Mainstream media all but ignores Las Vegas power station attack – is it because it doesn’t fit their narrative?


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LAS VEGAS, NV- What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Of course, this doesn’t mean that news of national importance which effects national security stays in Vegas, but here we are. Such is the case of a recent act of terrorism that has flown under the radar.

Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the vulnerability of our country’s electrical grid, a point which has been driven home by recent events in Washington state and other locations, where power substations were vandalized, leading to significant power outages. All of these incidents were widely reported by the mainstream media.

However, a recent similar attack on a power station in Las Vegas has been widely ignored by the mainstream media, according to ZeroHedge. The reason? We are only speculating but given the push by the Biden administration to push “domestic right-wing extremism,” the attack in Las Vegas doesn’t fit the narrative.

Here is what we know. On Christmas Day in Washington, two men used firearms to attack an electrical substation in that state, leaving thousands of people without electricity. The national media instantly blamed the attack on “right-wing” extremists, because as we all know, most radical environmentalists come from the right side of the political spectrum, right?

Earlier in December, there was a gunfire attack on two electrical substations in North Carolina, which left tens of thousands of residents and businesses without power in what authorities called (clearly) an intentional, criminal attack. The attack caused “millions of dollars” in damage to the substations, a North Carolina sheriff said at the time.

Meanwhile last week in Las Vegas, a man named Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, drove his car through the gates at a solar power generation plant outside Sin City and set his car on fire, intending to damage a massive transformer, reported 8 News Now.

The solar array, owned by MGM Resorts, serves as the main source of solar power for MGM’s thirteen properties located on the Las Vegas Strip. Those properties include the MGM Grand, Luxor, New York, New York, and Excalibur, among many others. In other words, some of the most iconic resorts in the city, The Street reported.

Mesmarian’s attack on the solar plant could disable the facility for up to two years, reported.

“Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, faces terror charges for setting a fire inside one of the plant’s transformer pits earlier this week. Police said it could put the facility out of commission for up to two years,” the outlet wrote.

Mesmarian is charged with committing an act of terrorism, arson, destroying or injuring real or personal property of another, and escape by a felony prisoner.

“Employees at the plant said they found a car smoldering in a generator pit,” 8 News Now reported, while adding that the facility provides power to the 13 properties owned by MGM Resorts.

The outlet reported that it is believed the suspect “siphoned gasoline from his car to put on wires at the transformer,” citing information contained in law enforcement documents.

“Mesmarian clarified he burned the Toyota Camry. Mesmarian said he burned the vehicle at a Tesla solar plant and did it ‘for the future.’”

Yup, sure sounds like a “right wing extremist” to us.

A spokesperson for Invenergy, which owns the plant issued the following statement:

“Following an incident at the Mega Solar Array facility, on-site personnel immediately notified authorities and shut down the plant’s operations as a precaution in accordance with industry-standard safety protocols,” the spokesperson said.

With the exception of the Daily Mail, the national press has been missing in action in reporting on the terrorist attack on the Las Vegas power station, with reporting relegated to local Las Vegas sources.

Why is that? Could it possibly be that in the case of the Las Vegas power station attack, the suspect doesn’t fit the demographic of what the Department of Justice and the Biden administration are calling the “greatest terrorist threat” we face, that of “right wing” domestic extremists?

The silence of the national media in this case is deafening.

For our previous reporting on the threat to the U.S. electrical grid, it may be found here. And here.

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