Mainstream media silence: Antifa terrorist brings bomb to Florida Oath Keepers’ rally


PETERSBURG, FL – An Antifa terrorist with homemade explosive devices was arrested early Friday near a Tampa Bay area Oath Keepers’ rally in support of a man being held in connection with last year’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, and mainstream media turned its head.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office announced that a 22-year-old Oldsmar man was arrested early Friday morning after being found with a homemade explosive device near the site of the anniversary rally for Jan. 6.

Garrett James Smith was arrested on charges of making and possessing a destructive device and loitering. He has been jailed on $300,000 bond.

On Thursday, Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri announced at a press conference that Smith had been arrested after bringing the explosive device to a protest outside the county courthouse in Largo.

More explosives found at suspect's house - Screenshot courtesy of Andy Ngo on YouTube
More explosives found at suspect’s house – Screenshot courtesy of Andy Ngo on YouTube

The protest was organized to oppose the detention of Jeremy Brown, a retired special forces U.S. Army officer who served 20 years in the military. He was arrested in late September on charges of entering restricted grounds and possession of unregistered firearms during the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Gualtieri said that Smith was wearing a face covering and dressed in all black at the time of his arrest. The typical uniform of Antifa.

He was observed running away from the protest carrying a black backpack, and deputies captured him at 44th Ave North just west of 46th Street North in Clearwater.

Mainstream media silence: Antifa terrorist brings bomb to Florida Oath Keepers' rally

Smith was arrested for loitering and prowling. When officers searched his backpack, they found an explosive device.

Sheriff’s deputies also found a piece of paper titled “direct action checklist,” where Smith made a list of clothing, armor, and gear to bring, including listed items such as a helmet and shaded goggles, a gas mask, duct tape and flammable rags.

Police searched the area and found no other explosives in the area.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and FBI Tampa’s bomb technician confirmed it was an active explosive device, and K9s and heat-sensing helicopters were brought into search the area after protesters were cleared from the site.

A search warrant was executed on Smith’s residence, where police recovered additional explosive devices, according to the Sheriff. Federal agents who searched Brown’s home found a sawed-off shotgun, short-barrel rifle, hand grenades and more than 8,000 rounds of ammunition.

During the press conference, Gualtieri characterized Smith as a “sleeper.”

“Smith is what we call a sleeper, and these are the most concerning individuals because there are no opportunities to intervene and thwart their criminal activity before they actually act.”

The suspect did not place or detonate any explosives, and Gualtieri said Smith was cooperating with investigators.

The arrest papers filed by the police included a notation under the “aggravating/mitigating” section stating “Antifa” and a request for high bail.

Remarkably, the mainstream media has ignored the arrest and few reports of the domestic terrorism incident could be found in the media outlets. Searchs of the mainstream media sites, including CNN and MSNBC, found no mention of the incident.

J.D. Rucjer, writer for The Liberty Daily, called out the hypocrisy of the media ignoring the domestic terrorism story:

“Mainstream media is funny. They no longer attempt to hide their bias. As news unfolds, they turn the knobs of their ‘suppress’ and ‘amplify’ controls used to determine which ‘truths’ they’re going to distort on any given day…

“Imagine if a Proud Boy came to a Black Lives Matter rally with an explosive in his backpack. Imagine if the police chased him down and arrested him for it. Would that make the news? Of course.

In fact, it would be the hottest topic on every news channel as they roll in experts to decry how right-wing domestic terrorists driven by the MAGA movement, Donald Trump. Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are to blame for all of our nation’s troubles.”

Rucjer pointed out that even the media that did cover the story, like local news outlet Tampa Bay Times, spent more time attacking the rally than the Antifa terrorist.

He also decried the failure of the media to identify Smith as an Antifa terrorist, despite unmistakable evidence:

“From here, the ‘journalist’ chose to spend the next five paragraphs lambasting the rally, highlighting Brown’s alleged crimes, and pointing out how the Oath Keepers are a ‘far-right … extremist group.’

This is important because there are no similar descriptions of Antifa when they finally mention them several paragraphs later.

“But perhaps the most infuriating part of this ‘news’ coverage is that they go out of their way to not acknowledge Smith is an Antifa thug despite listing several pieces of evidence that should have made it clear.”

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Mainstream news media ignores that suspect in vicious rape was an illegal immigrant

October 23, 2021

PHILADELPHIA, PA – News broke regarding an incident that occurred on a busy train of a man who viciously raped a woman all while people watched…and recorded the incident until a transit police officer came to her rescue.

This news was reported throughout various media stations, and although the main part of the story was similar regardless of where you watch your news, one part was not.

That’s the fact that the suspect was an illegal alien.

There is nothing new with mainstream media stations ignoring certain aspects of a story, or an entire story altogether if it does not meet their goals.

Many examples of this are not difficult to find, for instance, any time there is a person who is lawfully armed and stops someone intent on killing someone else, the story is never reported on.

The same is true when the suspect involved in a heinous act is an illegal alien.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on this case on October 19th

After discussing the despicable people who watched and did nothing to intervene as a woman was being raped, he turned his attention to the little-known fact that the mainstream media ignored, the man should have never been in the country. Carlson said:

“We can tell you tonight, the 35-year-old Congolese who apparently raped this woman – his name is Fiston Ngoy – has a criminal record and shouldn’t have been here in the first place.  He overstayed a student visa and should have been deported.  This should never have happened.

“This particular man first came to the United States in 2012. He was on a student visa.

Now, that visa ended in 2015 because he was no longer a student. Court records show that Ngoy racked up, quote, “multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions,” one for controlled substances and one for sexual abuse. 

Okay, so here’s someone in the country illegally, who’s convicted of sexual abuse and drugs, but he’s still here? So why aren’t the people who allowed him to remain here in jail themselves? They certainly should be.”

Why the mainstream media chooses not to report on information like this is not known for sure.

However, it does not take a rocket scientist to consider that one of the main talking points for democratic leadership is illegal immigration, or as they like to call it, undocumented immigrants.

The problem with the politically correct term of undocumented immigrants is this – there is a major difference between those who are immigrating into a country as opposed to those coming into the country illegally.

When it comes to immigration, the immigrant wants to assimilate into the country of their choosing. 

They also take all of the steps necessary by the laws of the land to ensure that they will be accepted into the system as a citizen of that country.

When it comes to those that are entering into the country illegally, some, not all, have no intention of becoming an American nor assimilating.  If they did, they would take steps that everyone else has that wanted to, work as hard as possible to become an American citizen.

In this case, for the mainstream media to report on the facts of this case in their entirety, that there was a reported rape, that bystanders did nothing to prevent or stop the act from occurring, and that the suspect was an illegal alien, might cause some of their party to begin to question their acceptance of those who come here illegally. 

Some might even begin to think how they would feel should a family member be victimized in some manner by a person who, if the laws were followed, would never have been in the country to commit the alleged crime.

So, as one of the main democratic talking points is the acceptance of illegal aliens, sorry, undocumented immigrants, to report on anything that would detract from that would be unwise.   




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