Police: Florida man accidentally shoots himself while in the middle of a crime and robbery spree


A resident called cops after noticing a man outside her home appeared to shoot himself- she was right

Okaloosa County, FL: A career criminal out on a neighborhood crime spree ended abruptly… after he accidentally shot himself trying to burglarize and breaking into vehicles and homes, reports say,

Karma’s a bi***.

And the gun wasn’t even his, it was stolen- just to add insult to injury.

Justin McCall, 28, of Crestview, Florida was arrested January 5 and slapped with a slew of charges, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s office.

Among the charges were:

  • grand theft
  • burglary to a structure
  • car burglary
  • and felony violation of probation.

The Shooting Incident

A Crestview resident called deputies and reported that a suspicious man was walking around in front of her home with what looked like a gun shot wound to his leg.

Deputies arrived and found McCall with a confirmed gun shot wound and took him to receive medical treatment at a nearby hospital.

The police then opened an investigation into the matter and discovered McCall was allegedly in the middle of a crime spree.

According to local coverage of the incident, they stated:

“An investigation by the Sheriff’s Office revealed several residential surveillance cameras had allegedly caught McCall on video committing a series of vehicle and home burglaries.”

Police: Florida man accidentally shoots himself while in the middle of a crime and robbery spree

Another resident called sheriff’s office to report that her car was broken into and her purse was stolen.

We don’t advocate gambling, but you could probably bet that McCall did it. But of course, like all suspects, they are innocent until proven guilty.

And according to investigators, the evidence is mounting quick. This is in large part due to sloppy burglary work by McCall.

According to investigators, McCall was seen on video wearing what he allegedly stole.

Coverage from the local media stated:

“While watching a neighbor’s surveillance camera footage, the woman claimed she saw McCall on video wearing her white Sperry boots, which had been in her garage.”

Just about everyone in the law enforcement profession knows firsthand that a very large majority of criminals are simply incompetent. But wearing stolen shoes to commit more crime?

Come ‘on man.

Moreover, just about every other house has a ring doorbell camera system these days. But as already mentioned, most criminals aren’t that bright. In fact, most don’t truly believe they will get caught no matter what they do.

robber shoots himself accidently
Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

A Life of Crime

McCall is no stranger to the law. He was already on probation for multiple burglaries at the time of his arrest. And throw in another felony probation for the theft of a firearm.

In fact, his rap sheet was quite impressive. According to a column covering the story, it stated:

“McCall has been convicted of 13 felonies since 2012. Those include six for burglary, four for grand theft and one for grand theft of a firearm.”

This is reminiscent of a famous scene from the movie Shawshank Redemption. The main character, Andy Dufrain (played by Tim Robbins) and fellow convicts were sitting in a chow hall eating. A new young prisoner has Andy and his buddies gathered around the table to tell his tales of crimes. All of which included burglary, getting caught and spending time in a lot of different prisons.

In response to the stories of theft and getting busted, Andy famously replied:

“Perhaps it is time you tried a new profession.”

He continued:

“What I mean is, you don’t seem to be a very good thief. You should try something else.”

McCall should try something else because he too apparently isn’t a very good thief either.

In fact, he may have to.

His future as a professional burglar is now in question due to a probable reduced ability to run away after shooting himself in the leg.

We would love to poll residents of the neighborhood to see if they feel bad for McCall after shooting himelf. But if you’re looking for another bet- we say “probably not.”

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Police: Florida man accidentally shoots himself while in the middle of a crime and robbery spree

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