Life as a Jailer

In this book, we hope to give you a true knowledge of what really goes on behind the bars in a prison and/or jail. First, due to the nature of its content, all readers of our book should be at least 18 years old. We really don’t hold ANYTHING back.

At one time almost everybody has wondered what really goes on inside a prison/jail. Many have some made-up concepts or ideas from Hollywood, but don’t really know what goes on. Life as a jailer will enlighten people to the dangers, realities, and truths of the all on-goings behind the bars.

You’ll get a true understanding of what correctional officers go through on a daily basis. As a result, you’ll have a new respect for them after you’ve finished reading the book. This is because “very few jobs are more dangerous and more thankless than a correctional officer’s.

When we first started this book, a lot of people told us that if we really told it like it is, the public would never even believe it. But we couldn’t let that stop us. That’s why we marketed it toward correctional officers first (and having/asking them to leave reviews on Amazon) this way they can verify the book is 100% true for the public.

Life as a Jailer is LONG OVERDUE and FINALLY tells the WORLD exactly what it’s like, and why correctional officers are true law enforcement officers with ONE the MOST DANGEROUS JOBS in LAW ENFORCEMENT too, and why they should be recognized and respected for that.

NOTHING is held BACK in this non-fiction, mind-blowing account of both authors careers. Dealing with things like; murders, escapes, fights (assaults where officers have had fingers bitten off and inmates have been stabbed/shanked,) cell fires, rapes & so many other mind-blowing stories.

But it’s not all bad, there are many funny stories too and (if you can believe) GREAT times. Looking back we’re thankful for those days because it’s the good times that got us through the bad days.

It’s no secret that the general public has NO CLUE as to what correctional officers REALLY do; but the real question is: WILL THEY EVER? Who knows, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try or stop educating them. And that’s the real reason why we wrote the book.

Maybe one day correctional officers will be recognized & respected for having ONE of the MOST DANGEROUS JOBS in LAW ENFORCEMENT TOO. That’s what the book is really all about.

May GOD continue to bless all law enforcement officers…

Stay SAFE…

Captain Joe DeFranco: Career started in 1987 as an officer for the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department in New Jersey. He attended the Morris County Police Academy in 1988. During his 25 year career, he performed many jobs in the jail, including Gang Unit Director, Classification Director and worked in the reception area. In 1996 he was promoted to sergeant and in 2000 promoted to lieutenant. In 2001 he was again promoted to captain all after taking the civil service promotional exams. For the next 10 years he served as the shift commander for all three shifts in the jail. In 2011 he was assigned as an administrative captain overseeing all shifts. His passion from years 2003 until he retired in 2013 was being and serving as the P.B.A. 197 Superior Officers’ President which afforded him the opportunity to help many officers and brass. He has no regrets having worked with the hardest working professionals in the business. He will always call any corrections officer in the country a true HERO.

K-9 Officer Tom Duncan: Was forced to retire from corrections, for medical reasons, back in November of 2000. An on-the-job injury left him permanently and totally disabled from performing the functions of a law enforcement officer. Prior to working in one of New Jersey’s toughest jails as a corrections officer, he also worked for a large sheriff’s department down in southern Florida. In the twelve short years he worked as a corrections officer, he attended two corrections academies and one police K-9 academy. He has been in numerous physical altercations and even credited with extinguishing a fire inside a jail unit, saving the lives of 24 inmates. Over his career he has seen things that no human being should ever have to see. He’s worked in departments where both officers and inmates have been killed, and inmates have escaped. Looking back at his career, one thing for certain that he wouldn’t change is, working with some of the BEST law enforcement officers ever.