Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work


Houston, TX: In exclusive interview, LET sat down with a social media mogul and current law enforcement officer in Houston, Texas. His friends call him Chuck, Tex and even Texas Cop 2.0, but he is widely known on multiple social media platforms (especially TikTok) as TexasCop2.0. We’ll refer to him as Texas Cop.

About two years ago, Texas Cop underwent a personal and social transformation. After losing hundreds of pounds, he took to social media to continue his new image and began posting incredibly entertaining and wildly popular videos.

His videos are a brilliant blend of life as a street cop, with a splash of satire and a heavy dose of comedy. His brings a breath of fresh air to many common law enforcement scenarios that show the lighter side of life as a patrolman.

Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work
Texas Cop IG page

And now LET had the opportunity to chat with TexasCop2.0 to get to know him more closely. We discussed everything from his support of One More Mission, his passion to support Breast Cancer Awareness, his charitable work, and much more.

LET: One of the coolest things about you is that you’re a police officer in Texas, and you also create some very fun content. But some of it just gives an insight into life as a police officer. Can you tell us more about you?

Texas Cop:

“I started doing TikTok during Covid, while everybody’s home bored. But cops and first responders deal with depression, mental health, anxiety. But some of us [cops] don’t know how to [deal with it] take it, some play video games, others might work extra jobs to counter that. But I found myself making videos of me at the gym.

Then someone was like ‘man, get on TikTok’ but I was like ‘I’m not getting on that Chinese app [laughing]. I started posting video’s and it went viral.”


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♬ my momma and daddy was fighting last night – Erika McCarthy

LET: That’s fascinating.

Texas Cop:

“Yeah, I try to use my videos to bring awareness to actual, real calls and matters, like a missing child or domestic violence. And also [things] like Breast Cancer Awareness, and to help out people going through Breast Cancer.”

LET: You moved to Houston, Texas from Nigeria at 14 years old. How was it like dealing with people in cowboy hats and cowboy boots in Texas?

Texas Cop:

“When I got here it was like, this is just like Africa, except it’s just different, maybe a little bit better. I don’t even see that many horses, I see more cars- we have too much traffic here. I was a little let down from that but it’s alright.”

LET: You decided at 18 years old that you wanted to become a first responder. Why?

Texas Cop:

“I grew up in an area that was really bad. When I was in school, there were a lot of gang members that were killed, and just doing bad stuff. They really didn’t know what they wanted. I just wanted to deviate from that.

I always like helping people, even when I was a kid. I know it sounds cliché, ‘I want to help people’ cus that’s what first responders always say, but it’s truly the reason why I got into it.”

Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work
TX cop 2.0 IG page

LET: We spoke about One More Mission and how they’re helping LEO’s, first responders and veterans get positions as polling workers for the elections. Why is One More Mission important to you?

Texas Cop:

“It’s important, especially in this day and age where it will help teach the younger kids why it’s important to vote. Even growing up there [Nigeria] and here, I never knew what it was like to vote.

It’s one of those things where people should put aside what party they belong to but still go out there and ensure that voting was done right. This is your right as an American citizen to chose who you want to represent you.

It’ll be great for our first responders who want to be a part of something, they can go out there and meet people and let them know what they do for the community and bond. At the same time, ensure that everything is going the right way.”

LET: You raised money for the spouse of a fallen officer with your clothing line sales. What else can you tell us about your fundraising efforts?

Texas Cop:

“Every October I make a different shirt for Breast Cancer and we take some of the proceeds and donate it to a Breast Cancer organization.

This year I want to do something different. I want to donate to a Breast Cancer survivor or someone currently going through Breast Cancer to help them with their bills. Supporting Breast Cancer is something I believe in.”

Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work
Texas Cop 2.0 IG page

LET: On the lighter side, you have a popular shirt that says ‘You don’t like cops? Next time you need help call 1-800-crackhead’.

Texas Cop:

“Haha. Yeah, that shirt came about when I thought to myself that if I ever get shot on duty, and I’m taken to the hospital, whatever nurse that cuts open to my shirt, at least they would have a laugh before they help me. That was my mindset behind that shirt. I get a lot of hate for it, but I also get a lot of love for it.”

And a lot of love is what the Texas Cop is getting. His social media posts from the various platforms have garnered him millions of followers and views.

