KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A man who claimed to have killed his wife earlier in the day was shot and killed by police during a tense standoff in Kansas City on Tuesday, police said.

A report from ABC 9 confirmed that the man was killed after opening fire on Kansas City police officers.

Police said the encounter began with the man entering a County Inn & Suites early Tuesday, where he allegedly announced out loud that he had just killed his wife. Then the man reportedly told employees that he was heading to The Legends, a large local shopping center, and told them to call the police.


A KCTV5 broadcast shows an image of the scene where police and a suspect were engaged in a deadly shootout on Tuesday. (KCTV5 Broadcast)


Witnesses from inside the hotel claimed the man indicated he was ‘heavily armed’ but said he did not brandish any weapons inside of the building.

They said that he ran out of the hotel and drove off in a red Mazarati, which could be seen in the KCTV5 broadcast. As he fled, he allegedly ran through several stop signs, heading toward the Legend Shopping complex.


As Kansas City police officers dispatched to the scene to attempt to make contact with the man, tensions erupted.

A heavy police presence remained at the scene after the deadly shooting. (KCTV 5 Broadcast)


As officers closed in the man pulled out what was described as an assault rifle. The suspect allegedly opened fire on officers, prompting them to return fire. The officers successfully struck the armed suspect, killing him at the scene.


The armed suspect can be seen in this frame. (KCTV5 Broadcast)


According to a spokesperson with the Legends Outlets Kansas City, the shopping area was placed on lockdown until officers could clear the area. Though the area is open again, police are asking people to stay clear as they investigate. 

“As of 10:40 a.m., the KCKPD and KCKFD are clearing the scene, and Legends Outlets is operating as normal business,” Legends Outlet tweeted. “Thank you to our security team, the KCKPD and KCKPD for keeping us safe.”

One dead after a Kansas City, Kansas police reported an officer involved shooting near State Avenue and West Village Parkway near the Legends. ://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article233948132.html pic.twitter.com/DuMAshpSeI


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Now investigators are trying to piece together the strange series of events to conclude how the shooting unfolded.

Authorities are still following up with the claims that he had killed his wife. The police say they have yet to determine if the man had committed any additional crimes.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Kansas Police Department briefed the media about the shooting.


No members of law enforcement reported any injuries from the shooting.

This story is developing. Law Enforcement Today will continue to bring you up to date information as it is provided to the public.


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