Federal instructor: This is the only kind of firearms control that works


I’m going to address a few things here that are being discussed on a local, state and national level right now, since the recent mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. Hopefully some of the things that I write will at least get you thinking about your own personal safety.

First let’s talk about statistics…they can be manipulated any way the writer wants the end result to appear. “Mass shootings” have no official standard with the FBI, though a “mass murderer” is someone who kills four or more people according to the FBI. Some statistics use 4, some use 5 and some use 6; your mileage may vary. Remove gang and youth violence from the statistics, and the use of guns in violent crime is shockingly low.

Federal instructor: This is the only kind of firearms control that works
21-year-old Patrick Crusius opens fire on a Texas Walmart. (El Paso Authorities)


The single most important statistic for me is violent crime. 

“A violent crime or crime of violence is a crime in which an offender or perpetrator uses or threatens to use force upon a victim. This entails both crimes in which the violent act is the objective, such as murder or rape, as well as crimes in which violence is the means to an end.” 

We are far more likely to be touched by violent crime in our lifetimes, than we are to be exposed to a mass shooting.

Dayton, OH – The shooter fired 41 rounds from a .223 caliber rifle. (He also had about 250 rounds with him). Six police officers responded with lethal force by discharging 48 rounds from .45 caliber handguns, 16 rounds from .223 rifles and 1 round from a 12ga shotgun for a total of 65 rounds. This, along with many other examples of law enforcement shootings, clearly disprove that society is safer with law-abiding citizens being limited to 10 round magazines. If trained police officers needed 65 rounds, why would anyone think that 10 would be enough for private citizens?

El Paso, TX – The Walmart is attached to a mall, which is a gun free zone. Nearly ALL of the mass shooting events that would quickly come to mind happened in gun free zones: Sandy Hook, Columbine, San Bernadino, Pulse Nightclub, Aurora, CO…etc. This is NOT a coincidence. We NEED to send a clear message to sick people that are contemplating violence: “Do this here, and you will face lethal force immediately.”

Bob Margolis has trained over 1,000 civilians, members of law enforcement and the military. (LifeSafe Training)


As the number of law-abiding gun owners increases, violent crime goes down. This is the simplest measure possible and the data to back it up is irrefutable as it comes from the FBI’s tracking of violent crime and NICS background checks. It takes all of the crap out of the equation and boils it down to “more guns = less crime.” A criminal is much less likely to select a target that may be well defended. That’s true on the street, in your home or in a public setting.



We’re all hearing a lot of people call for gun control. Writing new laws for law-abiding citizens has never done anything nor will it ever do anything. This is the low-hanging fruit that people that want to take away your guns are going after. It makes some politicians feel better as they can say that they did something. It doesn’t matter if that something did nothing, they still get to say it, but WE get to suffer with it.

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Federal instructor: This is the only kind of firearms control that works


One thing that gun control freaks have in common: It’s NEVER going to be enough because whatever they get, they want more. When they say, “nobody wants to take your guns away” they’re lying. That’s exactly what they want and they’ll never stop. The ultimate goal is that guns only belong in the hands of law enforcement and the government, not in the hands of private citizens. Sound familiar…that’s what Nazi Germany did to round-up all of the Jews. The first step was disarmament. The Constitution was not written to govern the people, it was written to protect the people from government.


Background Checks

I’m perfectly okay with background checks in every state. Let’s expand them to include mental health markers that may lead to an unstable individual. This is going to fly right in the face of HIPPA privacy laws. Tough shit. It’s going to save lives, deal with it. Along with background checks, we MUST be careful that legislation for this does NOT include any sort of a gun database. It’s no business of the government what guns you or I have. We got them legally, and we passed a background check, period. Any database is a non-starter for me.


Red Flag Laws

This creates a serious opportunity for people who hate guns to take them away. These laws could only work if they were to have a huge stable of federal judges standing by to decide what claims were legitimate and sort them from the ‘angry neighbor call’. If they’re poorly crafted, in theory someone could complain that ALL GUNS in their community were a threat and some judge somewhere would agree with them. That would weaponize red flag laws, and that can’t be tolerated. Due process must prevail.


Gun Safety Taught in School  

Why don’t we do this? This would absolutely save lives by teaching a very simple lesson to kids. “If you see a gun, don’t touch it, leave the area, call an adult.” Can you imagine how many less tragedies there would be with guns if we simply taught our kids properly?

I hope that you’re having a wonderful summer and that you’ll consider more training, if not from me, then from someone else. You are your own first responder; nobody is coming to help you. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away. This fall I’m going to have more classes in Concealed Carry and Home Defense as well as some shorter, 60-90 minute shooting sessions that you can participate in. Check www.lifesafetraining.com for classes scheduled and guns for sale, follow me on social media if you can tolerate my passion for bourbon and cigars.

Lastly, elections are coming and before you make your final decisions, please look at the 2nd Amendment stance that people running for office have. If you’re voting for anyone that supports more gun control, you’re giving up your constitutional rights and I hope you’ll reconsider your vote. Elections have consequences and your vote does matter.

Be safe, be vigilant, be ready.


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