BOSTON – Did you ever imagine there would be so much controversy surrounding the National Anthem? There isn’t a day that passes without it being a topic of conversation on sports talk shows, ad nauseam.

What is even more confusing is that so many of those taking a knee claim it has nothing to do with the patriotic tune or disrespecting the flag, but perceived injustice and inequities in life.

Nevertheless, as we begin another season of football, and the nation’s eyes have been on who isn’t participating in the National Anthem, two Boston police officers have been raising their son to sing with pride during NFL games, reported

This is the tale of a Little Patriot, both as a football fan and citizen of our country.

Garrett, a son of two members of the Boston Police Department, knew every word of the anthem and belted them out with his hand over his heart.

Everyone around the little man couldn’t get enough of Garrett’s adorable singing. As the Little Patriot wrapped up the last few words of the song, he got a pat on the back and a “good job, bud.”

Little Patriot

Garrett, the Little Patriot, belts out the national anthem. (Boston Police Department Twitter)

American’s were raving about the performance online too.

Many saw Garrett’s rendition of the National Anthem as a refreshing change of pace from the negativity that surrounds the NFL and the anthem protests.

Refreshing indeed!