Minneapolis man bailed out by Minnesota Freedom Fund arrested less than a month later for another beating


MINNEAPOLIS, MN –A man who had been recently bailed out of jail in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the Minnesota Freedom Fund is in custody again, this time for beating a victim so badly that he caused a traumatic brain injury. 

Lionel Timms was bailed out by the fund after his arrest on July 11th in which he was charged with third-degree felony assault.

Timms, 32, was recently arrested for the second time in roughly a month.

This time it was for third-degree assault, which is a felony. 

This beating occurred on August 14th in the 300 block of Hennepin Avenue East.  The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office reported witnesses in the area saw Timms allegedly kick a person who was on the ground. 

It is believed that this kick was significant enough to cause a traumatic brain injury.

The victim, who has not been identified, was taken to Hennepin Healthcare for the traumatic brain injury.  The statement advised that the victim has a fractured skull and a brain bleed and will also require stitches to lacerations from the kick. 

An updated status on the victim has not been made available.

As for the group that bonded Timms out from an earlier offense in July, the Minnesota Freedom Fund released a statement on August 25th which read in part:

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund is deeply saddened and troubled by the recent arrest of Lionel Timms in connection to the recent assault of a popular and well-respected member of our community…

“The Minnesota Freedom fund received a request from Mr. Timm’s attorney for a bail on July 27th, two weeks after he was first detained.  We paid his after working to first ensure that Mr. Timms would be provided with housing and other necessary support as Mr. Timms requested. 

“We operate within the confines of a criminal justice system that is often unjust and unfair, overwhelmingly to Black, brown and Native peoples…

In this case, the criminal justice system failed, and we didn’t do enough to mitigate that damage by ensuring that Mr. Timms had the support he needed to safely come back to the community.”

The Minnesota Freedom Fund clearly wants to blame Timms’ criminal actions on a lack of support instead of what could clearly be the case, he could simply just be a criminal. 

Saying that Timms did not have enough support to get out of jail and act like a human being is insane. 

People get arrested all the time and can behave themselves, if they want to badly enough, and do not get rearrested for almost an IDENTICAL crime not even a month after being released.

Placing the blame on things as opposed to people takes away from the responsibility factor.  What they are basically saying here, Timms is not at fault for beating two men up, leaving one with a significant injury. 

Rather, the fact that he may not have had a good enough home, the food he wanted, etc., is the reason why these two people were beaten.  That is worse than blaming the spoon for someone becoming overweight due to overeating. 

But groups who claim that the criminal justice system is “unjust and unfair, overwhelmingly to Black, brown and Native peoples” clearly do not take into account what those people had been arrested for that placed them in that circumstance to begin with. 

It is interesting that these liberal groups are quick to point out the number of minorities that are in jail, however, very rarely is any information released as to why they are there in the first place. 

This is most likely because if they did release that information, people would no longer look at the demographic breakdown of jail populations and perhaps begin to question the reason why these people are in jail in the first place. 

At least for now, Timms is in custody for his latest assault case and has a court appearance scheduled for September 15th.  It is unknown if the Minnesota Freedom Fund will bond him out a second time.

Massachusetts ‘bail fund’ posts bond for convicted sex offender arrested for exposing himself to little girls

MELROSE, MA – A particular bail fund in Massachusetts is making headlines again, as they’ve posted the bond of yet another convicted sex offender who was now awaiting trial for exposing himself to girls as young as 13 at a shopping center in June of this year.

The Massachusetts Bail Fund has managed to set free 34-year-old Tyler Jacquard, a classified level-3 sex offender that was arrested on June 18th for fondling himself with his genitals exposed while adamantly watching a group of young girls in the Lynnfield’s MarketStreet shopping center.

A man with a slew of previous arrests and a conviction for open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, Jacquard had his $30,000 bond covered by the infamous MBF.

This individual is said to have been arraigned over 20 times for different sex offenses over the years, which included disturbing crimes like entering a woman’s dorm room and standing over her while she slept.

