Lifelong Democrat and Flint politician endorses President Trump: ‘Riots, they ain’t no damn protest, they’re riots’


FLINT, MI – For 64 years Maurice Davis has called himself a Democrat. Now, the lifelong leftist says he is throwing his support behind, and his vote to, President Donald Trump.

Davis is vice president of the Flint City Council in Michigan.

Ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the city on Wednesday, Davis took the stage at Flint Bishop Airport to speak to the crowd gathered to welcome the VP.

That is where Fox News reported that Davis pledged his support to the President.

Mid-Michigan NOW tweeted a clip of the speech, captioned:

“Flint City Council member and life long Democrat Maurice Davis says he is backing @realDonaldTrump.”

Video shows Davis addressing the audience:

“God uses whoever he wants to bring His people out of whatever the problem has to. President Trump is full of hate? Let me tell you something, the Democrats is full of hate.”

In recent months, media outlets reported Davis beginning to stray from the Democratic party with his viewpoints on issues like the riots that broke out nationwide over the summer.

In a Facebook video, he was critical of the riots that came hand in hand with Black Lives Matter protests.

In the video, Davis said:

“Riots, they ain’t no damn protest, they’re riots, tearing up your own neighborhoods. ‘We hate Donald Trump,’ but yet, we didn’t hate the $1,200 he sent us.”

Even just earlier this month, Davis said that he was undecided between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

It appears, that is no longer the case.

In addressing the crowd Wednesday, David said:

“I’m tired. I’ve been a Democrat, I am a Democrat all my life: 64 years. The last four years, I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year, I decided to go with President Trump.”

He added:

“I’m not a bootlicker. I’m not an Uncle Tom. I’m none of those things. I’m somebody that’s in a poor, impoverished community. People are losing everything, and when Mr. Trump said, ‘What the hell you got to lose?’ he was talking to me.”

During his speech, Davis said that the Trump administration had reached out to him directly after word got back to the White House that he was criticizing the democratic party and the party’s response to issues in Flint.

Davis said:

“We’re tired of suffering and nobody give a damn about poor folks. President Trump, they reached out, with nothing but love from y’all, all over this nation. I don’t want to hear another time, I’m a Trump supporter. I’m an American supporter.”

To that point, Davis noted that while he is deviating from his political allegiances, he would like to see the country less divided.

“Instead of being the divided state of American, it’s time to be the United States of America. This nation is one nation under God. One nation under God.”

Vice President Pence spoke to the same crowd later, thanking Davis for his support.

He praised the local politician saying:

“It’s also great to be here, I’m told, with a lifelong Democrat. He’s a leader here in Flint.

“And, we got some good news again, that he is supporting President Donald Trump for four more years. Join me in thanking Maurice Davis, Vice President of the City Council in Flint.”

Vice President Pence went on to say:

“Let’s hear it for Maurice.”

The Vice President is not alone in showing Davis support during this tumultuous election season. On Twitter, there was an outpouring of comments in Mid-Michigan NOW’s report on the announcement.

Twitter user, “flowerchild” wrote:

“thank you council member Maurice Davis.”

Another poster who goes by “higherorbit” on the site, embraced Davis’ push for unity by commenting:

“GOD BLESS YOU Maurice Davis! For the people!”

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Boston Herald announces Trump endorsement, says Biden’s platform is a ‘risky love letter to social justice warriors’

October 27, 2020

In a recent announcement, the Boston Herald endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection, describing Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden as “a risky love letter to social justice warriors and those who believe capitalism is the root of all evil.”

In the endorsement, penned by the editorial staff at the Boston Herald, readers were reminded that the left’s devotion has been solely to remove Trump from office, an objective it has held since 2016.

The editorial staff wrote:

“The 2020 presidential election is about what people don’t want as much as what they actually do want. For the left, getting Donald Trump out of office tops the wish list.

“It’s been that way since the day after the 2016 election. For them, everything the president has done is bad, every move sinister, and every policy one more nail in the progressive coffin.”

According to the editorial, while Biden allegedly offers a “return to normalcy,” the question becomes, what is truly normal in 2020?

In citing Biden’s plans to increase the corporate tax rate, they wrote:

“Biden’s platform is a risky love letter to social justice warriors and those who believe capitalism is the root of all evil.”

They went on to cite a corresponding economic study:

“…concluded that corporate tax hikes lead to a substantial decrease in wages and spending and spurred businesses to move out of the county.”

A report by Yelp found that 60 percent of businesses around the U.S. that shut down due to the coronavirus will remain closed forever.

Biden also has big plans for spending a lot of money, including some $5.4 trillion for universal pre-k, free community college, clean energy, and other programs.

The company wrote:

“Biden has also pledged to create one million new, well paying jobs in the American automobile industry, a neat trick following massive job cuts in recent years by auto manufacturers.

“Part of the reason for those cuts can be traced to a decline in global light vehicle sales, fueled by drops in demand in China and India.

“As the global economy has taken a wallop due to the coronavirus pandemic, one wonders how demand will shoot up to the point job cuts can be reversed and jobs added.”

According to the report, most disconcerting is Biden’s seeming embrace of radical left ideas. The Herald referred to Biden’s platform as a “potluck of agendas pushed by far-left party members” such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez.

Sanders and Biden have hashed out a Progressive Unity Platform, which includes several radical pitches like the creation of a commission to recommend and study reparations.

All of that aside, before the coronavirus struck, Trump’s economy was “going gangbusters.”

The editorial staff wrote:

“Last year, the jobless rate dropped to 3.5%, its lowest reading in 50 years. The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of 3.9% in September 2019, while African Americans maintained their lowest rate ever, 5.5%.”

In addition, the Dow hovered around 19,000 when Trump was first elected and last year it hit above 26,000, which is excellent news for everyone with a 401(k). Trump did not spend his way to a robust economy, he cut regulations and got tougher with trade negotiations.

In addition, the editorial staff wrote:

“He’s what America needs right now, decisive action to get us back to pre-pandemic strength, not an unfeasible spending spree in the name of a progressive utopia.”

Ultimately, the editorial staff concluded that Trump seeks to put America first in every avenue, “in trade, defense, the courts, and again, the economy.”

Four years ago, the Herald refused to make an endorsement, instead urging readers to:

“Look deep into their own consciences as we will all have to do and do the best they can.”

Four years later, the Herald concluded their recent announcement by saying:

“The Boston Herald endorses Donald Trump for president.”


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