OCEANSIDE, L.I. – Police in Long Island fatally shot a man after he allegedly lunged at officers while armed with a samurai sword on Tuesday night, sources confirmed. 

ABC 7 New York reported that the officers dispatched to a house on Columbus Avenue in Oceanside around 6 p.m. Tuesday after calls came in about a disturbance.

When they arrived, the officers discovered that man in his 30’s and his father were involved in an altercation. The father had called local authorities after his son reportedly threatened harm against the family. 

An officer exits the Long Island home holding the samurai sword. (ABC 7 Broadcast)


When the police responded, the man’s anger turned from the family and was redirected against the officers. Nassau County police say that the suspect had been holding multiple knives in his hands. At one point, he dropped the knives, picked up a samurai sword and started advancing on the officers.

He ignored their commands to drop the weapon and they were left no choice but to utilize deadly force to neutralize the threat, police said.

The department issued a comment on the fatal incident.

“Two of our police officers arrived here, responded inside the residence,” Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said about Tuesday’s fatal shooting. “The son was very distraught. He had knives in his hand, he then dropped those knives and picked up a samurai sword. The officers instructed him to drop it, they said it several times. He then lunged at the officers and the officers fired shots.”

The officers at the scene immediately performed CPR on the man after he fell to the ground, but their lifesaving attempts would prove to be unsuccessful. 

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He was rushed to the hospital, but doctors said it was too late to save his life.  

Commissioner Ryder said that while the father was distraught over what had unfolded, he was surprisingly understanding of the measures the officers took. 

“The dad was very supportive, understood and actually said the officers did everything they could,” Ryder said.

Neighbors say they’ve watched as the family has struggled to cope with their son’s mental health issues over the years.

Police say the man picked up a samurai sword and came at them. (Wikipedia)


They say that the last week had become tense as the suspect had grown increasingly agitated and had been acting out.  

“He’s been acting erratic the past couple of days,” said Brian McShane. “He went to attack his sister and everything went to hell.”


McShane said that the father is having a difficult time coping with the sudden loss of his son. 

“The father is just decimated. It’s terrible,” said McShane. “Tragedy all around really for the family. Good people. And really just a disturbed boy.”

After all was said and done, four officers received medical treatment following the fatal shooting. The two officers who were originally involved in the incident were taken to the hospital to be treated for trauma, another officer injured his back while he was performing chest compressions during CPR, and a fourth was involved in a motor vehicle accident as he was responding to the scene. 


None of the officers have reported serious injuries and all are expected to make a full recovery. Local authorities are conducting an investigation into the details surrounding the shooting. 


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