LVMPD Body Cam Footage of Recent Shooting


LVMPD Body Cam Footage of Recent Shooting

Pulling over a motorist can result in a simple citation or a raging gun battle. Police officers need to be prepared for either one. Moreover, a simple detention of a suspicious person can go south, as you will see from the video included in this article.

Proactive enforcement is part of police work, and the patrol stop is a staple to that end. But with a traffic stops or checking on a suspicious person comes the potential for an ambush. Sudden attacks happen at any time and through many different means.

Motorists have placed their cars in reverse and hit the gas in efforts to deploy the airbags in an officer’s car; other officers have been fired upon as soon as they lit up a car, approached on foot, or attempted to effect an arrest.

A few days ago Law Enforcement Today published an article titled, LVMPD CONTROLS NARRATIVE AFTER OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTINGS. The shooting captured in the LVMPD body cam footage featured in this piece, occurred the day before the article was published. Our purpose was to demonstrate the fantastic job done by LVMPD in getting out in front of the public hysteria following an OIS.

The YouTube videos produced by LVMPD regarding a prior shooting, and this shooting, are included in the article.

In this incident, OIS #15, two of their officers approached a truck. They had prior knowledge that a victim of a vehicle burglary two days prior had tracked his cell phone to the truck in question. Their investigation subsequently led to the shooting on Tuesday, Aug. 1.

However, the body cam footage of the shooting was just released. You can see it below:

This is the view from a bystander:

LET has published this information for officers to review in-house and off-line. Please do not use this forum to pound your chest regarding officer tactics. In every OIS there are tactics performed well, and areas for improvement. Yet the only two LEOs present during this encounter work for LVMPD, and we’re happy they survived.

We are grateful LVMPD shares details of their OISs in such a public format, but let’s allow them to debrief their incident. They don’t need readers (regardless of expertise) making critical comments online. They have plenty of in-house experts.


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