MA ordered 3 million masks. When they came in, they were confiscated in New York. So the Patriots came to the rescue.


BOSTON, MA.- Well, Elizabeth Warren managed to crawl out from underneath the rock she’s been hiding under since she was booted from the presidential campaign to complain about the lack of medical supplies for Massachusetts.

Lizzy (can’t call her Pocahontas because it triggers some of our readers) is trying to get answers on why two recent orders Massachusetts placed for protective equipment was seized. She is claiming that it appears the federal government is interfering with the state’s ability to track down medical supplies amid the pandemic.

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren

In a five-page letter Monday, Warren queried Peter Gaynor, Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator to explain how FEMA is ensuring that states are not outbid for supplies by the federal government, saying this was a “new and inexplicable obstacle.”

Governor Charlie Baker, when he wasn’t busy stomping on the Second Amendment said that the state had ordered 3 million masks through BJ’s that were confiscated in the Port of New York. Baker did not say which agency had confiscated the masks in New York.

That led Baker to hatch a plan to purchase over 1 million masks through a complex international plan which ended up involving an array of cooperative assets, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Ambassador Huang Ping, Dr. Jason Li, Gene Hartigan and the state’s COVID-19 Command Center.

The masks were purchased in China (are we sure we should be doing that?) and were flown back Thursday on a Boeing 767 aircraft owned by the New England Patriots. After the masks arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport, they were brought to a stockpile in Marlborough by the Massachusetts National Guard.

“Our administration will keep pursuing the PPE necessary to support our brave front-line workers who are working tirelessly to save lives during this pandemic,” Baker said.

Back to Warren, in her letter to Gaynor, she addressed two instances in which Massachusetts lost out on orders for ventilators and hundreds of respirators when the federal government stepped in. Marylou Sudders, the state’s health and human services secretary said, “They take what we order.”

According to Sudders, the Trump administration (take that with a grain of salt because according to liberals everything is Trump’s fault) impounded a third order of 3 million masks the state had negotiated to buy earlier in March.

“Massachusetts state officials are continuing to face federal impediments as they scramble to find essential medial equipment to respond to a public health emergency,” Warren wrote in her letter. “This is unacceptable, and I request answers on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Warren wants Gaynor to explain why the feds seized the two orders from Massachusetts, and where the supplies ultimately went, in addition to numerous other questions in the letter.

Baker has vented about the roadblocks the state has faced in tracking down personal protective equipment, including respirators, gloves and masks. Baker told the president in a call on March 19 that the state had been outbid by the federal government on three separate occasions.

MA ordered 3 million masks.  When they came in, they were confiscated in New York.  So the Patriots came to the rescue.
Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker pic YouTube screenclip

“I’ve got a feeling that if somebody has a chance to sell to you or to me,” Baker told the president, “I’m going to lose every one of those.”

Lizzie criticized the Trump administration (shocker) for cutting Massachusetts short on the medical supplies it has requested from the Strategic National Stockpile. She said it was her understanding that the state will also be subject to cost-sharing requirements if it seeks more supplies after receiving a large shipment over the weekend. This was the state’s third delivery from the stockpile.

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“Our nation’s health care system badly needs more resources to test, diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients,” Warren wrote. “But President Trump has failed to us at all, key procurement and allocation authorities available to the federal government—creating a logistical black hole in the federal COVID-19 response that has left states struggling to find key medical supplies on their own.”

Not for nothing Liz, but if the states weren’t worried about things like subsidizing illegal aliens, sanctuary policies, abortion for whoever wants it, and trying to screw over law enforcement and actually planned ahead for things such as this, you wouldn’t be scrambling now.

Look, the bottom line is the federal government AND the individual states have dropped the ball on this for years. States have kicked emergency preparedness to the curb in favor of virtue signaling initiatives that took everyone’s eyes off the ball.

Not to mention an impeachment hoax which had Democrats obsessed with getting President Trump since last fall, while this pandemic was building in China, and then into the winter months. While Adam Schiff was in the Senate acting as lead prosecutor for an impeachment that was going nowhere, the virus was making its way into the United States.

Now we have governors and other public officials trying to shut the barn door after the horses get out. Did you hear any Democratic candidate during the debates, including Elizabeth Warren saying anything about the coronavirus? If so, it was a passing reference. There was no sense of urgency from anyone running for president.

Could President Trump have done more? Perhaps, but every move he made at the beginning was deemed racist, xenophobic, you name it. Now all of those people look pretty damned stupid.

Let’s go back to Massachusetts for a moment. In 2006, public health officials as part of the 2006 Flu Pandemic Preparedness Plan projected as many as 2 million people could potentially become ill, according to NBC10 Boston.

The officials predicted that up to 1 million people in the state would need to be treated on an outpatient basis, with over 80,000 who would need to be confined to a hospital, based on models by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The report further predicted that the hospital system would be overrun with patients, and up to 20,000 would die. A preparedness plan was put in place, with hospitals negotiating agreements to host “alternative care sites” in other large facilities such as high schools.

So fourteen years ago, public health officials in Massachusetts had a “plan” that projected what is currently happening. But it is the federal government’s fault that Massachusetts has gotten caught with its pants down?

Lest anyone think that Massachusetts is the only state where such a plan was prepared, think again. This exercise was likely repeated throughout the country in state after state.

This is not to downplay what we are currently going through in any way whatsoever. The point is that after the bird flu in 2006 and the swine flu in 2009, there was absolutely no excuses for states being ill-prepared. Their priorities were just in the wrong place.

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