CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cleveland man died after falling eight stories from an apartment balcony Saturday afternoon in The Flats. Police say that he might have been trying to escape a bail bondsman who knocked on the door.

The real kicker?

The bail bondsman was looking for someone else.


Police are trying to piece together the details of the strange death after they were alerted to the man’s horrific fate. Officials said that while the bail bondsman was not looking for that man in particular, they believe that there were several individuals in the apartment who had warrants out for their arrest. 

Police inferred that when the bail bondsman knocked at the door and announced themselves, it may have led the man to leap over the edge of the balcony, falling to his death. 

“The victim possibly jumped from the balcony in an attempt to escape the bondsman knocking at the door,” Cleveland police said in a report.


After obtaining a warrant, police found drugs and weapons stashed in the apartment.

The deceased man has not yet been identified. 

Cleveland authorities say that they’re on the hunt for another suspect on Tuesday after a man allegedly shot and killed another man who had reportedly assaulted his sister.

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Police: Man reportedly jumped from 8th story balcony to avoid jail


Police say that witnesses tried to administer aid to Jamil Parker after another man opened fire early Tuesday morning. Some reports have said that Parker is 20-years-old while others say he is 22.


Emergency crews responded to the shooting just after midnight on Tuesday. (ABC 5 Cleveland)


A witness at the scene claimed that the shooting was sparked after an argument between the victim and the suspect’s sister. Reports say that the victim had been accused of assaulting the suspect’s sister and the other man retaliated.

When the suspect confronted the victim, things reportedly escalated quickly. Investigators say that the suspect produced a handgun and fired it at the victim’s chest, fatally wounding him. After the shooting, the suspect fled.

A bystander attempted to save the young victim’s life while police responded to the scene, but it was too late. 


Cleveland 19 News reported that the victim was rushed to University Hospital where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

Now police are searching throughout the city for Parker’s killer. They have not provided information on the description of the alleged gunman, but anyone with information that could to lead to his arrest is urged to contact the Cleveland Police Department.


Police say that 20-year-old Jamil Parker was shot and killed after he allegedly assaulted the suspect’s sister. (GoFundMe)


Friends of Parker said that the young man was an aspiring rapper in the Cleveland area, going by the name “Elmo”.




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