The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says a man is dead after attacking a police officer in Rosewell on Thursday morning.

It happened at the Shell gas station of Atlanta Street around 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

Investigators say the man at the counter inside the store got into a fight with the store clerk over what appears to be attempted shoplifting.  That’s when an officer just so happened to walk into the store.


Police say the suspect, who has not been identified, started to attack the officer with a blunt object that sources tell Law Enforcement Today was a lead pipe.

The officer pulled out his taser and used it on the suspect… but it didn’t stop him.

“(He) continued to attack the officer, at which time the officer fired his weapon, striking the suspect,” interim Roswell police Chief Helen Dunkin said.

It was all witnessed by an employee at the gas station.

“My employee thinks he was drunk, and he attacked the officer. The officer Tased him first and then he shot him,” Alex Hafezi, the owner of the gas station said.

The owner said according to the employee, the man was acting unusual.

“He said he opened his shirt and he had sticks inside his pants and pulled it out and started hitting the officer,” Hafezi said.

The officer was brought to the hospital with an arm injury.  The suspect later died at the hospital.

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today the officer is Sgt. Andy Reach, a 25+ year veteran police officer.  His friends in the department tell us he’s a “cop’s cop” who is a firearms instructor and is well versed in mixed martial arts.  He’s married with two daughters and wasn’t about to let this criminal take that away from him.

The gas station, which has been closed most of the day during the investigation, has more than 20 surveillance cameras that are now being reviewed.

Earlier this week, there was another officer-involved shooting after an attack on police.  This one happened in Athens, Georgia.

Body cam footage released by authorities on Tuesday shows two Athens-Clark County police officers pleading with a man holding a knife before opening fire, killing the suspect.

Police originally came into contact with 23-year-old Aaron Hong on Monday when responding to a call about a man acting “erratically” and clutching a large knife and covered in blood said Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Cleveland Spruill.

Authorities said that Hong was “using the knife in an aggressive manner and appeared to be injured himself.”

The officers responded to a scene where an armed man was covered in blood and acting erratically. (Athens PD)


Hong appears to walk toward the officers as they scream repeatedly for him to drop the knife. Hong can be heard screaming, “just do it!” over and over while continuing to advance on the officers. The officers continue to yell back, “no!” as they retreat, begging Hong to drop the knife.

“We can help you,” they can be heard yelling.

Two officers, David Harrison and Charles Bidinger, fired at Hong during the incident. A third officer at the scene did not use his weapon during the encounter. Investigators said that the blood that Hong was covered in was his own.



Chief Spruill said the officers tried a number of times to get Hong to drop the knife. In the body cam video, both officers can be heard saying, “Put the knife down. Sir, please, put the knife down.” 

“However, he disregarded these commands and began to advance at the officers,” Spruill said. In the video you can see how far the officers retreat from the suspect, hoping they won’t have to use force.

Officers continued to retreat at the suspect kept advancing. (Athens PD)


Officer Harrison can be heard yelling, “no, no, no,” before opening fire on Hong five times.

The suspect initially falls to the ground but then gets back up and charges toward Harrison again. The video shows him grabbing the officer and wrestling with him, dragging him to the ground in a headlock. 

Hong dragged Officer Harrison to the ground before the fatal shots were fired. (Athens PD)


That’s when Officer Bidinger fired at Hong three times, ending the struggle. 

The video of the incident from one angle can be seen below. Viewer discretion is advised.


Another angle shows Harrison’s perspective.


Emergency crews arrived at the scene and paramedics tried to treat Hong for his injuries, but he died from his wounds.

Spruill said that one of the officers was injured during the incident but the minor wound was treated at the scene. 

Officer Harrison has been with the police department for seven years, Athens officials said. This was Bidinger’s first year with the department. Both are on administrative leave pending an investigation, Spruill said.