Liberal prosecutor rules police shooting of gun-wielding teen was justified – attacks and blames cops anyway


CHICAGO, IL – Officers who shot and killed two people in Chicago in 2021 have been cleared of any wrongdoing, thus making the shootings justified.

One of those that were killed by police was a 13-year-old who was armed with a gun.

On March 15th, embattled Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx announced that the officers who were involved in two separate fatal shootings were justified in their actions of self-defense, although, not in those words. She said:

“While the evidence is insufficient to support criminal charges, it is important to highlight that the officers themselves created the conditions which the use of deadly force became necessary.”

The two cases that Foxx and the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Appellate Prosecutor determined were justified stemmed from foot pursuits. The first instance occurred on March 29th when officers responded to the 2300 block of South Sawyer after being notified of shots being fired in the area.

When Chicago Police officers arrived at the scene, they approached two people in the area, 13-year-old Adam Toledo and both fled on foot upon sight of the officers. Officers, believing that both subjects were armed and had fired shots, pursued both people on foot down the alley.

While one subject was able to get away, the other, Toledo, was cornered by Officer Eric Stillman and another officer. The other officer can be heard on police bodycam yelling for Toledo to “stop,” followed by “stop right [expletive] now!”

Toledo stopped and turned on the officer and was ordered to show him his hands. On body camera, Toledo is clearly seen holding a firearm seconds before Officer Stillman, in reasonable fear of being shot by Toledo, opened fire, striking him in the chest. Foxx noted:

“After the single shot was fired, and Officer Stillman recognized Adam Toledo was no longer a threat, he immediately rendered aid and continued to do so until the assisting officers and the paramedics arrived.

Based on the facts, the evidence, and the law, we’ve concluded that there was no evidence to prove that Officer Stillman acted with criminal intent.”

Shortly afterward, on March 31st, officers were searching for Anthony Alvarez as he was wanted for fleeing from a previous traffic stop and located him at a gas station. As officers got out of their vehicle and identified themselves, Alvarez again fled from officers on foot.

Officer Evan Solano closed in on Alvarez as he was seen on video dropping multiple items along the way and observed him be armed and began shouting:

“Hey! Drop the gun! Drop the gun!”

Instead of simply dropping the gun and surrendering, Alvarez is seen on video with a cell phone in one hand and a gun in the other as Officer Solano opens fire, striking him. Alvarez is seen falling to the ground and asking officers why they shot him.

An officer is heard yelling in response:

“You had a gun!”

In announcing the decision not to file criminal charges against Officer Solano, she said the decision was made because she could not prove that lethal force was not used in self-defense. Foxx said:

“In this instance, we would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Officer Solano’s belief that either he or his partner were in danger of imminent death or great bodily harm was unreasonable at the time of the shooting.”

Despite both instances clearly showing why officers opened fire (both suspects were armed and refused to obey lawful orders to drop their guns), family members are still upset that the officers were found not to have violated any laws. Tania Dimitrova, an attorney for the Alvarez family, said:

“Family members are committed in their efforts to bring justice for Anthony, which includes holding the Chicago Police officers involved in the shooting accountable for their actions. We hope that Kim Foxx and her office continues their investigation into the reckless and inexcusable conduct of Officer Evan Solano.”

Even though both officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing, their fates are solely in the hands of Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown.

Brown could choose to return them to full duty since they have not committed any law violations, or he could decide to terminate both officers for conducting a foot pursuit of two people who were armed with a gun against the laws of the State of Illinois and City of Chicago.

Officer cleared! DA rules Wisconsin cop justified for shooting knife-wielding criminal

EAU CLAIRE, WI – The Eau Claire County District Attorney’s Office has concluded that the use of deadly force by an officer against LeKenneth Miller last year was justified, and no charges will be filed.

According to a criminal complaint, authorities received a 911 hang-up call on Nov. 3, 2021, at approximately 2:39 p.m.

The caller, who was hiding in the bedroom of a Selma Street home with another female. said that the female’s ex-boyfriend LeKenneth Miller had broken into the home and was trying to get into the locked bedroom they were hiding in.

They also said he had gone to the kitchen and retrieved a knife.

The caller said Miller had strangled his ex-girlfriend a week prior.

The dispatcher tried to have the two women escape through a window, but they could not do so.

Responding officers reported hearing screaming inside the home as they arrived at the scene. The 911 dispatcher also heard screaming over the telephone.

City of Eau Claire Police Officers Kristopher O’Neill and Jason Kaveney drew their service weapons, ran toward the house, and attempted to access the locked front door by kicking it in.

Unsuccessful, they ran to a side door where they were met by the caller, who was running out of the house and hysterically screaming that Miller had stabbed her friend.

Police entered the home and heard the female screaming. Police encountered Miller holding a knife in the kitchen and ordered him to drop the weapon.

He refused and moved toward officers. At that point, according to police, Officer O’Neill shot Miller multiple times.

Police quickly searched the home and found the female victim in the bathroom suffering from multiple stab wounds. The victim was airlifted to Mayo Hospital in Rochester for treatment.

Miller, 30,  was pronounced dead at the scene.

No law enforcement officers were injured during the incident. The female victim has not been identified by police.

The Eau Claire County District Attorney’s Office concluded:

“The Eau Claire Country District Attorney’s Office has determined that the actions of City of Eau Claire Police Officer Kristopher O’Neil on November 3, 2021, in the course of his law enforcement duties in the city and county of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, were reasonable acts of self-defense and defense of others.”

The officers were also praised by their police department, who called them heroes:

“Officers Kris O’Neill and Jason Kaveney took decisive and necessary action to protect members of our community.

“When doing so, they put themselves in harm’s way. Once LeKenneth Miller’s violent behavior was stopped, officers immediately began administering life-saving measures to both Miller and the person he was attacking with a knife. The actions of these officers were heroic.”


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