NY man arrested for online threats against police, politicians and saying he’ll “blow up” FBI


STATEN ISLAND, NY – A man has been arrested who is apparently unhappy with the apparent election results, as he has made several online threats to kill those who are celebrating it – as well as different politicians and police officers.

Federal prosecutors allege that 54-year-old Brian Maiorana, from Staten Island, New York, has been arrested and charged after posting several death threats on social media.

Prosecutors allege that Maiorana was “threatening to kill, and ordering others to kill protesters, politicians and law enforcement officers.”  These threats allegedly occurred from September through November 9th.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Artie McConnell, argued that Maiorana should be kept in jail because he is a danger to the community. He said that Maiorana should be considered a flight risk and “irremediable” danger to the community. 

He said:

“The complaint makes clear that in the wake of the results of the presidential election, this defendant greatly exceeded what can be considered political hyperbole. He used words like ‘carnage,’ ‘extermination,’ assassination.’ 

He encouraged people to take ‘offensive action’ in an effort to threaten to kill members of the government, including law enforcement agents, even going so far as calling for the bombing of an FBI building and citing the Turner Diaries, which has been the inspiration for numerous acts of terrorism including the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.”

McConnell presented the case in front of the federal judge and explained that Maiorana allegedly wrote on social media that anyone who is a democrat needed to die.  He allegedly wrote on November 5th:

“The carnage needs to come in the form of extermination of anyone who claims to be a democrat…as well as their family members.”

He also allegedly wrote, according to FBI Special Agent Nathan Rudnick:

“All right thinking people need to hit the streets while these scumbags are celebrating and start blowing them away.”

Maiorana also allegedly wrote:

“Soap Box, Ballot Box…that was fraudulently stolen from us, Now Cartridge Box.”

The cartridge box term is relatively widely known as a box that contains numerous amounts of ammunition.  Allegedly implying, again, that he was calling for the mass shootings of all democrats.

McConnell said that federal agents were able to obtain a search warrant for Maiorana’s residence and when executed, they located weapons and ammunition. He alleged that they located a semi-automatic Glock handgun, two magazines for it, additional gun parts for a .22 caliber firearm and ammunition for it. They also located what they described as several different firearm accessories, but did not go into detail exactly what that meant. 

In addition to these items, McConnell alleges that federal authorities also located literature on how to obtain citizenship in different countries. Additionally, materials which explain how to obtain a foreign passport expeditiously. 

The firearms and ammunition alone are concerning, especially because he is a convicted felon out of the state of Pennsylvania. He was convicted in 2007 for statutory sexual assault according to prosecutors. And since he is a convicted felon, he is banned from possessing or owning any firearms or ammunition. 

The federal judge who heard the arguments in the case sided with the prosecution, and denied Maiorana any release at this time. He will remain in federal custody until his next court date at which time his defense attorney can argue for his release.

The acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Seth DuCharme, said:

“The Department of Justice will not stand idly by when people like the defendant allegedly threaten to kill elected officials, lawful protesters and law enforcement simply because of animus toward the outcome of the election.”

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LET Unity

Here are seven terrifying threats from the far-left that America is facing regardless of who wins the election

October 28, 2020

The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

UNITED STATES- No matter what happens next Tuesday, our suggestion to everyone is maintain diligence and get ready to lock and load to protect your home and your family.

Things appear like they are going to make this past summer seem like a walk in the park. While many seem to think that things will get very bad if President Trump wins the election, there are indications that things may be even worse if Biden wins. Think retribution.

We have seen over the past 4-5 years the pure vitriol that is faced by supporters of President Trump. Assaults, vandalism, arson, and even murder have come to those who support our president. The rhetoric has gotten even worse over the past year leading up to next Tuesday’s presidential election. By many on the left, President Trump is to blame for the vast political divide we see today.

Part of President Trump’s appeal to his base is that he not your typical politician—the one who tells you what you want to hear, and then does the opposite behind closed doors. What you see is what you get.

He has referred to gang members as animals, Antifa as “thugs” and refers to Hillary Clinton as “crooked Hillary.” In many ways, President Trump’s presentation is part Barnum and Bailey, or a “bombastic and theatrical schtick” as it was referred to by The Federalist’s Stella Morabito.

Yet, he tells the truth.

Why is the president such a threat? Because he despises the swamp. As we have seen, he does not care what the swamp rats say. He was elected as a Washington outsider and he has acted every bit the part. People complain that his administration has had seemingly a lot of turnover, but much of those people inhabited the swamp before Trump came along.

Trump’s supporters were sick of Washington business as usual. As conservatives, we saw Republicans get us involved in endless wars, tuck their tails between their legs to act “bipartisan” and basically give Democrats whatever they wanted to “get along.”

So, it is not surprising that Trump presents as a threat to the status quo. While President Trump has used strong language in referring to some people on the opposite side, he has had to deal with equally as much. As have his supporters. One thing President Trump has not done is to threaten a particular demographic of voter.

However, the other side…they live to threaten conservatives and Republicans. As we have progressed toward the election, the left have increased threats against Trump supporters.

We reported earlier today on a website that identifies Trump supporters by campaign donation records. What do you think such a website is for? To try to get these voters to “come over to our side?’

The threats against Trump supporters have been issued via mainstream media and social media, with high-profile left-wing progressives talking openly about committing violence against the president and his supporters.

