Liberals are already figuring out how to manipulate Parler to attack Blue Lives Matter supporters with hate


The social media network Parler has been marketed as a free speech haven that allows conservatives to post without fear of backlash. But, it seems that even this site is not free from all forms of liberal bias.

The growing platform has gained exponential traction in recent months due to a targeted campaign against conservative users and news outlets on other sites. Twitter and Facebook have been the boldest social media sites to violate first amendment freedoms.

In fact, Law Enforcement Today has both reported on and been victim to their egregious actions in the past.

On Thursday LET reported on an interview from Fox Business where Senator Ted Cruz claimed that big tech companies pose the “single greatest threat” to free speech in the US.

Cruz said: 

“And ‘tween (sic) Facebook, Twitter, and then Google, which is really the 800-pound gorilla, we have enormous concentration of power, and I think they collectively pose the single greatest threat we have for free speech in this country because they’ve been getting more and more brazen.”

LET also reported extensively on the blatant free speech violations by Facebook and Twitter over Hunter Biden’s email scandal. In this case, Twitter refused to unlock The New York Post’s account unless they deleted posts relating to the scandal. It took the counter active media outlet weeks to regain access to their account.

The message by bloated social media platforms is clear, conservatives are not welcome. Neither are supporters of law enforcement, for that matter. With such blatant attacks on free speech many users have been fleeing the larger platforms in search of an unbiased alternative (enter Parler).

Parler has created a space for itself among the big tech giants by doing what others are scared to, upholding free speech. On their website, the platform markets itself as a place to “speak freely” without fear:

“Speak freely and express yourself openly, without fear of being “deplatformed” for your views.”

With this framing it’s no wonder that conservatives flocked to the social media network.


But, this platform isn’t without its kinks either. In fact, an anti-police mistake in their algorithm perfectly illustrates the bias conservatives are attempting to get away from. 

Parler, like most other social media networks, allows users to comment on posts with gifs that are preloaded to the app. Unfortunately, some searches will lead to unsavory results. For example, if users attempt to search for “Blue Lives Matter” gifs, they will be met with an onslaught of Black Lives Matter search results.

Liberals are already figuring out how to manipulate Parler to attack Blue Lives Matter supporters with hate

Multiple of the short videos results read “Black Lives Matter” in various fonts, with some even highlighting the radical social group’s violent catchphrase “no justice no peace”.

Liberals are already figuring out how to manipulate Parler to attack Blue Lives Matter supporters with hate

Another gif shows a cartoon pig standing in front of a rainbow holding up a sign that reads “Black Lives Matter”. This, of course, refers to the shallow dig that attempts to conflate law enforcement officers with pigs.

Users that noticed the poorly curated search results reached out to Parler to inform the company of their mistake and allow them to fix it. But one user claims that, after multiple attempts to contact the site and two weeks of waiting, nothing has been done to rectify the issue.

Keep in mind that for the past five months the Black Lives Matter movement has torn down American history and destroyed cities across the country. These “peaceful protesters” have screamed that they want to “end America” and used violence to forward their radical agenda. They have shot and beaten conservative and pro-police protestors with impunity.

This level of hatred and violence is despicable and is the antithesis of the Blue Lives Matter movement. Proponents of law enforcement have never assaulted and murdered Black Lives Matter rioters in the streets. The movements have no business being equated to each other or appearing in the same search results.

Parler has done a good job at marketing their platform but now is the time to step up and support their users, not recreate the hostile environment conservatives are running from.

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Big tech companies throttling pro-police pages and groups on social media at ‘unprecedented levels’

WASHINGTON, DC- It appears to be a full-blown attack against the biggest pro-police pages on social media.  And at least for Law Enforcement Today, the timing coincided with our endorsement of President Trump for re-election.

Needless to say, when we saw Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slamming Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, we were virtually cheering out loud.

