Find him: Man puts on surgical gloves, brutally beats woman, “curb stomps” her, tries to rape her and leaves her for dead


HARLEM, NY – A man was captured on video putting on surgical gloves in Harlem just before he brutally attacked a woman on a sidewalk.

During the attack, the man attempted to rape the victim before he fled, leaving the victim clinging to life in a Harlem area hospital.

On March 18th around 11:30 pm, a 43-year-old woman was walking down West 123rd Street in Harlem and had no idea that she was in extreme danger. What she did not know was that a man had been watching and following her, while putting on a pair of blue surgical gloves.

The New York Post spoke to an unnamed police source which reported:

“He [the suspect] was walking right behind her when you see him putting the gloves on in the video. He pounced on her right after that.”

After the unknown suspect put his gloves on, he then attacked the woman by repeatedly kicking her about her body and head, knocking her to the ground.

During the attack, the suspect even “curb-stomped” her, all while attempting to rape her in between two parked vehicles. The suspect then fled the scene and has yet to be identified.

The victim suffered significant head trauma and was rushed to the NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem. At last report, the victim has been listed in critical condition.

The New York Police Department reported they are investigating this case as a possible attempted murder and are seeking the public’s help with identifying the suspect. Police describe the suspect as a male roughly 5’8 with a stocky build. They believe he is approximately 40 years of age.

The New York Police Department has released video footage of the suspect just before the attack in hopes that the public will identify the alleged attacker. They are asking anyone with any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible to contact the New York Police Department’s Crime Stoppers at 800-577-8477.

Crime in the City of New York has been on the rise in many areas of the large city and is not showing any possibility of slowing down any time soon. Fighting against the rising crime rate is exactly what Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams campaigned on before he was elected.

Mayor Adams plans on reinstating the New York Police Department’s anti-crime street unit which was disbanded by former Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio after the riots and protests in 2020. Mayor Adams believes that part of the reason why crime spiked in the city in 2020 was that the unit was disbanded.

Reinstating the police unit is something that the Police Benevolent Association President, Patrick Lynch, supports. In a statement, he wrote:

“For years, we’ve been calling for real solutions to our violent crime crisis. Mayor Adams has acknowledged the problem and outlined the beginnings of a plan. Now that police officers and crime victims have an advocate in City Hall, the real work begins.

“Mayor Adams is absolutely right that the message on the streets is that there are no consequences for carrying and using illegal guns. We saw the tragic results of that message again on Friday night. It has to change immediately because we’ve already lost more than we can bear.”

The mayor’s approach to combating violent crime does not stop with forming the new unit, but also in focusing on which people to appoint as judges in the city. The mayor said that he will be focusing on people who are showing they are committed to keeping violent criminals in jail and off of the streets of the city.

Mayor Adams also wants to look at the most recent bail reform laws that were passed in the city. Instead of the judge’s hands being tied in terms of releasing suspects back out onto the streets with no bond, he wants to be able to provide judges the leeway in taking into account the person’s criminal history as well as their current charges and have the ability to assign bond when warranted.

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Police-defunded NYC’s ‘bail reform’ resulting in 4 in 10 alleged criminals being rearrested for new crimes

February 5, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – Recent reports from New York were obtained by The City which shows that the recidivism rate is massively increasing since supervised release programs have been expanded.


According to The City, certain criminals that have been deemed a high flight risk had been released on a program called Supervised Release.

The program is made up of trained social workers who are assigned certain at-risk offenders in attempts to provide them not only services, but also to ensure that they show up to court dates.

While this seems like it could be a good idea, trends over the last three years are showing steady increases of those that are released on this type of program and reoffending, often time committing new felony violations.

The City, after looking at the numbers, alleges that four out of every ten people released on the Supervised Release program go on to reoffend.

The unit that oversees the program, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) noted in 2018, only 8 percent of those in the Supervised Release Program went on to reoffend. That number increased in 2019 to 10 percent and in 2020 that number reached 13 percent.


The percentages reported by the MOCJ are very low and disputed. The City wrote:

“But an analysis by THE CITY of data compiled by the state Office of Court Administration and the state Division of Criminal Justice Services reveals a much higher rate more recently: 23% of those freed on supervised release were re-arrested on felony charges from January 2020 through June 2021.”

They also claim that the percentages climb to 41 percent if you factor in those felons being arrested for misdemeanors while in the supervised release program. The City wrote:

“In all, four out of every 10 individuals placed in the supervised release program from Jan. 1, 2020, through June 2021 were rearrested after being freed.”

Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams believes that numbers like those found by The City are causing crime trends to increase. He believes that the laws should be revised to allow New York judges the discretion as to when to assign bail to a defendant, and how much. He said:

“We must allow judges to take dangerousness into account [when setting bail or releasing a defendant]. New York is the only state in the country that does not allow a judge to detain a defendant who poses a threat to the community.

“Forty-nine other states, as well as the federal government, allow judges to consider a defendant’s dangerousness. New York must catch up.”

It’s something that Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks agrees with:

“Many judges – we’ve got most of our judges who sit on criminal cases – would like more discretion in making determinations about bail and release of people accused of crimes.”

Marks believes that there should be some leeway written into the laws so that it is up to a fully informed judge as to whether the defendant should be released or held on bond. He said:

“But I think it’s fair to say that individual judges would like to have more discretion in making these decisions and feel that they would be able to fairly and effectively make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

“To me, that’s a fair characterization of how most judges who sit on criminal cases in the state Unified Court System feel.”

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