Little kids set up hot chocolate stand to raise money for cop battling cancer


Brooklyn, Ohio-  It’s nice to be able to report on the heartwarming stories that happen across our great nation.

One such endeavor came from Brooklyn, Ohio earlier this month when two young boys thought to take time out of their day to make a refreshment stand (video below).

The proceeds generated are going to benefit a police officer from Cleveland who has been battling cancer for more tha two years.

While most children embark upon entrepreneurial quests of similar ilk to line their pockets for weekend spending, these young boys simply wanted to give back to an officer that has given so much and is facing trying times.

Josiah and Gideon Trank have always adored the role of police officers and other first responders within their community and state. So when they had caught wind that Cleveland police officer David Muniz was battling cancer, they decided that they would do whatever they could to help the officer who was fighting an uphill battle.

With the colder of the months making their presence known, the young duo decided to open a hot chocolate stand at the onset of November to help raise funds for Muniz’s medical expenses.

Considering that even with the best of insurance cancer treating drugs can range from the hundreds to thousands monthly, any amount that can help someone suffering is a blessing. The stand, which was located near 6800 Vandalia Avenue, opened at 11:00 a.m. and stayed open until sunset.

Gideon, one of the young boys posted at his stand for a cause, told a local television crew the following:

“I want him to know he is not alone, we are here, and we can help.”

A cup of hot chocolate was $1, but was free to police officers, firefighters and soldiers who happened upon the stand that day.

As evidenced by the signage located on their stands, hugs were free for anyone who so decided to pay the duo a visit. As of 3:30 p.m. on the day they had the stand open, the brothers had approximately 10 visitors.

While news crews were speaking with the children and their family, the sales were a tad on the slow side, as reported by the television station.

Josiah, being jubilant and optimistic stated:

“They will come, they won’t let the officer down.”

The boys have helped police officers in the past. This summer they sold lemonade to raise more than $5,000 for the family of Cleveland police Officer Vu Nguyen, who died in the line of duty in 2018.

In September, Brooklyn Mayor Katie Gallagher presented the boys and their friend, Matthew Bennett, with a certificate of recognition.

The boys’ mother, Machelle Trank, had told the news crew that day the following regarding their previous ventures in raising funds for their local heroes, and her boys tenacity to continue the great work:

“We have done lemonade stands in the past, but now it’s kinda cold so I told the boys we could wait, but they wanted to do it now and suggested selling hot drinks.”

The officer that the boys are raising funds is certainly deserving of recognition.

In 2015, officer Muniz was shot in his vest while trying to talk down an armed suspect during a standoff between police.

While his vest saved his life that, something wasn’t quite right when he was checked out by doctors following the shooting. When Muniz was examined, he was told by doctors that his lymph nodes ‘were just jumping off.’

What could have been brushed off as trauma related to the shooting, Muniz opted to get some more tests done. Muniz’s own doctor did scans which came back clear. So, the officer went back to his daily routine of work and exercise.

However, roughly a year after the shooting and the doctors pointing out issues with his lymph nodes, he realized something was clearly wrong.

While at the gym one day, he realized what was once an easy feat somehow became an enormous struggle, stating:

“I can’t be benching 275 one week, and I’m struggling at 135. And I’m just tearing down you know.”

When he went to the doctors to see what the issue was, a CAT scan came back with a disturbing find: Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Muniz has been dealing with this struggle since late 2017, and the fact that some of the youngest members of his community are doing what they can to help the officer is simply amazing.

These young men may be early in their years, but their gratitude speaks volumes of their humble maturity.

It’s not the first heartwarming story we’re bringing you this week.  In case you missed it… some brothers in blue stood in for a fallen officer on his daughter’s wedding day.

Detective Donnie Young of the Denver Police Department was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2005. His brothers in blue made sure to honor his memory when his little girl walked down the aisle on her wedding day this past month.

Screen Shot_ CBS Denver Officer Donnie Young
Screen Shot_ CBS Denver Officer Donnie Young


Kourtney Krietemeier married her husband Tanner in a beautiful ceremony which was attended not only by their close friends and family but also many of the officers that had once worked alongside her father at the Denver Police Department. The bride and groom had planned out every little detail of the day themselves.

Screen Shot First Dance Films, Kourtney Krietemeier
Screen Shot_First Dance Films_Kourtney Krietemeier with husband Tanner

“We tried to figure out little things ya know,” Kourtney stated. 

