenders, you should only be discussing how long they will go to prison, not negotiating to let them off the hook completely. Is anyone asking the victim how they feel about these deals?

Does anyone care about justice for victims? Our current elected DA is so worried about going light on criminals, she has completely forgotten that it is her duty to protect and represent victims!”

Like many other big cities (San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia…) elected persons are more concerned with criminal “rights” than they are in obtaining justice for victims of violent crimes.

Until that changes, crime rates will only continue to rise.

How many more people have to get robbed, shot, raped, murdered, before people in those cities wake up and demand ACTUAL justice?

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