Little Black Band

Recently, in different parts of the country, there have been several deaths in the law enforcement community that shattered the hearts of all of those involved. When LEOs mourn the death of a fellow officer they place a little black band over their badge. That little black band is also a serious reminder of the real danger they face everyday. Far too many have fallen, paying the ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect. Moreover, there have been too many children who have lost their parent and spouses who’ve lost their significant other.

Yet that little black band is seen differently in the eyes of an officer’s wife. Recently in LEOWs Facebook groups a post has been shared representing a police wife’s feelings about that little black band. As of now, it is unknown who wrote this letter, but this is a letter that needs to be read and feelings that need to be understood. This is important because behind every badge there are loved ones who need that officer to come home. Their fear, anger, sadness, and pain is real because seeing that little black band is a harsh reminder that it could be their husband who gave his life and is being honored.

Below is the letter being shared around Facebook. If you see it on a LEOWs Facebook page, make sure you give her your support because these feelings are more than she should bear.

– Marjorie Greene

Dear little black band, 

Here we are again, you’re on my husbands badge. You show your face all to often. Another officer down. As we place you on his badge, that shiny piece of metal he is so very proud to wear, we will get emotional. He will then put that bullet proof vest and his uniform on and throw that duty belt around his waist-he’s ready to beat any odds of never coming home again. I pray every day he walks out the door that God will protect him and keep him safe. That he will never be the reason you show up.

You appear when another LEO, a heroes life taken to soon. They died in the line of duty protecting the people. They have given the ultimate sacrifice. 

Yet he still protects – even his enemies. Even the people who protest him. 

No matter how prepared they are, they can’t always escape you. Yet still he suits up, without second thought of the risk, because he is unafraid. He’s the bravest, strongest and most courageous man I know. 

I’m afraid of every single thing you stand for, every Law Enforcement Family terrified. I’m tired, hurt, disgusted of always seeing you. My husband, his brothers and sisters didn’t sign up to be another black band on a badge, they signed up to make a difference. 

Little black band, my husband is not afraid of you, his brothers and sisters in blue aren’t afraid of you. But I long for the day when i don’t have to see you. Until then, I will hold him a little bit tighter, kiss him a little bit longer and love him even harder!

~author unknown

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