“(We wanted) to make sure that his memory was there. I had my dad’s necklace wrapped around my bouquet. Tanner and I did a shot of Patron during the ceremony in his honor. We tried to make it fun — smiles, happy memories.”


Screen Shot Rougue Film Co
Screen Shot_Rogue Film Co._Kourtney’s mother Kelly walked her down the aisle followed by two of her late father’s closest friends, Jeff & Chris in their uniforms.


Kourtney’s mother Kelly walked her down the aisle followed by two of her father’s closest friends, Jeff & Chris in their uniforms.

“That was a really hard thing to think about-like walking down the aisle without him…having Jeff & Chris behind me was…it just really solidified everything and made me feel like he was a part of it.”

Screen Shot Rougue Film Co_Jeff Chris
Screen Shot Rogue Film Co, Kourtney Krietemeier, Husband Tanner with her late fathers friends Jeff & Chris

The meticulous planning led to the decision that Kourtney would dance with her mother during the traditional father daughter dance. The music cued up, and her mother and Kourtney all smiles as they swayed to the music and her mother twirled her.

First Dance Films Screen Shot_Bride
Screen Shot First Dance Films Mother Daughter Dance with Kourtney & Kelly


Little did Kourtney know, her mother had planned a surprise that day for her daughter. As Kourtney’s mother stepped away from her daughter during the song, one of her father’s brethren officers stepped into her place and started to dance with the bride on her wedding day – all in honor of her late father.

Screen Shot CBS Denver
Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney dances with her late father’s brothers in blue.


One by one, seven of the late Detective Young’s colleagues stepped up to dance with his daughter.

“I was shocked. The look on my face in the video was like, ‘Oh no.’ I just knew the tears were going to be flowing,” Kourtney explained to FOX31 Denver.

Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney Dances with her father's brothers in blue.
Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney dances with her late father’s brothers in blue.


Kourtney went on to state that each her father’s friends shared with her how proud they were of the woman that she had become and how much her father had meant to each of them.

Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney Dances with her father's brothers in blue.
Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney dances with her late father’s brothers in blue.


Officer Danny Veith who was the first officer to step in and dance with Kourtney explained;

“It was very emotional. I felt despair like Donnie’s being robbed of this moment.

Then I took stock of all that has happened in the last 14 years and looking at Kelly and all she has accomplished in the last 14 years since Donnie’s murder and then seeing Kelsey and Kourtney are these beautiful young women. Little girls no more.

So, the emotions finally ended up with joy, seeing how happy Kourtney and Tanner were and the future they had.”

Screen Shot_Support the Shield_Officer Danny Veith
Screen Shot_Support the Shield_Officer Danny Veith was the first to dance with Kourtney


Veith explain to Kourtney,

“I just told her how Donnie was and is proud of her. Being the first to dance with her, I got to see every other officer walk out, very proud, happy fathers.

And then as they turned their back to Kourtney to return to our group, every single one of them was crying. At that moment, I was just so proud of these guys and how far they have come in the last 14 years.”

Kourtney’s husband Tanner said:

“It’s a pretty amazing thing to watch how they come together wrap around and support Kourtney and her family, it’s a special thing.”

Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney dances with her late father's brothers in blue
Screen Shot CBS Denver Kourtney dances with her late father’s brothers in blue


“It was emotional. It was amazing just seeing the support she has. What her entire family has from the Denver Police Department,” said Tanner. “The way it came together, it really just wrapped up the moment.”

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Little kids set up hot chocolate stand to raise money for cop battling cancer


And while this particular day was focused around Kourtney and her special moments, she made sure to recognize that her father’s friends and colleagues are also still healing from the loss of their brother in blue.

“A lot of my dad’s friends and officers are still dealing with the pain of what we all went through, it’s not just our family that lost somebody.

Those officers lost somebody too, and they’re able to come together and show us love,” she said. “These are good, amazing people that put their lives on the line for us every single day,” Kourtney said.

Little kids set up hot chocolate stand to raise money for cop battling cancer
Screen Shot_ Denver 7 News_ Kourtney with her late father Detective Donnie Young


According to a 2005 Denver post article “Detective Donald R. “Donnie” Young, 43, was shot three times around…while providing security at a party at the Salon Ocampo social hall. 

Young was shot in the head and the side.” The article goes on to explain that Young and another officer were ambushed on their detail that day in 2005. 


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