There is a television program called “Lottery Changed My Life.” The program centers on people who have struck it big by winning the lottery, and how it impacted their lives, usually in a negative way.

In Great Britain, a British lottery winner apparently used his lottery winnings to book female escorts, or if we want to get more blunt about it – hookers.



According to a story in the New York Post, on November 1, David Stokes, age 43 was confronted after his estranged wife found a secret phone belonging to Stokes, which showed notifications about booking escorts, along with internet searches about date rape drugs. You know, the kind of stuff found on “secret” phones.  

After he was confronted by his wife, Sally Stokes, she left their sons at home with Stokes while she met with his family to discuss her concerns with them. When she returned later on, he allegedly hit her with a rolling pin and tried to suffocate her with a pillow, all after he had reportedly killed their two sons, Matthew, 5 and Adam, 11.

Both children were found dead in bed, holding hands under a quilt. Their exact cause of death has not been determined.

During an inquest, Sally gave an account of what occurred at the family home in Leicestershire. After she had confronted him and left for a period of time, she returned to the home. Despite being separated for three months, the couple had tried to remain on good terms for the sake of the sons.

She said that Stokes had calmly asked her if she wanted a cup of tea, then proceeded to savagely attack her as she got changed upstairs.

“I felt him hit me over the back of the head,” she said. “I fell on the bed. He put a pillow over my head and tried to suffocate me. I wriggled and was screaming for Adam because I thought he was the only person who could help me.”

Lottery winner kills sons and himself after wife calls him out for hiring prostitutes

The decisions of this husband changed his family’s life forever.


“I ended up by the side of the bed. He was standing there with a rolling pin. He looked evil. I thought at that moment I was going to die,” she said.

Stokes told her that their sons were “safe” but that whoever had them would do them harm if he did not send coded text messages. He also forced her to put her engagement and wedding rings back on and tried to force her to put cable ties around her wrists and ankles.

“I refused. I went into survival mode. I knew if I did that I was going to die,” she continued. Sally says she was able to briefly escape by hitting Stokes with the rolling pin and tried to get through a rear patio door, but he caught her and slammed her head into a brick wall.

Sally tried gaining attention of neighbors by screaming and saying his name.

“I just hoped someone would hear and realize it was us,” she said. “He dragged me back into the house, he was saying ‘I can’t believe you hit me.’”

Fortunately for Sally, a neighbor heard her screams and notified police, who arrived shortly afterward.

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Lottery winner kills sons and himself after wife calls him out for hiring prostitutes


After he got her back inside, Stokes took her hostage, leading to a five-hour standoff with police. The siege ended when he stabbed his wife in the back, at which time she was able to flee to safety. Sally described him as looking “evil” as she described the incident to a court inquest.

“The look on his face was like satisfaction, as if he’d kind of won,” she said. I’ll never forget that.

When authorities breached the house, Stokes was found dead with a knife stuck in his chest.

A suicide note found at the scene allegedly written by Stokes said, “I love Adam and Matthew and we will all be together again soon.”


After they entered the home, police found the boys’ bodies in the bedroom. They were said to have been hold each other’s hands when authorities discovered them.

Their cause of death is currently listed as “unascertained,” the inquest was told.

He also left a note for his wife. “Sal, I’m so sorry for all the things I’ve done and hurt you…if you had left it we could have been happy forever,” he wrote.

Sally spent four days in the hospital with head injuries and a stab wound to her back, which caused internal bleeding and a punctured lung. She wasn’t told until the day after that both of her sons, as well as Stokes had died.

David Stokes had won the equivalent of over $50,000 in the lottery.

Sally said, “David won the lottery and then spent it himself. He bought a new car and had been doing shares with his brothers,” she said. “We talked about the lottery win, about getting married. But then he bought a new car without asking me. I remember asking how much we had left. He didn’t answer me. I wasn’t allowed to know about our finances.”


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