Major News: Today We Give Law Enforcement a Huge New Voice

When I started Law Enforcement Today, the goal was simple – to give law enforcement officers and their supporters a place online that they could call “home.”

We’ve accomplished that. Now, in the face of mounting stress, attacks on police officers and the loss of so many of our brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to rise together.

All those of us who actively serve in law enforcement – even those with platforms that reach tens of millions of people a month like Law Enforcement Today – have to watch what we say. Many have to hide behind aliases or watch fellow officers be attacked in the media because departmental policies prevent us from having a public voice.

Today, that changes. Right here, the battle begins.

We have appointed a National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. And we’ve carefully selected someone to serve as our voice . . . who is NOT bound by any department policies and procedures.

That’s because the person we chose is an adamant supporter of the men and women in blue . . . but not a police officer himself. He’s the Chief Executive Officer of a national marketing agency which, is in the middle of a campaign to donate one million dollars in services to first responders and veterans. He’s a former journalist and regularly appears in the media. His name is Kyle S. Reyes and he’s also the creator of The Whiskey Patriots and Behind the Uniforms.

And he’s the man who, with the guidance of law enforcement leadership, can help be a blue beacon of light, reported New Boston Post.

Ladies and gentlemen – today, law enforcement is uncuffed. Right here, we have an opportunity to begin to counter the false stories and negative media coverage we receive because of our silence and perceived guilt.

But this is just the beginning. We’ve created a strategic partnership with some of the largest law enforcement support groups on social media, giving us a reach of more than 100 million people per month. This partnership is comprised of not just Law Enforcement Today, but also Law Enforcement Daily, Law Enforcement For Life, LEO Life, Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve, Police Beat, The Rural Badge, Blue Line Alpha, Inside The Fire: A Page For First Responders, Brothers in Uniform, Back the Badge, The Spirit Behind Badge 145, and a number of others.

That’s not all. We plan on expanding our platform shortly and giving a greater – and protected – voice to those of you in law enforcement who have stories to share but need to protect your identity—a home to supporters who want to send messages of love and encouragement to those who hold the thin blue line. And a community for LEO’s and veterans who have started businesses and support non-profits with those businesses . . . but need a place to tell the world.

It doesn’t end there. We are putting together a focus group of retired LEO’s and a cross-section of experts to offer critical guidance to the mainstream media about the issues that impact policing in America and to help craft standpoints and messaging for our National Spokesperson for media appearances.

Brothers and sisters, each of you has a new voice. Our departments have a powerful friend and an even more powerful platform with which to declare we are here to hold the Thin Blue Line… and we are done being silent.

Moreover, we are excited about the rapid growth of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show. With thanks to our fantastic guests as well as listeners tuning in, we have future plans for expanding into terrestrial radio stations across the country. Indeed these are exciting times for us, and we hope that you’ll join the party.

I have one simple request – please, SHARE this announcement with EVERY member of law enforcement and every supporter you know. It’s time to RISE UP!

The battle begins right here and right now!

Robert Greenberg, CEO, Law Enforcement Today