COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A man claiming to be the “spokesman” of a jogger dubbed the “Mad Pooper” has offered a strange defense for the public defecation. Consequently, he says the woman, who is accused of defecating in residential yards, public parks, and shopping centers, is struggling after gender reassignment surgery, reported Fox News. The “spokesman” also says the woman who cannot “hold it” battles a traumatic brain injury.

Hence, the unidentified man made the comments in a YouTube video that has since been removed, KRDO reported. So how should the latest news be categorized? It has been reported by several news outlets, but the authenticity appears to be uncorroborated.


A Colorado Springs family spent weeks trying to get the mystery woman identified. They dubbed her “The Mad Pooper” and hoped she’d stop defecating in their neighborhood, right outside their house, reported

Cathy Budde says her kids caught her first mid-squat, pants down and unashamed.

“They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside, and I’m like … ‘are you serious?’” Budde recalled. “‘Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry!’”

Yet the family says it was not a single incident that could be explained away as an emergency. Budde estimates the runner leaves behind human waste at least once a week. Moreover, she says “The Mad Pooper” has been at it for the last seven weeks.

As a result of the public nuisance, the Colorado Springs Police Department is involved. And they are just as baffled by the caper.

“It’s abnormal, it’s not something I’ve seen in my career,” Sgt. Jonathan Sharketti said. “For someone to repeatedly do such a thing … it’s uncharted territory for me.”

Budde family members say one of the worst parts is they can’t figure out the woman’s motives.

“There’s plenty of public restrooms less than a block away from where she’s targeting. This is intentional.”

‘Shirley’ and Her Public Defecation Problem

If the source is legitimate, than perhaps this will begin to answer some questions.

The “spokesman” said he was speaking on the behalf of Colorado Springs jogger “Shirley” and said she is sorry for her actions. The man also said “Shirley” can no longer control herself after undergoing the reassignment surgery.

Colorado Springs

Say What?

Moreover, he added the jogger’s actions are protected under the First Amendment. He claimed the government couldn’t control when and where she decides to do her business. However, criminal defense attorney Jeremy Loew blasted this claim.

“Defecating in someone’s yard is definitely not protected under the First Amendment and it is actually a crime,” Loew told KRDO. “This is actually the worst thing the family could do. Maybe they thought the videos would make the situation go away, but they won’t. People all over the world are talking about this, and police will catch her. The man in the video will also have to be called into court to testify.”

Charmin Offers to Clean Up

Charmin, the maker of toilet paper, decided to get in on the action. In perhaps a stealth-marketing ploy, they’ve offered the woman a year’s supply of toilet to help her with the “runs.”

Finally, stay tuned. We are certain we have not heard the last of the “Mad Pooper.”

(Photo: Screenshot KKTV broadcast/Charmin Twitter)