With enthusiasm, I would like to announce that I have recently published a police psychology book titled, Listening to Their Voices of Bravery and Heroism.

Police work is challenging. Police officers are sworn to maintain peace and order in our communities. However, police officers often jeopardize their own safety and lives in order to serve and protect civilians from imminent threat. Listening to Their Voices of Bravery and Heroism is a book that presents the testimonials of police officers who have survived from uniquely severe life-threatening cases in the line of duty (e.g., terrorist attacks, hostage situations, mass shootings, shooting incidents). All the cases presented in this book have been extensively covered by national and international media (e.g., CNN, NBC, CBC). The aim is to explore the impact of exposure to such unique cases in officers’ lives. Further, the author highlights and studies the heroism and resilience of the officers who survived through hardships.

I attempted to answer the following questions: What gives officers strengths during a life-threatening situation? What makes officers thwart a mass shooter or a violent criminal when civilians try to escape from the critical incident site? What helps officers survive when they are severely wounded and bleeding on the street?

I personally met the officers, conducted the interviews, and listened to their stories. The analyses of the officers-survivors’ interviews led to multiple outcomes that would enable law enforcement professionals, health professionals, early career researchers, and university/college students understand strength and resilience among police officers despite exposure to extreme stress and life-threatening situations. In addition, the book opens dialogues to the study of resilience and recovery (or adaptation) process of those who are sworn to maintain peace and order in our communities.

Konstantinos Papazoglou is a psychology doctoral (PhD) candidate (clinical – forensic area) and a Vanier Scholar at the University of Toronto (UofT). He is a former police captain of the Hellenic Police Force and the European Police College. He holds a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from New York University (NYU) as Onassis Scholar. Currently, his research work focuses on stress, trauma prevention, and resilience promotion among police officers.