Man sentenced after being found guilty for raping, decapitating young woman and boiling her head


ALMATY, KAZAKHSTAN – In March of 2021, a 19-year-old fashion design student was working at a local tailor’s shop.

She went to an apartment to measure a man for a suit.

Little did Ayazhan Edilova know that entering the elevator would be the last time she would be seen alive by anyone other than her killer.  

The man she was there to assist was 28-year-old Rahkmanberdi Torebekov, a pharmacist. It might be more fitting to refer to him as a mad scientist. According to the New York Post

“A surveillance video captured the lunatic ushering his victim into an elevator shortly before unleashing his barbaric attack. Investigators believe Torebekov raped and murdered Edilova because she refused his demand for sex.”

The following video is courtesy of the Daily Mail. 

In an effort to make her remains unidentifiable, Torebekov beheaded the teenager, removed her fingernails and tore her teeth out. 

The girl’s brother spoke to the press. 

“When we saw the photographs of the body parts, we saw that each nail was removed, every tooth was knocked out, and all put into separate plastic bags,” said Almat Mulikov.

“Why did he need to do this if he is not a maniac? If he just needed to hide the killing, why did he knock out every tooth and cut out each nail? Why did he slowly cut off her head and boil it in water? He killed my sister and spent about 24 hours dismembering her body.”

Man sentenced after being found guilty for raping, decapitating young woman and boiling her head
Screenshot of Ayazhan Edilova, courtesy of East2West News

Mulikov tipped off the local police that something wasn’t right. Officers made their way to his apartment. When they entered the residence, the suspect slit his own throat. Police rushed him to the hospital, where he was saved.  

He later confessed to police, saying that he had spread her dismembered body parts in trash cans all across the city.  

The judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison. 

Her family called Torebekov an ‘evil maniac,’ asking the judge to never allow him to be released from prison. 

Sadly, this type of gruesome attack is not reserved for far-away countries. 

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Squatters dismember elderly woman, bury her in backyard and take over her home

LAS VEGAS, NV – Police discovered the remains of an elderly woman in the backyard of her home in April of this year. Now, police are alleging that a group of squatters stumbled across her remains, dismembered what was left, and buried them in the backyard so they could live in her house.

Las Vegas Metro Police report they received a tip in April that the owner, 82-year-old Lucille Payne, of a house on Shore Breeze Drive, was buried in her backyard.

When police responded to the scene, they allege that it was not difficult to find the body as it had not been buried deep in the backyard.

Las Vegas Metro Police Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer spoke to KLAS-TV about the investigation.

He said:

“An officer started to move the dirt and found her arm inside a very shallow grave in the backyard.”

After Payne’s remains had been located, they were taken to the Clark County coroner’s office so officials could attempt to determine her cause of death.

In August, the coroner reported that Payne had been murdered because they found evidence of stab wounds and blunt force trauma.

As police worked through their investigation, they interviewed the neighbors and anyone who could have possibly known Payne. What they discovered is ghastly – Payne died sometime in 2018 and was not discovered by anyone until a group of squatters happened upon her home…and body.

Police do not believe there was any foul play involved in Payne’s death, rather, they believe that she actually died of natural causes and simply began to decompose in the chair she died in for years until she was found.

They believe that Payne’s death was not noticed by anyone as she had no close relatives or friends that would have checked in on her and she had all of her bills on autopay.

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Las Vegas Metro Police believe that an unknown group of squatters happened upon Payne’s home and decided to dismember her body and bury it in the backyard. These unknown persons then assumed all of Payne’s finances and began selling off her property, including a 1997 Cadillac DeVille.

According to police, none of the neighbors really thought anything strange about not seeing Payne and actually believed that the house had been vacant. That is until they noticed odd things happening in the home and decided to contact the police. Spencer said:

“Next door neighbors were able to confirm for us that they had heard digging over the previous couple of weeks. There’s been so much work to do to make sure we uncovered every potential possibility that had occurred.”

Spencer went further on the current theory of what happened to Payne:

“After [the squatters] finding her, the decision was made between several people that they were going to dismember her body and bury her and then basically drain her finances and sell off her belongings, fraudulently.”

It would appear that the alleged squatters had hoped to stay in the home for a long period of time but are now unable since Payne’s body has been located. By all appearances, whoever is responsible have seemingly vacated the property.

For now, if Las Vegas Metro Police are aware of who might be involved in dismembering Payne and stealing her finances, they have not said. They also have not said what, if any, criminal charges the people responsible could be facing when they are identified.

Payne’s home will now be sold off through her estate, most likely without any information being released that Payne had died in the home and had been dismembered.

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