Man arrested after attempting to run over cops, driving car through police station lobby


HAVRE DE GRACE, MD– A man who called a police station in Maryland, threatening to kill a police officer, has now been arrested after he attempted to run over several police officers, before driving his car through the station’s lobby.

According to reports, the incident occurred at approximately 9:34 p.m. in Havre de Grace, Maryland, which is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Baltimore. 

The Havre de Grace Police Department reported that the suspect, 24-year-old Timothy Joel Jackson Kahl, placed a call to the police department and told authorities he was going to come there and kill a police officer.

Clearly putting officers on high alert, they said that they were able to obtain information during the call that led them to believe Kahl was driving in the area where he lived. The Havre de Grace Police Department subsequently responded to that area and located the suspect driving erratically, police say.

The Havre de Grace Police Department issued a statement describing the incident, saying:

“When officers went to make contact with him he tried to run them over with his vehicle several times,” 

They continued, saying:

“He struck several parked vehicles and tried to run over the officers.”

The department went on to say:

“He then fled the scene and drove straight to the Havre de Grace Police Department and drove his vehicle through the front doors of the station into the lobby.”

Through a series of tweets, the mayor of Havre de Grade, William T. Martin commented on the attack, saying in part:

“The events that unfolded late last evening are a testament to the true dedication and professionalism of the men and women who make up the Havre de Grace Police Department and shed light on the constant danger and threats they face every day.”

Police say that Kahl then drove to the Havre de Grace Police Department where he hit another parked car before intentionally driving his vehicle through the front doors of the police department, ABC7 reported.

Despite the fact that the department’s building sustained sever damage, thankfully there were no officers injured in the incident. 

Unfortunately however, the crash did not deter Kahl from his ultimate goal of killing an officer. 

According to police:

“He exited his vehicle and as he came back out of the front doors he tried to attack officers,” 

According to officers, they were able to tase Kahl at this point and arrest him before he was taken to Harford Memorial Hospital for treatment.

At this time, it is unclear what injuries Kahl may have sustained during the incident.

The suspect’s mother told WJZ he was suffering from mental illness. She has declined an interview at this time.

CBS reported that police are now charging Kahl with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of assault in the first degree, reckless endangerment, and three counts of malicious destruction of property with a value greater than $1000.00.

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The truth is out: Police say ‘student of color’ behind ‘threatening and racist’ messages to other black students

May 24, 2021

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN – Back in April, the superintendent for White Bear Lake Area Schools stated that an incident involving “students of color” receiving “threatening” and “racist” messages on social media were part of a hoax.

Yet, the public statement from the superintendent only described the culprit who confessed to the Instagram account responsible for the threatening messages as “a young person”.

Turns out, the “young person” is also a high school student of color from White Bear Lake High.

On April 8th, the White Bear Lake Police Department were notified of an anonymous Instagram account that was created on April 7th, where a group chat hosted by an account called “gowhitebear” was posting racist and threatening messages.

According to the police report, some of the messages contained the following (spelling errors are according to police report):

“Let me explain. You n*****s need to leave White bear. You guys are raceist for having black people club, I I make a club I’m raceist.”

“I’m gonna kill that N***** bitch if she leaves one more time. Stop leaving. That bitch is dead. I told you to stop leaving. You think I’m playing.”

“I will see you in school. I’M TIRED OF YOU BLACK N*****S. YOU WILL GET RAPED AND DIE.”

“Leave my school n*****. I don’t like a n***** bitch. Dog.”

A thorough investigation was put into place, which involved the White Bear Lake Police Department and some level of assistance from the FBI to track down where these messages originated from.

Reportedly, this anonymous Instagram account wound up tracing back to a single IP address where a juvenile person of color resided.

When this juvenile was first being interrogated about this Instagram activity, she proclaimed that she didn’t send the messages but then had some questions on how police tracked her down:

“Cause I didn’t send like those messages. Like, I have a question. Did the messages come from my house, or was it just like the account created at my house?”

The investigators informed the juvenile that all the activity came back to her house, explaining to the juvenile exactly how IP addresses is work.

Eventually, the juvenile would admit to creating the Instagram account in question and then alleging possibly people over at her house may have sent the messages from that account – but she also refused to provide any names of people who could’ve been involved.

According to a supplemental report drafted by White Bear Lake Police SRO Jonah Shermer, Officer Shermer’s report noted the following when concluding the investigation:

“Although, she initially indicated that she had direct knowledge of persons who were creating and sending the messages in her initial interview, she is now claiming she does not know who sent them.”

When White Bear Lake Area Schools Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak revealed that the messages were tantamount to a hoax, he noted the following about the culprit in a public statement:

“This afternoon, a young person took responsibility for posting hateful messages on social media. While we are working to learn more about the motives behind this action, we understand that race is at the center of this incident and any use of hateful language against another student is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Our anger around racist acts and bullying remain critical to our work as parents, educators and community.”

The statement happened to leave out some of the key details, like how the juvenile involved in creating the account was a student of color and was also a confirmed member of the high school’s Black Excellence Club.

Considering the nature of the incident, authorities aren’t pursuing any charges in the matter.


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