The ACLU Lies About Conservatives And Portland Police In Statement About Rally On June 4th

Who Is Going To Sue Them For Defamation?

Mat dos Santos, Legal Director for the ACLU, published a press release on the events that occurred on June 4th in Portland Oregon. Knowing full well that the ACLU hates the right, this shouldn’t be a surprise to most people. But, to actually flat out lie and defame others? That should never be allowed to stand. Within this article, I will be taking the press release apart and correcting the record. This much defamation about Portland Police actions on June 4th cannot go unanswered.

It is important to give the ACLU a little bit of credit however. They did release a press release condemning the mayor for attempting to stop free speech. Granted, it was a backhanded condemnation. They just had to use their fairytale language of “Hate Speech” when talking about the event.

The Statement


by Mat dos Santos, Legal Director

June 6, 2017 – On Sunday, thousands of people peacefully assembled in downtown Portland to express themselves, just as the First Amendment envisions. A planned alt-right rally, the timing of which was awful and lacked respect for the city’s grief over the murders on the MAX the previous week, drew many more counter-protesters than attendees. The tremendous outpouring of support from numerous immigrant rights groups, organized labor, faith based movements, and other anti-racists showed the alt-right demonstrators that, while they have a constitutional right to speak, their message of white supremacy is unwelcome by the people of Portland.

This is the power of the First Amendment. When we organize and collectively raise our voices, we can reject the messages of hate and intolerance that permeate our communities.

Notice how Santos mentions the “Awful Timing” of the “Alt-Right” rally. If the timing was so offensive to you, did you also convey those same feelings to the Alt-Left rallies that were scheduled on Saturday (the day before) and on Sunday? No! No you did not! Nor did the mayor when he said the same lame excuses in his attempt to silence a view that differs from your own hateful outlook on life and the world today.

(Watch! Portland Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler Holds Press Conference Condemning Pro Trump Rally)

Also notice how he talks about white supremacy and how the counter protesters had support from all these people? PLEASE! Feel free to watch the video below and point out any hate speech you hear. I would love to have an opportunity to ask Santos to give me some direct quotes from the rally that came even close to hate speech or white supremacy.

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