It’s time we “MAGA types” embrace the “fact” that we are apparently white supremacists, because Rolling Stone says so.


In two recent articles, one a lengthy interview written by Rolling Stone, the other an editorial by the website Bossip, Steph Curry and the two writers spent large amounts of time discussing why Donald J. Trump sucks and just how horribly racist that white America First MAGA Republicans truly are.

Both articles served to remind me of just how little I normally care about the opinions of entertainers and athletes. But something resonated for me on this one.

See, Curry has been very outspoken about his faith in Christ. I, for one, cannot pretend to know his heart and his relationship with God. But what I can do is judge his actions. The claims about his faith are not matched by the arrogance he displays on the court or by the words that come out of his mouth in these articles.

The article writers made no bones about their feelings regarding Trump and the people on the right who support the mindset and policies that he laid out during his time in office.

And while Curry was not nearly as blunt, he was not far behind them in his hatred for all things MAGA.

“Take Trump seriously? Of course.” Most of his rhetoric—before he was president, during his last four years, and even now, if he tries to run again—has a tone of divisiveness that doesn’t have a place in our country.

As serious and as loud as the threat is of him or whoever else is running for office, there’s a similar urgency and a loudness that’s necessary on the other side.”

What many people will miss as they focus on the shot across Trump’s bow is that he believes that the threat from conservativism to this nation is real. Read it again.

“As serious and as loud as the threat is of him or whoever else is running for office…”

Did you catch it that time?

His disdain for Trump is so completely obvious. After Under Armor founder Kevin Plank called the newly elected president (Trump) a real asset to this nation, Curry said that he agreed with that assessment, as long as you remove the “et” from asset.

It was at that moment that Curry sat down with Plank in a “come-to-Jesus” meeting. He told Rolling Stone that he told Plank that some things need to change, or else.

In essence, Curry told his sponsor that because the owner of the company endorsed Trump, he was leaving for the competition, unless they started doing things his way.

But why would we be surprised at his apparent lack of respect for positions of authority?

According to the Stone piece, Curry’s parents, Dell and Sonya had to have the talk with Steph.

“Dell says he and Sonya gave Stephen ‘the talk’ about how to put up with the cops.”

Read that again.

“,,,how to put up with cops.”

Not how to treat them with respect. Not how to interact with decency.

Nope. The Curry family taught their kids how to put up with them.

Man arrested for breaking into the home of ex-girlfriend, desecrating the remains of her child - claims he was "blacked out"

But I digress.

Zack Linley, writing for Bossip said:

“I meeeeean [sic], I personally think ‘divisiveness’ is kind of a weightless platitude because America has always been divided a dozen different ways and has certainly always been divided between people who want to see a new, white supremacy-less America and, well, MAGA types.”

See, if you are an America First, anthem singing, flag waving, Constitution following patriot…you are the problem in this country…and YOU are the threat to democracy itself.

Want closed borders? MAGA white supremacist.

Believe in capitalism over socialism? MAGA white supremacist.

Fan of free speech and the 2nd Amendment? MAGA white supremacist.

Tired of listening to millionaire and billionaire athletes run their mouths about how oppressed they are?

Then you are absolutely a MAGA white supremacist.

The arbiters of all things moral at Bossip have declared it so.

Not to be outdone by Linley, Rolling Stone writer Matt Sullivan wrote:

“Curry’s rise has interlaced directly with historic racism, bigotry, and political chaos — with American protest and athlete activism not seen since the Sixties. And yet Curry has remained a reluctant culture warrior.

He analyzes political issues like an opponent’s defense, studying ‘where the loopholes are, where the missteps are,’ maneuvering to say less and, as Obama taught him, do more.”

Yup…he actually said that Steph Curry is growing up in a day and age where racism is worse than when slavery was legal.

So, let’s recap. Trump policies created the lowest unemployment for the black community in US history, spent more money funding Historically Black Colleges and Universities than his predecessor, the first black US President, Barrack Obama, and energized a large number of supporters that happen to be people of color.

But yep, Trump and his followers are the ones to watch out for.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is telling black people that they aren’t actually black if they can’t figure out that they need to vote for him.

Yes, we need to vote for that guy after he tells us that poor kids are just as smart as white kids, and that black people need help using a computer.

He referred to Curry’s BFF Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

Remember when he said:

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

This is the man who eulogized the late Robert Byrd, a former Exalted Cyclops in the KKK, as his mentor, saying that the Senate was a lesser place for his passing.

We could go on and on with examples of just exactly how racist President Joe Biden appears to be.

But let’s look at what Curry has to say about it.

“As serious and as loud as the threat is of him [Trump] or whoever else is running for office,” he continued, “there’s a similar urgency and a loudness that’s necessary on the other side.”

Well said Steph, and congratulations. You got what you asked for.

The man leading our nation, even if only on paper, is definitely created a sense of urgency through the loudness of the asinine utterance coming out of his mouth.

But your one sentence in this interview has summed it up. The “other side” has propped up what appears to be a medical school cadaver to lead this nation, creating a tidal wave of threats that are causing this nation to balance on the precipice of implosion.

You better thank God that all these MAGA types don’t give two rat’s asses what you think about them, because their fight to save the integrity, values and way of life will continue to be what guarantees your ability to make hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game while running your mouth about how hard your life is.

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