His name is Gary Fogle, and for the last several years, members of the Blue Family say that he’s used different names, fake social media profiles and other tactics to repeatedly stalk and harass surviving spouses.

For those who don’t know, a surviving spouse is the widow or widower of a fallen officer. 

People within the law enforcement community have said that Fogle exploited police widows at their times of greatest vulnerability… and now his secrets are being exposed. 

On August 4, a woman named Erica posted her story to Facebook. 

“It’s time to clear the air,” her post read.

Here’s her story:

‘Gary Fogle moved into my home with his daughter in the summer of 2017. On November 12th of that year, he suffered a massive stroke in my home.

When we arrived at the hospital, Gary refused the stroke medicine. I was not permitted to override his decision, because we were not married. He was clearly not in his right mind and the doctor asked if I could get his mother on the phone to authorize the administration of the drug that would save his life.

I started looking through Gary’s cell phone and couldn’t find a contact for his mother. I then went into his messages to search for a family member that could possibly give me her contact info.

That is when I found out that he had been cheating on me. Needless to say I was devastated, but I put what I’d found on the back burner and continued to search until I found the information that I needed.


Members of the Blue Family say this man, Gary Fogle, has manipulated surviving spouses. (Submitted to LET/Adobe Stock)


When I got home the next morning, I went through his phone and found out that not only had he been cheating on me the entire time we were together, but he was also sexting with 5 other women on Facebook messenger. I also found MANY other things that I was completely deceived about.

A few weeks into Gary’s recovery, I finally felt that he had enough wits about him that I could confront the issue of what I’d found on his phone. He never denied it…I mean, really he couldn’t.

I told him that I could never stay with someone who could cheat on me and broke up with him.
We agreed that he and his daughter could stay in my home, with the understanding that when he could walk again, and his social security disability came through, he and his 14-year-old daughter would find their own place.

And yes, I paid for EVERYTHING for a year and a half, never leading him on to believe that we had anything more than friendship. A few months back, he’d even started looking for apartments.

Fast forward about 5 weeks ago….

I met someone and was COMPLETELY HONEST with him when I started dating this person.

Gary’s behavior instantly changed and became volatile to the point that I feared for the safety of myself and that of my son.

I asked him to leave my home, but not before writing him a check for $5000.00 (a fact that he’s conveniently left out of his hateful Facebook posts).

That is when the stalking began.

It was all day and all night ranging from text messages to phone calls. One minute he’d tell me he loved me, the next he was threatening to kill himself, followed by a good dose of hatefulness.

It did no good to block his phone number, or to block him on social media… he’d just create new profiles and commenced with video calls and messages.

Things started to escalate when he started following me and I was nearly run off the road while driving, TWICE.

Everything came to a head on July 16th. Gary showed up at my house and assaulted me in my garage. While I was screaming during the assault, My 13-year-old son was in my kitchen screaming and crying with a knife in his hand wondering if he should come out and rescue me. Finding him that way still haunts me.

Enough was enough. I called the police.

A temporary injunction was issued on July 19th and served on the 23rd, with a final injunction being signed by a judge this past Thursday, which has yet to be served.

This has not stopped Gary and he has made it abundantly clear that he does not have any intention of abiding by the orders of the injunction.

His last violation was day before yesterday and I called the police.

An arrest warrant has been issued.

So there it is….my dirty laundry aired.

Why did I decide to write this? Because when I received Gary’s phone back, I went through it only to find him preying on some of my blue widow sisters. I’ve also received many hateful Facebook messages from Gary’s Facebook friends, based on what he’s posting about myself & the man that I’m seeing. He even started communicating with John’s ex wife.

Enough is enough!

I have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I am not a cheater or a liar. The only thing that I have done is try and help that man, only to be royally shit on time and time again.

I’m tired of being frightened. I’m tired of looking over my shoulder at every noise, or when a black Camaro passes me while I’m driving. And I will not have him preying on my widow sisters, as WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH.

I’m not ashamed that I started seeing John, I am proud. If this life has taught me anything, it is to grab happiness up with both hands and enjoy every moment.

This is not about retribution or revenge. It is about insuring that people have a better understanding of what Gary is capable of and giving insight to both sides of the story so that you can make an informed decision when dealing with Gary Fogle.

I am done, and by God I WILL take my life back.’

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We spoke with Heidi, a woman directly related to the sad series of events that are plaguing the tight-knit community.

Heidi told us that for the last few years, Fogle has used social media as a way to “get in” with the law enforcement community. And that he’s betrayed the trust of everyone in that community – especially officers that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“He has no love for law enforcement or for our fallen,” Heidi said. “If he did, he would not be treating a survivor with such recklessness and viciousness and then claim to be a victim.”

Heidi said that the restraining order issued to keep Fogle away won’t do any good.

“I know he has an arrest warrant out as he already violated the restraining order against him,” Heidi said in an interview with LET. 

She said he’ll just continue to try and get in contact any way he can.

Heidi said that Fogle has used online platforms and real life meet ups to make a number of friends in the law enforcement community, which helps him to hide his intentions. She said he even drives a customized Chevy Camaro that features the names of law enforcement officers from all over the country. 

Fogle’s car appears to be a tribute to law enforcement. (Facebook)


“I realize some of you may know him for his fallen officer-themed car hoods, which he has brought to police week and many local law enforcement agencies up and down the east coast. All of this was nothing more than a ploy to gain personal attention and acclaim. He has NO love for law enforcement or for our fallen. If he did, he would not be treating a survivor with such recklessness and viciousness and then claim to be a victim.”

Facebook posts from the past few years show Fogle posing with his vehicle at a number of different law enforcement agencies.

Fogle was not able to be reached for comment, but a social media post indicated that he was leaving Florida and heading back to Nevada.



If true, these accusations are damning, and this man has no place amongst the law enforcement family. Our hearts go out to the victims of these actions and we thank you for being brave and sharing your stories.


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