Little Man With a Big Heart

Oliver believes he is a real police officer. We discussed how police help people and he said, “Since I am a police officer then I need to help people.”

We came up with a plan of distributing flowers to nursing homes.

As a result, Oliver arrives at every nursing home in his police uniform and his police motorcycle. While he’s there, he gives each resident a rose, police ticket, and a HUG!

The police ticket he gives says, “STOP, You are in Violation of Being TOO Cute!” Moreover, he signs his name on each one.

I’ve heard many residents say this is the best thing that has happened to them in a long time!

Oliver also asks each resident if they would like a HUG! He loves it. After the last nursing home visit, he said, “I feel really good.”

We went to 12 nursing homes from June – August. We went to at least one per week, sometimes two or three. In the process Oliver passed out over 800 police tickets this summer!

We have another nursing home coming up in September that has 300 residents!

Although we do not have any law enforcement members in our family, Oliver seems certain he will become the first!

Last year the local police found out about his good deeds and presented him with an honorary badge.

One year ago he held a lemonade/donut stand for all the police officers in Kansas City. We had more than 100 officers attend.

During his birthday last month, the Leawood Police Department surprised him with a police ride to lunch and birthday cake at the station.

Oliver is just positive he will become a police officer one day!

– Brandi Davis, Oliver’s mother