HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. – A 37-year-old man was just handed a life sentence from a judge for raping and impregnating a 10-year-old girl. And honestly… we don’t think it’s harsh enough.

Tony Orlando Singleton was charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor after prosecutors say he forced himself on a child in 2016. According to a report from ABC 22 News, Singleton came into the child’s room while she was watching SpongeBob SquarePants and forced her to have sexual intercourse. 

Singleton was reportedly an acquaintance of the child’s mother. 


Tony Orlando Singleton is going to spend the rest of his life in prison. (Hampton County)


Months later, prosecutors say, the mother discovered her 10-year-old daughter was pregnant and rushed her over state lines to get an abortion. When she informed the child’s father of the situation, he alerted the Estill Police.

After the medical procedure, authorities investigating the case took DNA samples from Singleton. The S.C. State Law Enforcement Division said that the sample taken from the fetus proved that Singleton was the father.

“This girl should be getting ready to go back to school, making friends, braiding her hair – things other girls her age typically are engaged in,” said prosecutor Hunter Swanson. “Instead, she’s in a courtroom, reliving a horrific ordeal. Tony Singleton is to blame for that. This man was someone she trusted, someone who lurked inside her home, someone who changed the fabric of his victim’s life forever.”

Following the two-day trial, it took a jury only 51 minutes of deliberation before they reached a guilty verdict.


Circuit Court Judge Carmen T. Mullen sentenced Singleton to life in prison on Wednesday.

Well, Tony Singleton, you got off easy.

You deserve so much worse than the chance to live out your days in a state facility.

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When you forced yourself on that child, you stole everything from her. You stole her innocence. You stole her ability to have a childhood. You stole every chance she had at having a normal relationship with another person. You robbed her of her trust for adults, who are supposed to look out for kids.

Between the initial forceful act, the traumatic operation that she was forced to undergo, and now the long-lasting effects that will no doubt follow her for her entire life, she will never again be the same. You’l never know what you’ve truly done.

But we hope you spend every one of your days left here on earth thinking about what you did.

We cannot forgive you. 


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