Biden ignores question by black man who had teeth knocked out at pro-Trump rally: ‘Do you still think Antifa is just an idea?’


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – When black conservative Philip Anderson organized a free speech rally to take place in San Francisco on Saturday October 17, he never dreamed it would lead to the loss of some of his teeth and damage to his mouth.

Yet that is exactly what happened. But this story actually comes with a somewhat happy ending.

Team Save America decided to hold the rally at the city’s United Nations Plaza to protest Twitter for censoring conservative views and speech regarding the matter of The Post’s expose´ on Hunter Biden’s emails.

 The rally also brought anti-protestors, many of whom were white Antifa members.  The Antifa members surrounded Team Save America members and began throwing bottles made of glass and metal, as well as eggs at Anderson and his fellow protestors.

 The irony here? White Antifa supposedly exists to fight white supremacy.

Anderson quickly learned his fight for free speech would come with a heavy cost, both physically and financially. As seen in the video below, he was attacked by anti-protestor:

Anderson posted a picture of his bloody mouth, which had one tooth missing and another dangling. Along with the picture he tweeted:

“Antifa attacked me for no reason.”

A supporter of Anderson’s, Adam Crigler, established a Go Fund Me page for Philip. While the page had an original goal of $2,000, it quickly surpassed it.  As of Sunday afternoon the page had raised more than $30k in donations.

Crigler closed the page to donations, but later shared this update:

“After many emails asking to reopen the donations I have done so. If people want to support Philip I don’t want to stop them. Philip has this to help him fix his teeth and I am proud to have helped. Thank you all.”

For a serious patriot like Philip Anderson, this was just a mild set back. He refused to sit by and be just another victim.  This sparked him to tweet Presidential nominee, former Vice Pesident Joe Biden, a video from his hospital bed.

In the video, Anderson said:

“I have a question for you, Joe Biden. Do you still think Antifa is just an idea? This is what the ‘idea’ you’re talking about, Antifa… this is what they did to me. I’m in the hospital right now. So answer me this, Joe Biden, is Antifa still just an idea?”

A suspect,  Adora Anderson, of Watsonville (no relation to Philip) was arrested by SFPD in Oakland. The 35-year-old man was charged with mayhem and hate crime enhancement for the assault on Philip Anderson. There will be an ongoing investigation. 

SFPD is requesting anyone with information on the incident either call or text their tip line, Tipsters may remain anonymous. 

While Philip Anderson may have suffered physically, it has not stopped his work. He continues speaking out, only, for now, it’s through videos. He has made videos on the inequality shown toward protestors based on their views as conservatives or liberals.

The love and support shown by people all over the country has only strengthened his fight for all Americans to enjoy their right to free speech.  

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October 19, 2020


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – During a free speech rally that was held on October 17th in San Francisco, where one of the organizers happened to have had his tooth knocked out by a leftist counter-protester, there was also an older gentleman that was assaulted by the radical leftists there as well.

Philip Andrews was the man that helped organize the Free Speech Rally and Protest and was also the man who was assaulted on video where a left-wing counter protester punched him several times and knocked out his front tooth.

The event was hosted by Andrews’ group called Team Save America, and after having been the victim of an assault captured on video – both Instagram and Twitter have suspended his online accounts.

While the reason for the suspensions are unclear, many online are flabbergasted that someone speaking out about being attacked somehow gets the ban-hammer online.

But another video linked to the event shows the radical leftists surrounding two older individuals that were trying to make their way into the event. You can see one man had been knocked down to the ground while another person is trying to help him up.

The dichotomy of discourse online is a hodge-podge of people outraged that someone could be assaulted for simply trying to attend a free speech rally while others online are championing this assault because they’ve convinced themselves that those assaulted are “fascists”.

Biden ignores question by black man who had teeth knocked out at pro-Trump rally: 'Do you still think Antifa is just an idea?'
Twitter screenshot from Sonny Phono, a local event host and planner based out of San Francisco

One person’s commentary on the violence perpetrated by the radical leftists that aimed to disrupt the event wrote on Twitter:

“That’s what they get…Fascists get socked in the mouth wasn’t the video explanatory?”

This is exactly the sort of hazardous rhetoric spread and preached by radical leftists that make them so dangerous – it’s because they genuinely believe that they’re trying to fight some sort of unspeakable evil.

Just taking a look at the signage that these radicals carry with them, such as banners noting to “smash fascism”, it’s obvious that these dangerous groups are completely convinced that a mere free speech rally is some form of fascism.

Keep in mind, the definition of fascism relates to either a “political philosophy, movement, or regime” where there’s a desire to promote or uphold a dictatorship that imposes “severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”.

And the only way to accomplish forcible suppression of opposition is through the threatening of or employment of violence.

This is not only peak-irony, but also why this “idea” known as Antifa is so utterly dangerous.



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