Man charged with three burglary cases since May tells judge new arrest charges are “bulls–t, bro”


CHICAGO, IL – A man who has been arrested and charged with three burglary-related offenses since May of this year says claims some of the evidence in the recent case was “bullshit” while the prosecutor laid out the information to the judge.

When Kendale Chavez, 25 years old, appeared in front of a Cook County Judge on December 20th, he stood there and listened quietly for most of the event.

That is until a Cook County Prosecutor began reading the items that police found in a bag that he was carrying when he was arrested for a recent burglary.

Cook County Assistant District Attorney Loukas Kalliantasis informed the judge, Navarro, the officers located burglary tools such as a pry bar, screwdriver, black gloves, some type of electronic device to copy key fobs, and a set of the victim’s keys in a bag he was carrying.

Chavez, unhappy with the information being provided to the judge, stated the information provided was “bullshit bro.”

Judge Navarro, apparently in good humor that morning, responded with:

“As much as you might find that an eloquent argument, it’s not gonna work on your behalf.”

As the hearing continued, Kalliantasis continued laying out the probable cause that led to Chavez’s arrest for burglary.

On December 18th, prosecutors allege that Chavez was caught by an occupant of an apartment building standing by his door. The resident would tell police that he had left his apartment unlocked as he was doing laundry in the building.

When the resident found Chavez standing by his door, he alleges he asked him what he was doing there. Without a word, Chavez allegedly shoved him and ran.

The victim decided to pursue Chavez and was able to get hold of him and detain him until police arrived.

Prosecutors allege that when police took Chavez into custody, they searched the bag that was on him prior to the arrest. That is when officers allegedly located the burglary tools that Chavez noted were “bullshit” in open court.

After hearing the evidence in the case, Judge Navarro, obviously believing the facts and circumstances were not quite bullshit, ordered that Chavez be held with a $50,000 bond.

Chavez was charged in this case with possession of burglary tools, residential burglary, and battery.

This latest arrest is just one of many for Chavez, who had been arrested at least three times in the past during the past seven months. Chavez’s first string of arrests started in May when he was arrested after a traffic stop.

On the traffic stop, officers allegedly found burglary tools and a stolen postal service master key, and stolen mail that was in Chavez’s possession.

Prosecutors in the case argued that Chavez had used the stolen key to steal mail from several victims in the area, yet Judge Navarro decided to release him without a bond with his promise to appear in court.

For those of you that are guessing that he would never show up to his court appearance, you would be right. After Chavez refused to appear in court, a warrant was issued for his arrest and he was taken into custody on August 30th.

However, instead of facing some type of consequence in the matter, prosecutors dismissed all charges for an unknown reason and Chavez walked.

Chavez was picked up again in November after the Chicago Police Department alleged that he was warned to leave private property. When he was arrested, Chavez was allegedly located with several items that had been taken from a burglary in the Mount Prospect area.

Instead of being remanded into custody or assigned some type of bond, he was released again with a court date and was free until this month with his new arrest.  

Report: 49-year-old man beaten to death while hanging Christmas lights in police-defunded Chicago

Report: 49-year-old man beaten to death while hanging Christmas lights in police-defunded Chicago

CHICAGO, IL- According to authorities, a man was beaten to death in Chicago’s Gage Park neighborhood on Saturday, December 11th, while hanging Christmas lights.


The Cook County’s Medical Examiner’s Office identified the victim as 49-year-old Jose Tellez. Neighbors said that Tellez was hanging holiday decorations with his family when he was attacked. Family friend and long time neighbor Silverio Nodal said:

“He was hanging up the Christmas decorations with his family and just out of the blue they come.” 

According to police, Tellez was hanging lights at his home in the 3500-block of West 58th Street around 6:30 p.m. when two people drove up in a sedan, armed with blunt objects and got out of their car and beat the 49-year-old in the head, leaving him clinging to life on his front lawn. Nodal said:

“We saw the ambulance at the end of the street and I thought maybe one of the neighbors was sick.”


Tellez was transported to Christ Medical Center in critical condition with head injuries and later died from those injuries.

According to those who knew him, Tellez was a husband, a father, and a community leader on his street for well over a decade. He was much beloved and often helped organize block parties.

On the night of Sunday, December 12th, his neighbors gathered down the street from his home with a plan to protect the block.

This is the beginning of their own neighborhood watch in hopes of preventing more senseless acts of violence. Fellow neighbors have also come together to raise funds for Tellez’ family. 

As of this writing, no one is currently in custody and police have yet to release the motive for the attack. This is an ongoing investigation. Police are actively searching for two people they believe to be suspects in the un-timely death of Tellez.

A neighbor said that two of the victim’s children were helping him decorate the residence when the attack occurred.

Tellez is survived by his wife and three children. A GoFundMe page has been created to help cover his funeral expenses and support his family. Another neighbor, Miguel-Angel Lopez, said:

“It was a tragedy that could happen to any of us here. And in this case unfortunately, it was his turn. There was a meeting yesterday of the neighbors in which we are trying to do activities to be more united and better the communication to support each other in this type of case.”

Nodal described Tellez as a “family man, a hardworking guy.” He added:

“He came here to provide the best for his family, you know as all of us do, the American dream. But this is not the American dream. It’s a shame. This is supposed to be the best season, the Christmas season. It’s a family thing. These things shouldn’t be happening. It’s a big shock for all of us.”

According to reports, six people have been killed in Gage Park so far this year, which is almost a 50 percent decrease from the amount of murders the community had during all of 2020. 


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