Jacquard has been arrested for cases that carried a stalking vibe as well, when back in 2019 he was arrested for watching a woman for several days to the point where the victim realized she was being stalked by a sex offender after recognizing him.

This is the type of people that this bail fund is releasing back into the community in their efforts to “free them all,” as their website proudly boasts.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time this bail fund has injected themselves into releasing convicted sex offenders – but a recent release they enabled saw the sex offender allegedly reoffend after his bond was posted.

A man who was out on bail for only three weeks under charges of rape, was recently charged again for another alleged rape in Boston.

Ironically, the bail fund that secured the suspect’s bond weeks earlier, didn’t provide any comment on him getting rearrested. 

On August 6th, 39-year-old Shawn McClinton was arraigned for numerous charges which were aggravated rape, armed kidnapping with sexual assault, strangulation, and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

Police say that McClinton had raped his victim at knife point on August 5th, and also strangled her unconscious during the violent attack. While McClinton is behind bars again and had his bail substantially increased to $500,000 by Judge Lisa Grant, what’s more troubling is The Massachusetts Bail Fund posted his $15,000 bond for an alleged rape from 2018 on July 15th of this year.

More specifically, in the 2018 case against McClinton, he was charged with two counts of aggravated rape, and assault and battery, as well as a single count of kidnapping. Furthermore, that posted bond way above the “bails of up to $2,000” the MBF claims they’ll pay.

So not only was McClinton arrested for some serious charges when the fund decided to bail him out, but he was already convicted of sexual offenses twice before his 2018 arrest for rape. Back in 1994, McClinton was convicted of raping and abusing a child, and in 2007 he was convicted of rape.

Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins was highly critical of this bail fund injecting themselves into McClinton’s case, since he’s now been arrested for yet another rape:

“This individual has violently and sexually assaulted women and children in the past.  His release on July 15th allowed him the opportunity to sexually assault and harm again.  And unfortunately, he did.”

The Suffolk DA pointed out that bail funds are typically something one would see champion people locked up for very minor offenses, to aid those among the lower-income bracket:

“The Massachusetts Bail Fund’s stated mission is to ‘Free Them All’ and provide bails of up to $2,000 in Essex, Suffolk and Worcester Counties.

These bails are often posted for low-level, misdemeanor offenses which end up punishing poor people and not serving any legal or public safety purpose.”

Yet, DA Rollins pointed out that a bail fund deciding to bail out an already convicted sex offender being held on charges of rape, shows a lack of “responsibility to or compassion for the victims and survivors of his crimes”:

“The Bail Fund posted $15,000 and set McClinton loose on our community.  They don’t care that he is a Level 3 sex offender.  They don’t care that he has raped women and children before.

They have no responsibility to or compassion for the victims and survivors of his crimes, or the families that he has destroyed.”

Despite numerous outlets, and people on Twitter reaching out to the MBF, they’ve not yet commented on the posting of McClinton’s bail.

Convicted pedophile, Antifa member who allegedly stabbed black Trump supporter bailed out in Portland

PORTLAND, OR – In late July, a convicted sex offender and Antifa-enthusiast reportedly stabbed a black Trump supporter who was documenting footage of riots in Portland.

Now, the sex offender and alleged stabber in the July case has been bailed out, and sources are pointing to a bail fund established for Antifa militants that aims to get their “comrades” out of jail.

Police arrested Blake David Hampe on July 25th for allegedly stabbing Drew Duncomb with a 7-inch knife in his lower-right flank, after Duncomb had asked by Hampe was following him while he was documenting footage of the riots.

As of August 13th, Hampe was freed from jail after his bond was posted, which was set at $250,000. A GoFundMe account known as the PDX Protest Bail Fund has amassed over $1.3 million in funds made exclusively for bailing out rioters for covering their legal costs.

Considering most bail bonds companies only require a 10% payment to get someone out of jail, Hampe’s case would realistically cost about $25,000 to get him back on the streets again.

