Man who was arrested for smashing Seattle officer in head with metal bat, says he wants to ‘slit every SPD throat’


SEATTLE,WA – According to Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, Antifa is just an idea, not a real organization. Try telling that to the many members of law enforcement, first responders and US citizens who have been continually terrorized in cities all over this country.

Seattle has been a hotbed for Antifa activity ever since protestors took to the city’s streets on May 29.

While the media and anti-law enforcement protestors continue to claim and portray the hijacking of the city by these terrorists as peaceful and love filled, the truth was and is much harsher.

One of those “ideas” sent messages to a friend after attacking a police officer with a metal bat (more on that below). After investigation and obtaining a search warrant, police discovered the following messages written by the suspect:


“I’m proud too hehe. Wish he didn’t have a helmet on lol”

And can we like pls slit every SPD throat.”


“I want the whole damn system to just burn the f—k down!!! Btw I really like fire.”

There are many stories of buildings being broken into and looted, set on fire, innocent civilians driven from their homes, dumpsters set on fire and so much more.

But law enforcement is by far taking the brunt of the abuse.

On the night of Wednesday September 23, things heated up again after a grand jury decided not to indict officers for murder in the Breonna Taylor incident in Kentucky.

Several officers were in protective gear and patrolling the streets on bicycles in Seattle. One officer was pedaling through the department’s East Precinct during a protest in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which is also where the former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was located (CHAZ).

As the officer passed by a group of protestors, they surrounded him and he fell from his bicycle. They threw an orange traffic cone at him while laughing as he used pepper spray to defend himself from the mob.

He was then ambushed.

As he continued using his OC as a means of defense, a person wearing a full-face helmet swung a metal bat into the back of the officer’s head. Fortunately, the officer was wearing a helmet. He managed to stay on his feet and dragged his bike away from his attacker and the rest of the mob.

At the time the assault, the identity of the person wielding the bat was not known. Seattle Police Department released photos of the officer’s helmet and the damage done to it by the metal bat. They also requested help from the public in identifying the assailant.

It wasn’t too hard to come up with the person’s identity thanks to the young terrorist’s need to brag about his criminal activity on social media.

The whole incident was recorded on video and promptly posted. Antifa wasn’t happy about this video because they said they were afraid it would enable authorities to identify members involved in the attack.

Seattle Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz said:

“It was a brutal crime and if the officer hadn’t been wearing a helmet or it had happened under different circumstances, the attack could have been deadly.

“This is not a peaceful protest, this is not civil disobedience, this is illegal and this is violence. You will be arrested.”

That is exactly what happened.

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Though the video was taken down it had already been copied and shared by many others. This helped lead investigators to 19-year-old Jacob Greenberg.

He’s the stepson of a former Washington state lawmaker – Democrat Laura Ruderman, who was a state representative from 1999 until 2005.

This clip was not the only instance of violence in which Greenberg was involved. He was also filmed on September 1 throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police precinct and setting fire to dumpsters on September 26.

Authorities obtained a warrant to search his home on September 27. Greenberg lived with his parents, one of whom had  served as a Democratic State Representative. Two baseball bats were discovered, one proving to be a match to the one used in the attack on the officer.

Police were also granted access to Greenberg’s texts which were a goldmine of information. The night of the assault he celebrated through text about his attack on the officer. One friend joked back that he would call 911 on Greenberg.

Greenberg then texted his friend Danielle McMillan a link to the video of the attack and sent him the text messages mentioned above.

Further investigation led to charges being filed against both Greenberg and McMillan.

Greenberg was charged with first degree attempted arson, first degree reckless burning, and first degree assault. His bail was set at $750,000.

McMillan was charged with first degree attempted arson and bail was set at $100,000.

Perhaps one of the saddest outcomes of all this depravity is the loss of so many dedicated members of the law enforcement community.

Seattle’s city council is discussing plans to cut more funding for the department. The department has already seen more than 110 officers leave the force this year including 39 officers last month.

It seems that the terrorists are making great strides in their plans to defund the police.

Police officers are expected to give an exit interview upon their retirement or resignation. During this interview, the officer is given the opportunity to tell his/her reason for leaving their position.

During one such interview, a retiring patrol sergeant with more than 20 years on the force said:

“I refuse to work for this socialist city council and their political agenda. This agenda sacrifices the health and well-being of the officers and ultimately will destroy the fabric of this once fine city.”

Another patrol officer from the East Precinct who was resigning after almost a decade of service said in his interview:

“Current hostile work environment. In a precinct that is under civil unrest by a small group that is constantly committing multiple felonies and attempting to murder peace officers.”

Officers were asked:

“What factors had a negative effect on morale in the department?”

One officer stated:

“The council wanting to defund us and gaining ground doing it. Rioters not being charged even when they assault officers.”

In this case, the assailant was in fact apprehended and charged. However, sadly in today’s environment, those criminals are not seen for the dangerous thugs that they truly are.

They are heralded as heroes for “the cause”- a cause that may one day end up at any one of our doorsteps…bats, pipes, and Molotov cocktails in hand.


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