This violent rhetoric isn’t coming only from the expected sources, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We’ve already seen what they can do, as we saw violence explode across the country this summer.

An article in The Federalist outlined seven examples of people who threatened and promoted open violence against people who are political opposites to them.

  1. Some guy named Nils Gilman, whose title is vice president of programs at the Berggruen Institute, actually threatened someone on Twitter (yes, the same Twitter that routinely blocks anything that disagrees with their political narrative), in which he called for the execution of a former Trump adviser and journalist Michael Anton, saying, “Michael Anton is the Robert Brasillach of our times and deserves the same fate.”The Berggruen Institute is funded by one George Soros, and Gilman is a co-founder of the so-called “Transition Integrity Project,” which is involved in a “color revolution” against president trump.

Brasillach was a Nazi collaborator in France who was executed by firing squad. Despite numerous complaints about the tweet, Twitter did not remove it, nor did Gilman remove it.

  1. Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was upset that Coinbase was no longer going to force its employees to engage in social justice agenda programs such as critical race theory. So angry was he that he suggested that the CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, be among the “me first capitalists” who should be lined up first and “shot in the revolution.”He also said he would “happily provide video commentary” of the executions. The tweet disappeared, but someone was astute enough to capture it in a screenshot.

  1. If the Democrats happen to take over by any means—be it an election, a coup, or a “color revolution,” a Salon Magazine article suggested that even a Biden win would still leave supporters of Trump behind, who “will survive the election and continue to be an existential threat.” The author of the article looked at anti-Trump zealots who seek to force the so-called “de-Trumpification” of America.They also took to comparing supporters of the president to Nazis or the Baathists in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, while describing Trump’s America as a “pathocracy.” In other words, this is where “people with personality disorders gain power.”

Part of the strategy under this scenario would be “to drain the swamp Trump crated, bring criminal charges against the former president and his key followers, and launch a serious campaign to ‘change the hearts and minds’ of Americans who have been drawn to this president’s agenda.” Even more eerily, he brings up the Nuremberg trials as “instructive,” the trials that resulted in death sentences for 37 Nazis after World War II.

However, the anti-Trump zealots go beyond that, suggesting they go after “low-level participants” to weed out any vestiges of support for Trump. Think “re-education camps.” This would be a three-step deal—First, get the so-called “redeemable” Trump supporters and separate them from supporters who want to “Keep America Great.” Second, the “problematic” ones would be sent to virtual education camps. And finally crush ideas power elites do not like.

Lest you think something like this is hyperbole, none other than former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich has suggested a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” be established to rid the nation of so-called “Trumpism.” Reich, by the way, has 1 million Twitter followers.

  1. Former MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann went on a rampage on YouTube recently, ranting that anyone associated with the president, including his enablers and supporters must be “prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.”


In fact, he suggested that President Trump be tried for murder of over 200,000 Americans from coronavirus and should be sentenced to death. Yes, he said that, which was no doubt retweeted to his nearly 1 million Twitter followers.

  1. On August 4, CNN contributor Reza Aslan—who is seriously in need of psychological intervention—said on a tweet that all Trump supporters “must be eradicated from society” along with the president, and that there is “no longer any room for nuance;” this nut has nearly 300,000 followers. His tweet read:

“The president is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters—ALL OF THEM—are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And his evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”

  1. We witnessed the next one on our television screens after the Republican National Committee, when a mob attacked guests at the White House, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a sitting member of Congress. Sen. Paul was convinced that had there been no police presence he and his wife would have been killed or seriously injured. This indicates a ramping up of violence by Black Lives Matter and Antifa against perceived political opponents.
  2. Finally, there is the doxing of Trump voters on a wide scale. A new database called “The Media Manipulation Casebook” is a means of gathering personal information on anonymous Trump supporters. We recently reported on NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny, who uses this to find “addresses, property records…even Amazon wish lists” that can be a “goldmine for learning about what a person reads, buys and wants.”

In addition, we reported earlier Tuesday on so-called “open source” materials that can be used in order to target Trump donors, through donations reported to the Federal Elections Commission, or by name and address on a so-called “hostile site.”

The Federalist reports that such information can be used in the same way as the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map,” which was responsible for triggering attacks at the Family Research Council and the GOP baseball practice were Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot and seriously wounded.

While most have focused on what would happen to Trump supporters if he wins re-election, there hasn’t been any focus on what would happen if Biden wins. If anyone thinks the violence is going to stop with a weak, dementia-laden Biden in the White House, you are sadly mistaken.

None of this should really come as much of a surprise. The violent radicalism we see now has been sown through decades of indoctrination in our public schools and universities, where far-left educators have been allowed to operate unabated.

In fact, as The Federalist notes, if we go back 50 years to when the Weather Underground was fomenting terror and violence across the country, Bill Ayers of that organization said that when “the revolution” came about, a lot of Americans would have to be located to education camps.

Look at what we wrote above? Look at what Robert Reich said. That is exactly what he is suggesting. As Ayers and other members of the Weather Underground said 50 years ago, people who chose not to comply despite re-education would have to be eradicated. That number was then estimated at about 25 million people. That number today would be much higher.

People say this could never happen here. Do not kid yourself. Our history is replete with societies similar to ours, where good and decent people were overrun by radicals.

If we had a legitimate media in this country, they would be sounding alarm bells. Instead by and large, they are complicit in the revolution.

Stay vigilant people. Things could get very interesting very, very soon.

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