“Liberal Sherpa” who tried to sue Carlson, Hannity, arrested for kidnapping 88-yr-old mother, scamming her out of $224k


MAMI, FL- For those who watch Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News, you may remember a woman who was referred to herself as the “Liberal Sherpa.” That woman, Cathy Areu, aside from being a former frequent guest on Fox News was also a contributing editor for the Washington Post.

Now, according to Gateway Pundit, Areu, 51, was arrested for kidnapping her 88-year-old mother twice, while scamming her out of $224,000.

Law Enforcement authorities in Florida allege Areu falsified documents whereby she was able to seize control of her mother’s home, opened credit cards in her mother’s name, and actually physically dragged her to a nursing home against her will.

The Daily Mail reported that Areu convinced her mother she was taking her to get ice cream with her grandchildren, however, instead took her to a nursing home against her will.


As reported in the Daily Mail:

The self-proclaimed “Liberal Sherpa,” who once was a regular guest on Fox News stole at least $224,000 from her 88-year-old mother and physically dragged the elderly woman to a nursing home against her will, Florida authorities said on Friday.

Cathy Areu, 51, faces numerous felony charges, including kidnapping, exploitation of the elderly, and organized scheme to defraud. She is being held without bond in Miami-Dade county jail.

Areu previously appeared as an unpaid guest on a number of Fox News shows until 2020, when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit naming hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson—a claim that was later dismissed by a judge.

Miami-Dade County prosecutors say she falsified documents to take control of her mother’s home, siphoned money from her mother’s reverse mortgage and savings account, and took out credit cards in her mother’s name and then used them for their own benefit.

Details of Areu’s arrest were not released, but prosecutors said she had been evading authorities since June, including spending time in Mexico. She was being held without bond Friday at the county jail.

Court and jail records do not show if she has an attorney to speak on her behalf.

According to prosecutors, the investigation began in 2019 when officials received reports that Areu was exploiting her mother.

Paperwork had been filed turning over the mother’s house to Areu, but the mother denied the signature was hers.

In addition, the Mail said prosecutors told them Areu had used a revoked power of attorney to twice place her mother in a nursing home against her will.

The first case involved the incident whereby Areu attempted to trick her mother by telling her she was going to have ice cream with her granddaughters and instead was taken to a home.

The mother attempted to call for help, however Areu told staff at the nursing home not to let her either use the phone or see visitors.

After a competency hearing was held and her mother was found competent to make her own decisions and released her to her home, Areu and another person physically dragged her from her house and brought her to another facility.

She was once again found to be competent and released to her home.

“Every incident of alleged elder exploitation or abuse touches our heart and never fails so shock us,’ Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said in a statement.

“It seems particularly harder to understand when the alleged perpetrator of the exploitation is a daughter, or a son, or another blood relative,” Rundle continued.

Areu’s work at the Washington Post included conducting political interviews for the Washington Post Magazine between 2001 and 2012, while in 2001 she founded the magazine Catalina.

That magazine was designed to “break stereotypes and show a positive side of the US Hispanic community,” the bio said. Areu also hosted the “Liberal Sherpa” podcast.

During one particularly memorable segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Areu defended leftists’ use of the term “theybies” instead of babies as a means of not assigning gender identity to newborns at birth.

Her lawsuit against Carlson, Hannity, Howard Kurtz and former Fox & Friends Weekend host Ed Henry was dismissed just over a year ago, the Daily Caller reported at the time. The judge ruled she didn’t have legal standing for her claims since she appeared on Fox News as an unpaid guest.

One claim Areu made was that Carlson sexually assaulted her on Dec. 10, 2020, which she claimed was the date of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Christmas Party. However, it was the network-wide Christmas party which occurred that night, according to The Spectator World. There were a number of other inconsistencies in her claim.

For example, Areu alleged that Carlson told her he would only briefly be stopping by his Christmas party, and wouldn’t be accompanied by his wife and kids. However according to The Spectator World, Carlson attended the entirety of the party accompanies by his wife.

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