After all, both platforms have seemingly taken to making a life’s mission out of censoring conservatives, not to mention sites sympathetic to law enforcement.

The pure hypocrisy of both platforms is mind-boggling. How these platforms continue to maintain protection under Chapter 230 is puzzling. Clearly, they have taken on the role of publishers.

It is not of course limited to Fakebook and Twitter. Our National Spokesman, Kyle S. Reyes, and the owner of our company, Captain Robert Greenberg, have both been permanently banned from LinkedIn for allegedly posting “fake news.”

“We’ve been in touch with the biggest police pages and groups on social media,” said Reyes.  “It’s not just us.  It’s all of us.  The biggest pages representing law and order in America.  It appears to be a full-blown assault against the pages of those who serve and protect.  That’s absolutely chilling.”

The interesting thing is the items they posted that were flagged as fake news were all widely sourced from other legitimate sites. At least one of the articles cited I wrote…and I am meticulous in making sure I cite my sources from legitimate sites.

We have currently seen our reach on Facebook “throttled”—or reduced—by approximately 90 percent. We are not the only ones. There are several other law enforcement sites experiencing the same thing.

Clearly, Fakebook is targeting not only conservatives, but also pro-law enforcement sites. Meanwhile, in the case of Twitter, they put warning labels on tweets sent by the President of the United States… yet let tweets from terror organizations such as Antifa remain on the platform untouched.

Twitter has also taken to “fact-checking” tweets or articles about election fraud. Of course, that only seems to apply to tweets or articles favoring Republicans.

One radio talk show host conducted a test. They posted a tweet in which they claimed that Stacey Abrams was really the governor of Georgia and she had been the subject of voter fraud. No such warning appeared on that tweet. Bias? You tell us.

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called out Black Lives Matter, and we posted a story on Facebook about it. Below is a screenshot of our article.

Big tech companies throttling pro-police pages and groups on social media at 'unprecedented levels'
Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke screenshot

Someone responded to the article, saying, “Eat a dick uncle tom.”  We’d show you who it was, but THAT would ironically be a violation of Facebook’s terms.

Big tech companies throttling pro-police pages and groups on social media at 'unprecedented levels'

Uncle Tom is, of course, a derogatory term for African Americans. That comment was reported to Facebook because clearly, such a racist comment had to violate their community standards, right? Apparently not.

They of course said it was their “technology” that reviewed our report and did not take the content down.

Big tech companies throttling pro-police pages and groups on social media at 'unprecedented levels'

Fakebook wrote:

“We understand that the content may be offensive or hurtful. Facebook is a global community. People express themselves differently, but we only take down content that goes against our standards. We review and update our standards regularly, with the help of experts.”

So, let us get this straight.

Fakebook will take down comments about possible election fraud, COVID-19 posts that don’t go along with the narrative, and all manner of “politically incorrect” content, but a racist, sexually explicit comment somehow doesn’t “violate” their “community standards?”

Let us take the hypocrisy and agenda-driven mission behind Fakebook further.

A member of our team tried to publish a video tribute to fallen officers – however, Fakebook kept giving “publishing error” messages.

Big tech companies throttling pro-police pages and groups on social media at 'unprecedented levels'
Facebook video posting error message screenshot

We’ve posted thousands of videos on Facebook with no problems, however, trying to post a video about a fallen officer results in “technical” errors.

This is why platforms such as Parler, MeWe, and others are starting to thrive.

Fakebook and Twitter are going out of their way to interfere with, throttle, or censor content from conservative and law enforcement-friendly sites.

Both platforms, and others such as YouTube, Google, and LinkedIn, want to be liberal echo chambers and they will apparently get what they want.

There are over 800,000 police officers in the country. That does not include civilian employees and correctional officers.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if those 800,000 plus individuals, plus their extended families, all took their business off these platforms? What would Fakebook, Twitter, etc. do without the ability to sell that information off to third parties?

What is the saying? Get woke, go broke.

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