Man Jailed After Threatening to Kill All White People


GRETNA, La. – A Louisiana man has been booked in jail after he threatened to kill white people and children.

Police responded to the incident in the 700 block of Gretna Boulevard in Bellevue City Park Tuesday. Authorities stated police were told a man approached a grandmother and her grandchildren with the threats.

Authorities alerted school officers and searched a nearby elementary school and a middle school because they were “just blocks away,” police told The Times-Picayune.

School resource officers were made aware of the situation while additional officers searched the area near Gretna Middle School and Shirley Johnson Gretna Park Elementary.

The described suspect was located nearby. After he was detained, two witnessed identified him as the person making the threats. Consequently, he was arrested.

Jacob Watson, 22, was jailed Tuesday after he told a woman and her grandchildren at a local park that he’d kill all white people, then kill children at a nearby school, Fox 8 reported.

According to the Gretna Police Department, Watson later confessed to authorities that he made the threats. He was who booked on a terrorizing statute. Apparently the reason he made the threats was to simply see the expression on their face, according to his confession as reported by Fox 8.

Officers learned during their investigation that Watson was possibly involved in a prior incident on Sept. 8. A witness from that case told police a man stated he was going to “kill all white people” and “make the news,” The Times-Picayune reported.

As a result, investigators had the witness view a photo line-up that included Watson. He was positively identified as the suspect.

Watson, who is currently on probation until 2019, was charged on two counts of terrorizing, which have been added to his reported criminal history that already includes theft and battery, burglary and narcotics arrests.

A Gretna police news release stated Watson was taken to Jefferson Parish Jail Tuesday and booked on two counts of terrorizing. Authorities said he confessed to two both crimes.

(Photo: Gretna Police Department)

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