Like a Good Cop Should


I’m a cop in this state
And work hard to do good,
I go out and hunt crooks,
Like a good cop should.

When I finally catch them
And put them in cells,
I take them to court
And let the defense rebel.

I’m tired from trying
And doing my job,
To get no sense of justice
Court lets out the slob.

Tell me why should I work?
Why continue to try?
I can’t do it wrong
And I can’t do it right.

Do you want me to help?
Or prefer nothing done?
Am I doing my or job?
Or just ruining the fun?

I call for the courts
To become much more strict,
I’m telling you all
There’s enough to convict!

Whilst I do love my job,
And would give my life for yours,
I think that there’s much to be questioned,
There’s too many flaws.

The system has failed
Far too many times,
But is it my job to tell you?
My job to make rhymes?

At the end of it all,
I’m just trying to say,
Take a look your system,
Make a change to your way.

Because coming from us,
From inside these four walls,
We’ve all had enough,
Of your countless falls.

In the end we’ll stop trying,
We’ll all give it in.
There’s no point in trying,
If the guilty will win.

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