He remains dedicated to donating to noble causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and is using his creative clothing line as the nexus between raising funds and distributing funds.

If you want to surely be entertained, follow him on all his platforms. And don’t forget to check out his clothing line to help him raise money for charity.

IG @texascop2.0/

TikTok @@texascop2.0

Facebook: Texas Cop

Merchandise: https://texascop.myshopify.com/

Personal Website: https://linktr.ee/Texascop2.0

Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work

More about One More Mission

One More Mission: First responders and veterans across America partner to protect upcoming elections

Posted October 19, 2022

Editor note: Reyes, who is spearheading the campaign, is also the Executive Director of Law Enforcement Today.

The late and great President Harry S. Truman once said, “A vote is the best way of getting the kind of country and the kind of world you want.”

These are inspiring words that have stuck with business mogul Kyle Reyes, who is now taking action by mobilizing “One More Mission.”

“One More Mission” is a business solution to a growing problem – and that problem is the lack of help available in today’s workforce.

Everywhere you look, there are “Help Wanted” signs displayed – and it’s not just businesses that are struggling to find employees; even polling stations are running thin on volunteers.

This is a serious issue, but it can be fixed.

Kyle Reyes, President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing has mobilized “One More Mission”, a business solution to a growing problem.

This is a unique opportunity for patriots of all stripes to support our Constitutional right to vote.

This is a non-partisan, non-party affiliated campaign that provides an opportunity for service to continue to matter.

Who better to fill these vital positions than those who have taken an oath to protect our country and our Constitution than first responders and military veterans? 

“There are people who believe that the last election was manipulated.  Then there are those people who believe that those people are nuts. One More Mission is an opportunity to bridge the gap,” said Reyes. “Let’s return the integrity and the trust in our right to vote for everyone by engaging these everyday heroes in the election process.”

The goal at One More Mission is to recruit 30,000 individuals by the mid-term election, but we won’t stop there.

By filling the large number of vacancies at the polls across our country, military veterans and first responders can take pride in knowing that their service continues to matter.

They can sign up now at www.onemoremission.com and get involved in what will continue to be a growing tradition.

“We chose a life of service and this is the perfect opportunity for all of us to have an impact in our local communities. The right to have our vote counted is essential to the freedom that we enjoy in America and to those that we serve and project every day.” said retired Police Sergeant, Betsy Smith.

Operation “One More Mission” is the perfect solution to a national issue that does not favor any one political party. Having everyday people from the veteran and first responders communities working the polls will help ensure the oversight of what we all want: continued freedom.

“As a Former Green Beret and 21 year service Veteran, I understand a call to mission. Utilizing Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Personal Courage and Loyalty to our nation, now is the time to continue those core values and come together as service men and women to ensure that our elections are protected” said Travis Wilson, founder of Alpha Elite Performance.

“One More Mission gives us the opportunity to help protect our nation,” said Anthony Sabio. 

Sabio should know – he has decades of experience in the Security and Intelligence Industry from a long and distinguished career in the US Navy, US Secret Service, and Central Intelligence Agency.

“As a veteran servitude is in our blood and the One More Mission initiative allows us to serve again.  The One More Mission campaign is determined to bring trust and integrity back to our elections.”

As part of Operation “One More Mission”, we’ve come together to use our reach, networks of people and influence to recruit and start the on-boarding process for others like us to do some more heavy lifting, again, and become poll workers.

Law Enforcement Today, Warfighter Overwatch, Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors, Heroes Media Group, and The National Coalition of Frontline Workers are joining the list of those willing to help and recruit others into our ranks of Operation “One More Mission”.

Patti Katter, the author, is an American-loving podcasting sensation with a personal and family history that involves law enforcement and the military.

The published author is the spouse of a veteran who was wounded in Iraq.  She herself was a police reservist in Saginaw Michigan, which at the time was the most violent city per capita in the nation.
Katter started podcasting in 2007 and skyrocketed as a top rated podcaster with a show on 17 AMFM radio stations.  She’s a philanthropist who is known for being nice and loving… but only until she’s pushed so far.
She likes music, the beach, bonfires and things that go boom.  And freedom.  Lots and lots of freedom.

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Exclusive Interview: LET speaks with social media star and Houston Patrolman, Texas Cop 2.0, talks lighter side of police work
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