Man Arrested While Applying for Dispatcher Position


(Cottonwood Police Department)

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. – The Cottonwood Police Department says they’ve arrested a man wanted for theft, after they convinced him to come to their station for what he thought was a job interview. He was applying for a dispatcher position.

A warrant had been put out for the arrest of 32-year-old Alberto Lopez, because police believed he had stolen about $5,000 in 2016 from his workplace at the time, a Bank of America in Cottonwood, reported ABC 15 News.

According to reports, Lopez moved to Phoenix after and had refused to answer calls or questions about the theft allegations.

Moreover, police say Lopez was wanted for the theft when he submitted an application to the Cottonwood Police Department for a job as a dispatcher. As a result, police contacted him and asked him to come to the station for an interview.

Consequently, when he showed up on the morning of January 8, he was arrested.

When Lopez arrived, he was taken into custody for felony theft. Finally, he was told he would not be in consideration for the job.

Is anyone surprised?

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