“Mailing ballots to non-citizens is ‘definition of voter fraud’ – Rep. Steve Scalise


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats appear to be trying to fundamentally change how elections are conducted in the United States, and many would say not in a good way.

One of those who is concerned about the Democrats’ plans is House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), who warns that the automated bailing of ballots “is the definition of voter fraud.”

Scalise was criticizing one of several Democratic proposals, buried in the behemoth $3 trillion “HEROES Act”, a so-called pandemic relief bill which actually gives the appearance of helping the American people, but in fact has a lot of Democratic wish-list goodies hidden within.

Scalise, speaking on the Sirius XM program Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, noted that automated mailing of ballots based on inaccurate voter rolls would lead to widespread problems that could affect the ultimate result of an election.


Marlow was speaking to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to change the nation’s voting laws, all under the guise of “public health” during the current coronavirus pandemic.

One thing she has already implemented is the use of “proxy voting,” whereby it would only take 22 members of Congress to pass legislation. The process allows a member to cast votes for as many as ten other members.

Besides the vote-by-mail scheme, Pelosi and House Democrats are also proposing a process called “ballot harvesting,” which is outlawed in most of the country currently, but which was widely credited with the Democrats’ ability to flip seven house seats in California in the 2018 mid-terms.

“I want to connect some dots here, because Pelosi does not want the House to come back and be able to vote. She wants to have these proxy votes. I think this is all setting up the vote-by-mail narrative, or as we call it, ‘cheat-by-mail.’”

Marlow went on saying that the goal of Democrats was to send ballots to everyone whether they were legally allowed to vote or not.

“Democrats are going to use it to win this election and maybe future elections,” he added.

With states opening across the country after their initial bout with pandemic paranoia, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Pelosi to justify her schemes, Marlow said.

Proxy voting and remote voting when the country is opening back up seems to be counterproductive.

“You’re seeing some Democrats in Washington that are trying to take advantage of a crisis,” Scalise said. “We’ve heard that before. We’ve seen their playbook and they’re trying to do it here.”

The push for remote voting is coming from all corners of the left, including Democrats, mainstream media and of course, Hollywood elites.

They seek to implement the vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting schemes in the interests of “public health” to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

According to Scalise, the voting reform proposals being floated by the Democrats “literally would be federalizing elections, while highlighting the fact that Democrats have opposed voter ID laws, which he claims undermines election integrity.

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Democrats have been claiming that mail-in voting is already allowed, but that is intellectually dishonest. Absentee ballots are permitted, but only under specific circumstances.

“We all want to be fighting for the right for every single American who’s legally allowed to vote to be able to vote once [per election],” Scalise said.

“Everybody ought to have that legal right, and I’ll fight for that for anybody.”

He continued:

“If somebody who’s illegally registered to vote is casting a vote, that means they’re stealing your vote. They’re stealing the vote of people who are legally registered.”

Scalise also issued a warning: “To say we’re going to automatically mail ballots to people who we know are on the rolls fraudulently, that is the definition of voter fraud, and it’s  taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens, and it shouldn’t be allowed to go forward.”

In conclusion, Scalise said:

“States like California shouldn’t be the model for how to vote, when you saw—three weeks after election day two years ago—the person who won on election night is not the person being sworn in to Congress, because they were counting voters three and a half weeks after an election until they got the result they wanted.

That happens in third world nations, but it shouldn’t be happening here in America.”

For further proof, Breitbart reported that election officials in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania admitted that duplicate ballots had been sent to registered voters, while saying that he did not know how many were sent, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In a conference call with reporters, Dave Voye, who manages the division that’s had to process a massive influx of vote-by-mail applications and ballots as voters look for an alternative to in-person voting amid COVID-19, said the department started to notice there was a problem with duplicate ballots at the end of April [emphasis added].

Several voters told the Post-Gazette this month that they had applied for a mail-in or absentee ballot and received more than one in the mail. The county released a statement on the issue Thursday, and said it was the result of a bug in the state’s voter registration system. [emphasis added].

According to Allegheny County officials, they say that the problem has been rectified and that the duplicate ballots which are marked as such won’t be counted in the primary election scheduled for June 2 in Pennsylvania.

This issue came up at around the same time that officials in the county reached a settlement with the Public Interest Legal Foundation to clean up its voter rolls, which according to reports included 1,600 dead people, close to 7,500 voter registrations that were flagged as duplicates, 1,523 voters who claim to be 100-years-old and over, and 1,178 registered voters who are missing dates of birth.

There is still a pending lawsuit against the Keystone State by Judicial Watch, which alleges that the state has more than 800,000 inactive voters on its voter rolls.

This comes about as Twitter flagged a post by President Trump which claimed that vote-by-mail was subject to fraud. They may want to think about unflagging that post.

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