The PDX Protest Bail Fund, with their near 30K donors, is kind enough to have an online document that showcases everything they spend the funds on. And wouldn’t you know it, there were three bail amounts noted on the expense sheets on August 17th which two are for slightly over $25K and one for just over $50K.

Minneapolis man bailed out by Minnesota Freedom Fund arrested less than a month later for another beating
Bail fund transparency document shows outgoing payment on August 17, four days after Hampe was released

What that likely points to is that one of the checks cut for people getting bailed out of jail in Portland could’ve been for Hampe since the numbers align for someone getting their 10% needed for bail bond company to cover a $250K bond.

The Post Millennial had reached out to the bail fund in regard to Hampe, who was convicted of possessing child pornography that was discovered by Homeland Security, to see if they’d confirm that they paid for his bail. As of this time, PDX Protest Bail Fund has not responded to those inquiries.

Here’s our original report on when the stabbing transpired back in July. 


During another weekend of unrest in downtown Portland, a videographer was stabbed in the early morning hours of July 25th. 

According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), a crowd gathered outside the federal courthouse for what began as a peaceful protest. However, at around 11 p.m., the protest turned violent with people shaking the fence around the federal courthouse and throwing fireworks. 

The police said that hundreds of people remained along the fence, attempting to pull it or push it in an attempt to break it down. Some even attempted to cut it down using power tools that they brought with them to the protest.

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According to police, many people in the crowd were armed with gas masks, shields, leaf blowers, power tools, fireworks, and lasers.

Hours later, at around 2:30 a.m., police received word that an individual was stabbed. The victim, since identified as Andrew Duncomb, 25, said that he was stabbed for being a conservative journalist. Duncomb films demonstrations and other political events under the nickname, “Black Rebel.”

Duncomb, a Black man and a vocal supporter of President Trump, told Oregon Live that he had traveled to Portland from his home in Northern California, to document the nightly protests outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse and Justice Center.

He said in a statement:

“My main goal was to show that it wasn’t just the feds creating the problems.”

According to Duncomb, the trouble started just before 2:30 a.m. on July 25th, when a group began trailing him and a few of his friends for several blocks. He said that eventually he handed his video camera to a friend and decided to confront one of the men from the group. The incident was recorded on his video camera.

In the video, as Duncomb approaches the man who wore a respirator, goggles, and a pair of brown Carhart overalls, one of his friends can be heard saying:

“Someone’s stalking us.”

Duncomb says as he approaches the man from behind and wraps his arm around the man’s shoulder:

“Hey buddy, why are you following us?”

Immediately, without saying a word, the man stabs Duncomb. According to Duncomb, the knife entered his back between his rib cage and hip, just inches from his spinal cord.

He said:

“The adrenaline just soared through me. I had a can of bear mace and a knife on me too, but I didn’t want to endanger innocent bystanders.”

Police and paramedics responded to the incident. Duncomb was given first aid at the scene and then transported to OHSU Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. He was released on July 26th.  One suspect, since identified as Blake David Hampe, 43, was arrested at the scene by police. 

According to a probable cause affidavit, Hampe told police that Duncomb had “set up” on him and tried to choke him. Currently, Hampe faces charges of second-degree assault, a Measure 11 crime, and unlawful use of a weapon.

He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center where he has a pending $250,000 bond.

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at the Post Millennial, shared a video on Twitter showing Hampe’s arrest. Ngo’s post also claimed that Hampe had previously faced child pornography charges and alleged ties to Antifa. Both have not yet been validated by officials. 

Duncomb said he is slowly recovering and hopes to return to covering protests soon.

He said in a statement:

“I wasn’t meant to die. It wasn’t my time to go. I’m not going to let them intimidate me for going back out.”

According to PPB, while investigating the stabbing, they gave public address announcements to people in the crowd ordering them to stay back while officers conducted their investigation.

PPB said in a news release:

“Police attempted to create a crime scene, but were unable to due to the aggressive crowd behavior and lack of community cooperation.”


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