Man, 24, who has 47 previous arrests, arrested again after leading police on high-speed pursuit and crashing into the a zoo


LYONS, IL – An Illinois man who has been arrested 47 previous times…he is only 24…was arrested again after allegedly driving drunk and fleeing from police. The man was taken into custody after fleeing the car he allegedly crashed into a zoo fence.

A Lyons police officer was patrolling 151st Street just after midnight on December 8th when they noticed an older Hyundai driving recklessly through a residential neighborhood. The officer allegedly got the vehicle driving over 100 MPH before attempting to stop the driver.

The driver of the vehicle, allegedly identified as Christopher McGuire, refused to stop the vehicle and started fleeing the Lyons officer who had their lights and siren on. As McGuire led officers on a high-speed pursuit, other law enforcement agencies joined in attempting to prevent McGuire from further endangering the public.

According to police, McGuire allegedly ran several traffic lights before striking multiple fixed-traffic devices. McGuire’s Hyundai veered across all travel lanes before he allegedly lost control of the Hyundai and went airborne. The Hyundai allegedly crash-landed after going over and through the fence line at the Brookfield Zoo.

McGuire allegedly fled from the Hyundai on foot, leaving his two passengers inside of the car. Officers moved in and set up a perimeter while the man and woman who were passengers in the car McGuire allegedly was driving were transported to the Loyola University Medical Center where the female passenger required several surgeries due to the serious injuries she sustained in the crash.

Officers utilized a drone and were able to locate McGuire who was allegedly hiding inside the zoo. Lyons Police took McGuire into custody and transported him to the Loyola University Medical Center due to the injuries he sustained after he allegedly crashed into the fence line.

After he was taken into custody, McGuire’s blood alcohol level was tested and allegedly showed that he was “twice” the legal limit.

After McGuire was treated for his injuries, the Lyons Police Department charged him with aggravated fleeing and eluding, aggravated DUI, possession of cocaine, criminal damage to property, driving on a suspended license, criminal trespass to property, illegal transportation of alcohol, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

Officers also issued him several traffic citations for the numerous moving violations McGuire allegedly committed before and during the vehicle pursuit.

After the arrest officers learned that McGuire had been arrested a total of 47 times for various charges ranging from traffic-related offenses to drugs, a flight escape charge, obstruction, assault, and liquor violations. Despite the numerous arrests, McGuire was still walking the streets without ever having been convicted of even one of the charges, something that Lyons Police Chief Thomas Herion noted as “disturbing.” Chief Herion said:

“This was a very dangerous situation. It is disturbing that the suspect has been arrested 47 times in the past but has never had a conviction, empowering him to continue to violate the law and put law-abiding citizens in danger, and to damage public and private property. It is a miracle no one else was injured in this latest reckless incident.”

Christopher Getty, the Lyons Village President, also weighed in on the vehicle pursuit and arrest of McGuire by saying:

“Serious questions remain as to why this individual was still able to drive considering his past record. We are grateful to the professionalism of our police department and the other police agencies who helped prevent this from becoming a far worse tragedy that it already is.”

The Brookfield Zoo Police Chief, Mike Pendola, also weighed in, thanking everyone who was involved in the capture of McGuire. He said:

“I would like to commend the collaborative work of all of the officers involved in apprehending, investigating, and charging the offender. Thankfully, no animals were impacted by this incident.”

Why McGuire was still out on the streets should be concerning to any reasonable person, including Cook County Commissioner Frank Aguilar, who said violent offenders should be kept “off the streets.” Commissioner Aguilar said:

“Violent offenders must be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must get serious about keeping our communities safe, which means we must get tough on violent offenders, and keep them off the streets.”

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