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Donald Trump’s election has put a spotlight on restoring the manufacturing base in the USA. During the last 20 years, many police departments have changed from domestically produced uniforms to products that are produced outside of the country-mostly in Asia and Central America. Often, the decision to change was driven by availability and price. Many manufacturers have reduced or eliminated their offering of made in USA uniforms. The remaining domestically manufactured uniforms tend to cost more.

However, many uniform programs are still made in the USA. The “Berry Amendment” requires that the uniforms worn by the armed forces be made in the USA. Only limited exceptions are permitted. Similarly, the United States Postal Service only accepts domestically produced shirts, pants, outerwear and footwear for its employees who process and deliver the mail. These two large programs have helped sustained apparel and textile manufacturing in the USA.

Law enforcement uniform manufacturers with American production facilities include large firms such as Elbeco, Fechheimer (Flying Cross), Leventhal and smaller custom manufacturers such as Olympic Uniforms. Galls has a custom division in Seattle where it produces high-end jumpsuits worn by officers in that region. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. It is likely there are other firms with USA production facilities to service the needs of law enforcement officers.

We want to hear from you. Tell us if it is important that you wear made in USA uniforms. If the feedback is positive, we will survey all uniform manufacturers and create a listing of American made uniforms that are currently available. It is likely manufacturers will broaden their offering of American made products if customers demand it.

– Roger Heldman, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Uniform Industry Veteran

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