Retired officer: Life doesn’t owe you anything, let go and be more resilient


There is no doubt that first responders work under intense scrutiny. This is one aspect of the job that will never go away. 

In fact, I think law enforcement professionals are under much more scrutiny now than when I entered the profession over two decades ago. I don’t think a day goes by where law enforcement somewhere isn’t in the news.

It can be, and often is, very depressing.

Retired officer: Life doesn't owe you anything, let go and be more resilient
Members of law enforcement are working under a microscope. (Pixabay)


From politicians who want to disarm the police to professors at so called “elite’ educational institutions that advocate for the killing of our brave men and women in uniform. What happened to that moron anyway? Oh, he still has a job.

It’s a very different world now than it was just a handful of years ago.

Why would anyone want to get into this profession anyway? Yet, they do. Brave men and women who answer the call to serve their communities. Thank God — yes, I said God — that year after year brave souls still take the oath of office.

Which begs the question. Where is it all leading? No one knows, but I do know that for you to navigate and get through these difficult waters, you must become more resilient. Not just in your professional sphere but also in your personal life.

Think about it. How often do we let life’s challenges consume us? A difficult citizen contact or a traffic stop? I don’t know about you, but I used to let this happen all the time in the past. 

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Instead of looking at whatever you are dealing with as a challenge or some sort of setback, start looking at it as an opportunity. This is the basis of resiliency. Could YOU have done something different?

Once you start looking at things this way, your life will change for the better.

There is always opportunity when facing a challenge, however a lot of people don’t look at it this way. They’d rather complain all the time and, more importantly, they want you to join in their misery. And, no matter how crappy you think your life is and that things will never change, someone always has it worse than you.

There are people in this world that must walk miles just to get clean water to drink. Yes folks, most of us have first-world problems.

Being resilient is one thing that separates the successful people from those who are not.  

Some of you might be thinking, “but my life is different, and I am owed that promotion.” Or my personal favorite, “I have been in this organization a long time, and this place wouldn’t survive without me.” Here’s a little secret: The world doesn’t owe you anything. Yes, believe it or not, the sun will still rise if you decide to leave the organization.

If you don’t have this mindset… you will never be totally resilient.

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Now, I am not implying that you should let people walk all over you all the time. I am saying that if you are one of those people who let life’s setbacks hold you down you need to stop. You have the power. There isn’t some invisible hand that is keeping you down. You are keeping yourself down.

I have interviewed over a hundred successful people from all walks of life on my show, the CJEvolution Podcast, and they are all masters of resilience.

Become more resilient. Become a resilience master.

Patrick Fitzgibbons is the host and creator of CJEvolution, a top ranked criminal justice podcast that can be found here:


Retired officer: Life doesn't owe you anything, let go and be more resilient

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