Loyd’s Allies Arrested During Search for Fugitive


ORLANDO, Fla. – As the bounty for information leading to the arrest of accused killer, Markeith Loyd, was increased to $100,000 Tuesday, the police have made arrests for people believed to have assisted him evade authorities.

Zarghee Mayan, a 33-year-old former coworker of Loyd’s at a fried chicken restaurant, was arrested later that night and is accused of aiding the fugitive with food, transportation, and money after the murder of Loyd’s girlfriend, Sade Dixon.

He reportedly told investigators that Loyd threatened to kill him and made him drive the armed suspect to his ex-wife’s house, where no one answered the door, according to an arrest report seen by the Orlando Sentinel.

Mayan, who admitted giving $200 to Loyd through his niece, said that the last time he saw Loyd was Saturday, two days before the killing of Orlando Police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton, and that his friend had a gun and was wearing body armor. Shortly after Clayton was murdered, Deputy First Class Norman Lewis was killed in a fatal collision as the the manhunt commenced.

The niece, 27-year-old Lakensha Smith-Loyd was arrested Wednesday for collecting the money. Her arrest affidavit said that she originally cooperated with investigators after the Dixon murder, but then stopped, reported Daily News.

Jameis Slaughter was also arrested Wednesday. He is accused of being an accessory after the fact, but his relation and assistance to Loyd was not immediately disclosed.

Daily News reported about a video from November that surfaced showing Loyd’s soon-to-be-murdered girlfriend joking at a traffic stop.

“Go ahead and kill him, babe, so we can get home faster,” Sade Dixon playfully told her boyfriend, referring to the officer who pulled them over, according to a Facebook Live video. It’s not clear why the officer stopped them.

Later, when Loyd started speeding, the 24-year-old again teased him.

“You not about to kill me and the baby!” she said in the video, first uncovered by the Orlando Sentinel. “I’m not going to live past 25. I’m not going to make it!”

About a month later, Dixon was murdered, and law enforcement authorities say Loyd is responsible for the fatal attack.

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