A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There


There are tons of podcasts out there, some of them non LEO friendly, others simply not good. After our LET Radio Show & Podcast, here’s a list of other LEO, Veteran and 1st responder friendly podcasts you must check out.

Interviewed and written by Eddie Molina.

In case you haven’t noticed, the podcast industry has blown up in recent years. Any topic you can think of; history, fishing, aliens… anything – there’s a good chance someone out there has a podcast about it.

The bad news is the market is loaded with low quality podcasts that lack direction and purpose. Many of these self-proclaimed disk-jockeys ramble on and on loosely discussing their topic and make very little sense.

Even more bad news, there are plenty of politically motivated podcasters who like to push the anti-police rhetoric. They cover topics like why police need to be defunded, how every cop is racist and the law enforcement profession is corrupt all together.

It is sad to hear but it’s a reality.

The Good News

There is hope. There are a handful of pro law enforcement, first responder and military podcasts out there who put out the good word about these noble professions. They show staunch support and aren’t afraid to say it.
LET has been tuning into to a bunch of these podcasts and have narrowed it down to a handful of some of the best. Some big,  some small – but all touch the heart of the law enforcement, military and first responder community in their own way.
A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
Of course we have to start with our very own  LET Radio Show & Podcast featuring retired Baltimore PD sergeant Jay Wiley.
Jay brings on a variety of guests from all over the country to tell their tales – all fascinating. Some guests discuss their stories of overcoming adversity, brushes with death, acts of valor, and more. With Jay’s traditional and classic “radio voice”, it’s an easy listen.

The All Secure Podcast

Hosts Tom and Jen Satterly are no strangers to the mental health challenges prevalent in the law enforcement, first responder and military community.
Tom, a retired career Delta Force operator has seen more than his fair share of combat. It was no surprise he took some of the effects of a career of combat home with him. He struggled for years with Post Traumatic Stress challenges but now fully credits his wife Jen with saving his life.
Together they dedicate their lives to helping others understand and overcome PTS. As part of their plan they’ve developed the All Secure podcast to bring more awareness to PTS with a variety of compelling guests with experience on the subject. Some are veterans,  others are experts – all to help others who may be struggling.
In a statement to LET, they said:
“We discuss topics related to Veterans, active duty, first responders, military spouses, and the community as a whole. We will talk about relationships, current events, healing health modalities, and so much more.”
A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
Their latest episode featured EJ “Skull Crusher” Snyder, a combat veteran. Image screenshot taken from the All Secure IG page.

The Good Vibes Podcast

Host Clark Impostato, former Navy SEAL and LEO started with the Good Vibes Podcast as a solo act but brought on co-host Ryan G after only a few episodes back in 2020. Clark and Ryan G have stuck to their commitment to providing Good Vibes by keeping their content light-hearted, funny and relaxing. But at times they get serious and talk about important topics affecting the LEO community.
Co-host Ryan G told LET:
“We try to find some good vibes in any situation. We relate to backgrounds of high stress positions and we all deserve a laugh and smile.”
He continued:
“Through our life experiences, we feel that we have to pay things forward with some of the lessons we have learned and our perspective on situations. We discuss things we are passionate about.  Unscripted and genuine 100% of the time.  We try to cover a wide range of topics but all with an underlying theme of finding good vibes.”
They’ve had some major players from the military and law enforcement community like Rob O’Neil as guests and have covered serious topics like war and mental health but always manage to bring it back to the Good Vibes.

The Protectors Podcast

Podcaster and career LEO Dr. Jason Piccolo is a natural interviewer. He calmly puts his guests at ease and lets them open up to topics other interviewers find difficult to expose. His relaxing voice and fantastic sense of humor makes it an easy listen. Wherever you are, you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the round table along with Piccolo and his guest, the ultimate intimate experience.
Dr. Jason Piccolo told LET:
“The Protectors® is non-political conversation type podcast with everyone from Jack Carr to Brad Taylor and beyond. The goal of each episode is to shine a light on a guest or on a topic that matters.”
A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
The Protector’s Podcast Logo.

The Shawn Ryan Show

The largest podcast on the list, this podcast recently eclipsed the 1 million mark for YouTube subscribers – and for good reason.
Host Shawn Ryan creates a dynamic, intimate and comfortable in-person setting for his guests, making it easier to discuss hard topics. As a former Navy SEAL, he understands the challenges the military and law enforcement community face and wants to discuss them head on.
A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
A view of the Shawn Ryan set, the intimate conversations bring the most out of guests. Pictured here with Ryan is Dr. Steven Greer. Image screenshot from the Shan Ryan youtube channel.
In a unprecedented and brilliant move,  Ryan decided to expand his podcast coverage to go “outside the box”. In a recent episode Ryan interviewed legendary UFO expert and advocate for government disclosure of ET intelligence Dr. Steven Greer. Ryan shocked his audience but remains committed to the military and law enforcement community. A must check out podcast.

Former Action Guys Podcast

If you’re looking for absolute tales of heroism from the battlefield straight from the horse’s mouth, than this is the podcast for you. Every guest on the podcast has their own incredible story from the battlefield. Host Justin Cramer has an artful but direct method of asking tough questions to get the tough answers. He doesn’t hold back and his guests know that going in.
Most of his guests are from the special operations community; Green Berets, Rangers, SEALS, Delta, even pilots. The podcasts have covered just about every combat environment from the last 30 years.
In an exclusive statement provided to LET, Cramer said:
“The interviews are individual accounts that you won’t read in a history book, but I also see them as records for the subject’s family. I hope their great-great-grandchildren can hear their relatives speak about their experiences.”
He continued:
“I try to bring to light stories from all kinds of military backgrounds. From high-speed operators on classified missions to combat engineers walking point into an IED belt.”

The DTD Podcast

The DTD podcast is a central hub for interviews. Host Dustin “DJ” Kelly has unique gift for booking some of the biggest names in the military and law enforcement community for a small market podcast (but growing quickly). With a background in military and law enforcement, Kelly truly understands the issues facing the LEO community.
A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
Image courtesy of Dustin ‘DJ’ Kelly.
Kelly told LET:
“Every episode, I try to show whoever maybe listening to a story from someone who is similar to theirs. I want to show listeners and people who support the show that times may be tough at certain points, but there’s always a way past them, when you’re done with that first career [in law enforcement], there’s always a second chapter.”
His devotion to the podcast craft is unmatched and is evident in the list of names he has already interviewed. Dustin is committed to interviewing fascinating guests and it will be fun to watch this podcast grow. Just remember to tell people you heard about it here first.
These aren’t the only LEO friendly podcasts put there. They just happen to be some of the most compelling, interesting, and impactful podcasts around. Check them out and remember to share them so other people in the LEO, military and first responder community can tune in. It could save a life.

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A List Of The Best LEO/Veteran/1st Responder Friendly Podcasts Out There
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